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Where do mosquitoes live?

Have you ever asked yourself where mosquitoes go when we can’t see them? These little buggers are truly good at hide and look for, occasionally slipping up as well as attacking you when you least anticipate them to. Are they living in your home? Do they hang around in the parts of the United States that you reside in? In this post, we will answer all these questions as well as show you what a mosquito’s life resembles when you can’t see it.

An insect lives a rather easy life whether that remain in your backyard or in the amazon. Insects are born from eggs that are stocked stationary water as well as will normally reside in the very same location for the rather brief period of their life..


Mosquitoes have been known to live in between ground level and 30 feet high. Their wings are not extremely effective and also they also do not have any factor to fly really high up into the air as they breed in water.

Some varieties of insects may fly in woody areas due to the fact that trees supply them with sanctuary. Other than this, mosquitoes will certainly stay reasonably low to the ground.


A mosquito will take a trip to discover a host, as it needs blood to nurture its eggs and reproduce.

Typical insects that reproduce in your backyard do not travel really much to reproduce. They might travel only 300-500 feet from the location in which they were reproduced. This is due to the fact that it will most likely locate you or tiny pets in the area to eat.

A majority of mosquitoes will take a trip between one as well as 3 miles away from their breeding place. In some cases, mosquitoes have been understood to travel in between 30-40 miles to locate a host.


Mosquitoes come from eggs that adult insects stocked stationary water. The insects live the very first part of their lives in the water prior to they develop into adult mosquitoes themselves.

After the women adult mosquitoes are fully developed as well as begin to fly, they will be fertilized by a male mosquito. The woman will fly off to look for a host so she can nourish her eggs. This is why insects are brought in to human beings. It’s because they require the blood of a host to reproduce.


The majority of insect varieties are nocturnal significance they feed during night hrs and throughout the night.

So where are every one of them throughout the day? Mosquitoes usually lay inactive during the day in whatever shelter they can find. They will mainly gravitate towards thick particles which contains moisture. This includes thick lawn, piles of fallen leaves, and also greatly wooded areas. Mosquitoes will find any type of hole that they can throughout the day to lay undisturbed until the evening.

Although there are few, some insect varieties are not nighttime as well as feed during the day..


Are there insects residing in your home as well as you can not seem to recognize where they are coming from? Mosquitoes will most likely discover someplace dark as well as uninterrupted if they are living in your home. This might include places like the attic, the cellar, or the garage.

If you have actually noticed an abnormally big amount of insects in your house, you may have a significant trouble on your hands. One or two insects may stray right into your residence occasionally when a door or window is left open also long. If you are experiencing many insects inside your home, you need to call a pest control specialist to have your house inspected.


Insects are recognized to live in cozy environments as they need it to lay their eggs as well as reproduce. One of the most popular places for insects to reside in the United States are the southeastern states. The maps listed below program CDC’s best quote of where the Aedes species of mosquitoes can be found in the United States..

Including North Carolina, all of these southerly states see a spike in mosquito population throughout the warmer months of the year. This results from insects appearing from the shelter they stayed in for the winter months. Some insects will lay their eggs just before wintertime and also the egg will certainly not hatch up until the next Springtime. These eggs have the ability to endure the winter season prior to hatching out.


The only two areas where mosquitoes are not believed to live are Antarctica as well as Iceland. This results from the very low temperatures of these two places. The water is so chilly that insects can not reproduce in these locations.

You might assume that there are other locations that probably don’t have insects like Alaska, Greenland, or perhaps Russia, but all these locations take care of insects throughout the summer season.


Insects live just about all over in the world and there isn’t much you can do to avoid every one of them throughout darker hrs in the summertime. In locations like North Carolina, mosquitoes can make life very uneasy throughout the warmer months of May with August. Clegg’s can aid you regulate your insect issue.

If you reside in an area that is greatly occupied with mosquitoes, you might wish to consider having Clegg’s bug control evaluate your residential or commercial property before having any summertime night get-togethers. Insects can conveniently wreck a celebration that you are having outdoors. If you live near wooded areas or small bodies of water, you may have it even worse than others. Call us today and we will stop by to evaluate your building for mosquitoes for free! When we have actually observed the circumstance, we will certainly offer you suggestions on what needs to be done to get rid of the insects in your location.

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