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Live Streaming – A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most common ways today for consumers to consume relatable and not-so-relatable content is live streaming. In the past, broadcasting live to thousands or millions of viewers required a sizable budget and a truckload of expensive equipment, including high-quality cameras, microphones, lighting, and whatnot. But now that smartphones and laptops are so common, we can quickly upload videos to streaming sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo to share them globally using a stable Rise Broadband internet connection for uninterrupted sharing. 

Regulations that encourage social distance and the COVID-19 crisis only amplified this situation. In fact, a study by Market Research Future predicted that by the year 2027, the global live streaming market would be worth a whopping $247,275 million! You have no reason to feel bad about wanting to start live streaming if you take our opinion.

But how do you even get started? Even while live streams are ubiquitous, if you don’t know the fundamentals of how they operate, getting started might be a little frightening. Here’s a comprehensive guide for you who might have no experience or knowledge of broadcasting and wants to do it well. 


It turns out that having an appealing location to live stream from is just as crucial as the destination of your stream! One of the numerous advantages of having your own live streaming studio space is that you can leave all your live stream equipment in one location, which is much more convenient for you and helps build your brand.

Some people decide to stream weekly from their homes or by renting out a specific location. Live streaming booths, which you can put up quickly and without requiring messy construction, are an additional choice that has emerged in recent years. Whatever you decide, make sure it reflects the subject of your live stream and maintains consistency. To do this, try to avoid changing places for each live stream session.


You’re lucky if there’s plenty of natural light in the live streaming studio you rent or the area of your home you’re broadcasting from! Even so, purchasing certain lighting equipment is important. After all, if you want to record a live stream, the weather can’t always be sunny, right?

If you’re just getting started, even one good key light, ring light, and some additional fill lighting would be sufficient to provide a live stream that looks reasonably professional. 

A Good Quality Camera

You may think that having an iPhone or a mobile tablet to shoot will suffice! The cameras on our phones and other digital gadgets are getting better every year. Suppose you’re thinking about a long-term live streaming career. In that case, it’s worthwhile to spend the extra money on a high-quality camera or a USB webcam that you can plug into your computer for an even better quality of video. 

There are many choices available, but which one is best for you will depend on your preferences, budget, and level of camera comfort. Three fundamental choices can be a webcam, a DSLR camera, or a video camcorder. It would be best if you bought cameras that can record HD video at 1080p 30 frames per second or higher when choosing a camera for live streaming. 

Great Audio Quality

The built-in microphone on your camera should be avoided AT ALL COSTS if there is one lesson we’ve learned about live streaming. There are several solutions available to meet your demands and budget, and external mics provide significantly higher sound quality. You can use an audio inserter to mix the audio from your mic with the video sound that was captured on your camera, or you can plug your mic directly into the camera and regulate the level from there.

Video Encoder

A video encoder is a piece of standalone hardware or computer software that will upload your film to the Internet. Because it is free and open source, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a good option for video recording and live broadcasting. To avoid lost frames, choppy audio, or worse, you’ll need a computer with sufficient processing power to handle processing the video stream. 

Reliable Internet Access

Last but not least, in order to prevent your stream from freezing or ceasing totally, you must have a strong, secure internet connection with plenty of upload speed. If you face any connectivity issues while uploading your video content, it’s best to contact Rise Broadband customer service so they can help fix the problem. 


There you have it, then! A brief introduction to live streaming for beginners. Even though we weren’t able to go into great length, we still hope our compiled info provided you with some helpful advice on how to start live streaming and clarified the fundamentals you need to know. You can quickly become a skilled live streaming host with a little practice and become famous in merely a few months. 

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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