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How to initiate your treatment with pills and natural supplements?

When you are suffering from ED you don’t want to delay your treatment right? To cure your ED the two of the most common ways used extensively are the use of ED pills and natural supplements.

In case you have already heard about them and are looking to initiate your treatment then this article is just aimed at people like you providing some useful information on some pre-requisites that you need to undertake before choosing any random pill or natural supplement.

Gaining knowledge on ED                                                                                                   

So the first things first then… if you wish to cure yourself of ED then you can try and gain more information from the internet. We are sure that this extra knowledge of yours won’t go in vain when you are finding a proper cure or when you are undergoing any specific ED treatment.

So in a basic sense, ED is a disorder linking to the penis that does not allow your penis to get hard naturally even while stimulated.

This disorder prevents patients from having sex or reaching a climaxing orgasm as they lose the powers to penetrate.

Finding out information on the types of ED pills you will come across in the markets

If you are willing to start your cure for ED using ED pills you must know that not all the pills are similar although they might be having the same generic component in them.

ED pills are divided into two categories and these are prescription pills that require you a prescripti9on for buying such as Viagra or Cialis.

And then there is another group of pills in which you will find more brands and this is the OTC or the generic pill category.

This will include Cenforce 200 mg,Vidlasita 20 mggeneric pills,Fildena 100 mg which are available online on numerous portals like powpills.com. these don’t require you to get written approval from the doctor for using them.

The generic component of an OTC pill and a prescription pill might be the same. For example, take for instance Viagra and Cenforce both of which contain the same generic ingredient that is Sildenafil Citrate.

It is only that the Viagra manufacturers have got the FDA approval to become prescription pills while Cenforce manufacturers have not got the same permission yet.

Visiting a doctor to find out which brand and dose of ED pill is the right one for you…

So with so many ED pills available in the market, it might become confusing for a patient to find out exactly what type of pills they need.

you will have to find out two things that are the brand of pills that you need to take and the dose of a generic substance that will not cause any side effects.

For example, while one ED patient will be more tolerant to generic tadalafil brands like Cialis or Vidalista another patient might be allergic to it and be more suitable to using generic Sildenafil brands such as Viagra or Fildena.

Choosing the brand correctly is highly important to avoid contraindications and side effects.

When you consider the dose someone might be effectively getting penile hardness sing Cenforce 25 mg while another patient might need the Cenforce 100 mg pills to get hardness.

Knowing about the list of natural supplements that can help you cure ED

When you think about using natural and herbal supplements to cure your ED you don’t have a lot of ideas. Sothe first thing to begin is by knowing about the substance that can help you in curing ED.

Some of the lists of natural supplements and herbal items helping you to fight against ED include-


Horny goat weed


Red ginseng

Gingko Biloba

Finding the pros and cons of each one is important and then you will have to visit a specialist doctor to help you find the right substance among the mentioned ones.

Remember that herbal or natural supplements might ring bells of no associated side effects in you but indeed they have side effects of their own. You should carefully find out the right dose for any natural ED curing substance.

Finding out whether both the allopathic and the herbal treatment can continue simultaneously

In general, both allopathic and herbal or natural treatments cannot go on simultaneously as they might contraindicate or make each other’s effects less effective. Generally, you cannot use allopathic pills like Cenforce or Fildena and simultaneously also use herbal pills supplements like ginkgo BIloba or Red Ginseng for curing ED.

So either one among the two can be chosen.  While this will depend on your personal treatment choices much also depends on which model of ED cure will also have more suitable effects and faster cure. 

Consulting a doctor in such cases is going to provide you the best expert’s advice.

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