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What Makes a Great Gin and How to Taste it Like a Pro?

Whether you have been to a gin tasting event already or not, there’s still probably a thing or two you should know about to make your next tasting experience one of a kind. In addition, participating in these kinds of events can help you determine the best gin you should try next.

Not all gin distilleries have the same offerings. So when you book your next ticket, make sure that you are getting what you pay for.

Six great tips to remember for your next tasting session

If you’re still a little lost and confused on how you can judge gin properly, these six tips can instantly help you become a gin expert.

  1. Take note of the glass.

You’re in for a treat if you use a Copa gin glass. You’ll feel like a gin expert with all the swirling and sniffing on your elegant glass. 

A large wine glass is also perfect because it provides adequate room for the added ice and tonic. 

  • Taste the gin at room temperature.

One of the most important factors in gin tasting is the temperature. The gin is at its most flavorful and powerful state at room temperature. 

  • Don’t forget to use your nose.

Have you ever questioned why you seem to know the taste of, say, rust, even if you haven’t tasted it yet? That’s because you probably already smelled rust, and your sense of smell tells a lot about a food’s or a drink’s flavour.

Use your nose to detect the gin’s aroma and flavour before taking a sip. That way, you will already know what to expect when you finally drink it. 

A Copa or balloon gin glass is used in tasting gin because it provides better air circulation, allowing you to detect the gin’s aroma more easily. So don’t forget to give it a swirl and judge with your great sense of smell.

  • Use a wet palm.

For a better experience and more variety of flavours, one thing you could do is to feel the cold glass lingering through your palm. Then, gently rub it with your other palm and sniff the gin’s scent on your hands. You’ll most probably encounter new scents and flavours.

  • Drink lightly.

Remember, you are at a fine event and not at an overnight party with friends. The goal is to savour each taste and not gulp it down in one go. 

Take it slow, and make sure to note every flavour, especially the aftertaste. Doing it this way can make you appreciate the gin’s various flavours and textures more.

  • Cleanse your palette every once in a while.

You’ll most likely be going to taste more than one gin, and you don’t want their tastes to blend. So make sure to always use a clean palette when switching from one gin to another.

One way to cleanse your palette is to drink water, or if you love coffee, sniffing coffee beans or taking a few sips of cold coffee also helps clean what’s left in your mouth.

Now that you’ve understood what to do in a tasting experience, all that’s left for you to do is to book a ticket in a nearby distillery that offers a whole new experience from first-timers to expert gin tasters. Don’t just look for high-quality gin, find a place that provides great entertainment, too.

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