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What is NFC Business Cards? How are they better than Paper Business Cards?

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Business cards are essential for all sorts of networking, whether personal or professional. 

But they are problematic: they don’t have sufficient space to include all the details, feel outdated in the age of virtual and digital realms, are quite expensive to print, and even more annoying to constantly suspend all the old cards whenever you need to update something.  

And even after tolerating all those qualms, you’ll need a place to store them, which eventually adds more clutter to your office space or home.

Modern problems need modern solutions, and so capable substitutes have come to the fore and have started to become popular in recent years. One of the best ones among them is NFC business cards.

NFC refers to ‘Near Field Communication’ that enables standard transmission of data wirelessly all over the world. This technology lets you share business cards without ever needing a piece of paper, as the only 2 devices it needs are a smartphone and an NFC card. Just tap, and it’s done.

NFC uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to identify various objects through radio waves. It works only when the two competent devices are 4-10 cm. away from each other. Touch the card to any NFC-enabled smartphone, and the fully designed business card will be transferred.

These business cards take advantage of an NFC tag, a memory chip with a small storage of 168-20148 bytes (usually), and an antenna rolled up spirally. But that little space can hold much information compared to a traditional business card.

So, here are some exclusive benefits of NFC business cards that prove their worth and that they’re, in fact, better than paper business cards.

  1. Instant transfer

Traditional business cards are easy to hand out, but that doesn’t always mean the effective transfer of information. But in the case of NFC business cards, the transfer is instantaneous, and as all of it happens on your smartphone, the receiver is bound to have a glance at the business card.

Any NFC-capable business card will be shared as soon as you put it in touch with a smartphone. In addition, all your links and contact information will be shared.

No worries, even if your cards are lost, or you don’t have any in your person. You’ll never have to let go of any business opportunity as long as you have the NFC one. And another perk is that you don’t have to tell and cross-check your number to your potential customer; the number will be saved on their mobile. 

  1. Customization and easy updation

Suppose your profession is about creativity and artistic prowess (graphic designer, photographer, etc.), or the industry you’re part of demands a well-arranged portfolio. In that case, you can simply provide links to your online portfolio with your best works.

There are just boundless possibilities as far as customizations are concerned. For example, you can include your photograph so that customers or associates never forget your identity; you can also include stylized fonts, designs, and even short videos that give generic business cards a real twist.

Another thing you can add to NFC cards is a map. It will help customers or business associates locate your office easily. Clear visual directions will be provided, which can make the ride for many much smoother. 

And anytime you need to update details, all that is super easy too. Just change or add links as you need to put your best foot forward. 

Unlike any traditional card, you can also modify contact details in a blink, where you just have to throw away the old ones and order something new. So, NFC cards save money, too, minimizing repeated printing.

  1. Eco-friendly nature

NFC cards are generally made out of PET or PVC, and that composition gives them durability and a rather sleek look. This way, the paper consumption gets lessened and indirectly saves many trees, reducing deforestation. 

So, if you want your choice of business cards to positively impact our planet overall and help keep the environment safer and better for future generations, then NFC cards would be your best bet.

  1. Low cost

As NFC cards don’t need too many embellishments on the card itself, it saves a good amount that’s usually spent on designing and printing traditional cards.

For small businesses, that’s a great relief. And in NFC cards, you have many more options regarding designs. 


NFC business cards are better than paper-made ones and are much more compatible with the future we’re envisioning and getting towards. 

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
Cary Grant, the enigmatic wordsmith hailing from the UK, is a literary maestro known for unraveling the intricacies of life's myriad questions. With a flair for delving into countless niches, Grant captivates readers with his insightful perspectives on issues that resonate with millions. His prose, a symphony of wit and wisdom, transcends boundaries, offering a unique lens into the diverse tapestry of human curiosity. Whether exploring the complexities of culture, unraveling philosophical conundrums, or addressing the everyday mysteries that perplex us all, Cary Grant's literary prowess transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, making him a beacon of intellectual exploration.


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