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7 Types of Websites You Didn’t Know You Needed

Every businesshas its own unique set of needs, and every website owner has his or her own unique set of skills, concerns, and preferences when it comes to website design and development. That said, there are more types of websites than you might expect – not just the ones that we’re all familiar with like informational web pages or those used for ecommerce (selling products or services). In fact, there are some types of websites that you might be surprised to learn even exist at all.

The Best Personal Website

You’ve probably heard the word website before. What you may not know is that websites can be designed for a lot more than just personal use. A personal website, such as yours, might include information on your favorite hobbies, where you live, or even that adorable little puppy you got. With so many potential purposes and functions in mind, it’s worth it to invest in a customized domain name (via a domain registrar) or build your own site from scratch to meet all your needs. So what kind of website should you start with? Here are seven common types of websites you didn’t know you needed!

The Best Business Website

Marketing, Storefront, and Community  Website: The perfect option for artists looking for a polished storefront to sell their artwork. An excellent choice for musicians or comedians who are looking to promote their gigs and merchandise. If you’re just starting out on your own, but have an established social media following, a community website can be an efficient way to provide some additional content while promoting your other outlets.

The Best One-Page Website

One-page websites are a great solution for those with complicated design needs or businesses that want to keep their customers focused on the most important information. Because one-page websites contain less text and fewer distractions, they are easier to load and view. With an increased number of touch devices today, one-page websites have become more popular as it is easier to swipe through the site for reading comprehension or content discovery.

A great way to get your business up and running quickly with a website at minimal cost is by using Squarespace.

The Best Microsite

So your business needs a website, but it’s not enough to have just a splash page. What you need is a Microsite! Imagine that for education and each department in your business (clothing, electronics, home goods), you have an entire site devoted to that product line. With a full product catalog, user reviews and ratings from other customers who have bought from you before and feedback form customers who purchase that product now, it becomes much easier for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for.

The Best Listing Site

Some people say the best listing site is Craigslist, but that’s really for local, niche and smaller markets. For international business or anything with a higher threshold (higher cost to get in and sell), sites like eBay are popular options for this category. Meanwhile, if you have time and effort to put into it – developing your own listing site from scratch is an option! But beware: it’ll take up a lot of your time and patience.

The Best Online Storefront

eCommerce websites are a critical component in a successful marketing strategy. They allow companies to sell products directly to customers and offer that one-to-one customer service which can result in repeat business. With so many platforms available, this blog offers advice on which features are the most important for startups as well as some considerations for choosing the right type of platform.

The Best Landing Page

There are many kinds of landing pages out there, but one specifically is a lead generation landing page. This will often have a call-to-action and ask people to fill out information in order to gain access to something. For example, they might be required to fill out their email address or other personal information in order to receive some sort of free offer from the company.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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