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Your Guide to Becoming an Online English Teacher

Teaching English online has become increasingly popular and is the preferred option for many new and experienced English teachers. As a result of video communication services, such as Zoom and Skype and distance learning technology, teaching English online has never been easier.

You can be an English online teacher from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you could move abroad or travel. As long as you have a laptop and a good Wi-Fi connection, you can teach English online from anywhere!

In this article, we are going to take a look at how to become an English online teacher and how to make a successful career out of teaching online.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become an English Online Teacher?

Unlike in-person English teachers, English online teachers don’t always need a university degree. Although many companies prefer to hire English teachers who do have a BA or BSc, this is not always a requirement. If you don’t have a degree, there are certain tips you can follow to make it easier for you to be able to teach English online.

However, all English online teachers will need a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate or equivalent. A TEFL certificate that specializes in online teaching could make you more attractive to some companies.

What Else Do You Need to Become an English Online Teacher?

There are certain requirements you will need to fulfill to become an English online teacher.

1.       Be fluent in English

Many online teaching companies require their teachers to be native English speakers. Teaching English online can be more difficult if you are not a native English speaker. You may be expected to prove your fluency and proficiency with a qualification, such as Cambridge English. You may also be asked to complete an English proficiency test or submit other evidence. There’s also a company that will help you with how to teach English online without experience | The TEFL Org.

2.       A reliable internet connection

Although connectivity issues can sometimes be out of your control, being unable to connect to a lesson or losing connection part way through a lesson multiple times will not only lose you money, but the teaching company is also likely to cease working with you.

3.       A laptop

You will need to connect with your students via distance learning or video technology on your laptop. You may also need to mark students’ work and set homework and provide other resources online.

4.       Flexibility

Many English online teachers teach across different age groups and abilities. You may need to be flexible with the level of English you are teaching and the type of teacher you will need to be. For example, young learners will need to have higher energy levels and may need to incorporate songs and games, whereas older, more proficient learners may need exam practice and advanced grammar and writing practice.

5.       Availability

You will need to ensure you are available for teaching at times that are convenient for your students. Keep in mind that students will likely be in a different time zone from you.

6.       Creativity and organization

You may be required to create your own lesson plans and prepare your own resources. You will need to make sure you are organized before each lesson. You may also need to create flashcards and other physical resources for younger students.

Why Teach English Online?

Teaching English online has hugely increased in popularity. Luckily, the demand for online teachers has also increased. The question on many people’s lips is why should they teach English online? There are multiple benefits to teaching English online, including:

·   You can work from anywhere—You can work from home, from your friends or family’s homes, on holiday, when traveling, or even when living abroad. As long as you have a good internet connection, a quiet environment, and a background free from mess or clutter, it doesn’t make a difference where you work from, giving you the flexibility and freedom you’ve always wanted.

·   Design your own schedule – Most online English teachers don’t have a set schedule and can work as much or as little as they want. You can choose to work more when you need a little extra cash or even not work at all when you want to go on holiday or take a break.

·   See great progress from students – In fact, e-learning has been found to be extremely helpful for students, particularly when learning a foreign language. The advantages of learning English online are endless: the course is always available, you can study at your own pace, and there are many different types of courses to choose from. You will see your students make great progress and see the beneficial effects your teaching is having. 

·   Many job opportunities—Online English teachers are highly desirable. There are many different companies offering teaching positions. This makes it easier for you to find a job and you may even be able to choose from multiple job opportunities.

·   Getting started is easy—Unlike many other teaching positions, online teaching does not require you to have prior teaching experience. It is quick and easy to begin your teaching journey, with many companies providing training and even preparing resources for you.

·   Gain teaching experience ­– Having online teaching on your C.V. can be a huge advantage. Whether you want to transition into in-person teaching or go down a different career path, having some online teaching experience can help you stand out.

·   You can work in your pajamas—As long as the top half of you looks smart, none of you students will know if you’re teaching in your pajama bottoms and slippers. You can remain comfortable while still looking professional.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to become an online English teacher, the final step in your teaching journey is finding a teaching position. When looking for a teaching position, there are several routes you could take.

You could choose to set up as a freelancer. This means you can teach English on your own, find your own students, and have full control over your schedule, pay, and curriculum. However, it can be more difficult to find students, and your timetable may not always be reliable.

Alternatively, many online English teachers choose to apply for a position with an already established online school or online teaching company. Although you may not always be able to set your own pay, you will have access to more students, and many companies will provide resources and teaching materials.

Becoming an online English teacher is much easier than many people think. Get started today and become a successful English online teacher before you know it. 

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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