Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Ready to Stop Smoking? Make a Plan

Today there are a lot more options when it comes to finding support to give up smoking. Vaping NZ, patches, gums, therapies, medications and more. Some people try going cold turkey, just stopping there and then with no support. Some gradually cut back on the cigarettes until you get it down to a low enough amount to then stop. Some try vaping NZ products with nicotine content and then either stay as a vaper or reduce the amount of nicotine they vape. You can also talk to your doctor as there are a number of medications and therapies you might try if you are struggling. Read more about Ready to Stop Smoking below.

Have a plan you follow

The people that have the most success when they want to stop smoking cigarettes are the ones that have a real plan and are firm about sticking to it. Think about what you have tried before and what does and does not work for you. Is there any point in getting out another book from the library if you rarely have time to read and the last book did not help? If you hate chewing gum, maybe nicotine gum is not the answer either! Maybe write down all the approaches, cross out ones you know are not for you and see what you are left with like maybe vaping. If you have tried a lot of what is out there have you consulted your doctor?

Think about what is driving you to quit. Some common reasons are to save money, but why not make it more meaningful and put that money aside and watch it grow and go somewhere abroad as a reward? Or maybe you just found out you are pregnant. smoking when pregnant is not good for the baby and with many women being sensitive to smells at this time, the smell of smoking might not be that appealing anymore so grab the chance and quit.

Replace your smoking habit with something healthier

A good approach is to fill in that time where you want to light up with some either less bad for you like vaping NZ, or with something completely different like exercise! It sounds odd but there is science behind it. When you exercise your body releases endorphins that make you feel better. Replace that nicotine addiction with an endorphin hit! Once you have a plan whatever it is, start. A lot of smokers say they will start when the weekend is done, or when they finished their pack or after some future event where they say they will want to smoke for. You have to just start!


Whether you choose to try vape mods as part of your quit smoking plan, or you have other intentions there is no getting around the fact you need to do the hard work. You need to find the motivation and willpower when you are feeling shaky, have a support system around you to encourage you and to keep trying even when you might deviate slightly.

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