Monday, October 2, 2023

What is a Double Battery Inverter & How Does it Work? 

While the situation of power outages in India has improved considerably over the years, electricity cuts are still prevalent in many parts of the country, including metropolitan cities. This makes it difficult to carry on with daily tasks, especially when you’re working from home. And even the quality and performance of electronic gadgets and appliances get hampered due to power failures.  

But by investing in a double battery inverter, you can spend your day without worrying about an electricity outage. Even better, a double battery inverter is suitable for various applications and can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces. The only catch is that these inverters are costlier compared to other options available in the market; however, it is a worthy investment that you will not regret.  

Want to know more about double battery inverters? Make sure you keep reading!  

The Basics of a Double Battery Inverter  

A double battery inverter is one that has a 24V system consisting of two individual 12V batteries that work through a series connection. On the other hand, standard (also referred to as single battery) inverters only have one single 12V battery. The primary difference between the two is that while a double battery inverter offers high capacity and more backup time, single-battery inverters are low-capacity.  

Additionally, a double battery inverter is best suited for households, workplaces, or buildings in regions that experience frequent power outages. Similarly, if you reside in an area where prolonged electricity cuts are common, installing a double battery inverter can be beneficial.  

Better yet, a double battery inverter can be used to run all appliances and gadgets, including light bulbs, fans, air conditioners, printers, televisions, washing machines, and more. And it is also completely safe for both heavy-duty appliances and sensitive appliances that have a sine-wave output.  

It also offers several benefits, such as noiseless operation and extended battery life. Plus, nowadays, inverters are sleek, stylish, and modern, so you won’t have to install them in an enclosed or hidden space. All this makes double battery inverters efficient, versatile, and worth the investment.  

What to Look for in a Double Battery Inverter? 

Now that you are familiar with the basics of a double battery inverter, let’s briefly look at the factors you should consider when buying one:  

  • High-Quality DSP Processor: A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a microprocessor designed to optimize devices using real-time signals. As far as double battery inverters go, a DSP processor enables adaptive learning. This results in optimal charging as well as intelligent calculation of charging & backup time.  
  • LCD Display: Today, most double battery inverters come with an LCD display for easy monitoring and tracking. Thus, when buying an inverter, be sure to look for a user-friendly and informative LCD screen that displays all important information like backup time, charging time, battery status, percentage of load running on the inverter & settings mode, etcetera.  
  • Safety Features: Another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a double battery inverter is the availability of safety features. These include MCB protection from main input switches and a bypass switch so output can be supplied directly from the grid if the UPS system malfunctions.  
  • Warranty Duration: While most people tend to overlook the warranty duration of products, doing so is essential for a double battery inverter. This ensures that you are protected from additional expenses; however, the warranty period differs from Brand to brand and typically lasts up to 24 months.  

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