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Preventing Identity Theft through Online Dating Platforms

In this article, we will cover how to prevent fraud through online dating platforms. On online dating platforms, you can meet new people of your interest worldwide. Some find loved ones and friends but not all online dating users find the same. While some of them are trapped by scammers, hackers, and fraud.

In 2021 statistics show approximately 20000+ dating users are victimized by scammers and stolen a total of $310 million.

If you are new to online dating and did not know about the concept of identity theft. We will provide quick information on online dating identity theft and how to prevent online dating identity theft in 2022. Let’s start now…

What is Identity Theft?

Online dating identity theft means scammer or fraudulent using someone else’s identity and stealing money from real users.

Identity theft using mentioned techniques to extort your money

  1. Hacking
  2. Phishing
  3. Malware
  4. Con Persona


Hacking techniques are used by identity thefts to breach the security system or firewall of dating websites user’s accounts. One of the most using techniques is to steal the sensitive information of the users and get access to their accounts.


Phishing means that hackers design the same interface as the dating website and some of the new users register using the hacker link. So, hackers get personal information and get access to their accounts.


Type of code or virus you receive at the type image, video, and file, once the user clicks on it or downloads it. The hackers then get access to their personal computers or mobile phone. So, they can steal your personal information from your personal PC or mobile phone.

Con Persona

One of the most common ways is using scammers. Using someone else faces and send nude or explicit pictures to online dating users and developing a relationship. After some time they can make excuses to ask for money.

How to Prevent Identity Fraud in Online Dating?

Follow the steps to prevent Identity online dating frauds or scammers

1. Don’t Give It All

2. Do Some Self-Digging

3. Start Moderating Content

4. Don’t Be a Samaritan

5. Surpass Their Wit and Trickery

6. Ask for a More Personal Opinion

7. Trust Yourself

Don’t Give it All

While chatting with your online partner you must have self-control. Do not trust blindly you may chat with the scammers who are waiting to get your personal information. So avoid sharing your personal information or explicit picture of yours.

Do Some Research

When you start to chat with someone or a stranger, do some self-digging to check their other social profile if the person is real or not. Also, check their followers if you find few it mean it’s a scammer.

Start Moderating Content

For owners, they must install a strong moderating content system to keep safe their users from scammers.

Don’t Be a Samaritan

Some of the scammers will try to take advantage of your generosity, so do not trust in mins.

Surpass Their Wit and Trickery

Don’t use your exact personal information of your for example; Birth Date, Full Name, Address, and phone number. You may use a fake birth date, or change your name to make things hard for scammers to access your account.

Ask for a More Personal Opinion

Also, ask your close friends for their opinion they may also help you to prevent scammers on any social media or online dating platform.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself means that do not come into the trap of scammers, be patient to find the real partner.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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