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Looking for Custom mailer boxes? Legacy Printing is the best supplier

Meta Description: Legacy Printing is the go-to packaging company for getting high-quality packaging made. Whether you need custom mailer boxes or any other form of packaging you can rely on them.

Why Legacy Printing is The Best Source for Custom Mailer Boxes?

There are many different types of packaging and including their subtypes and unless you have a reliable packaging partner you’ll end up spending more than required. Legacy Printing specializes in various mailer boxes and they have a history of providing these boxes to hundreds of satisfied companies all over the US. The great thing about this company is that they assist you every step of the way from selecting the design, printing options, material selection, and the final delivery. Every step of the process is streamlined to ensure the facilitation of customers and quick turnaround.  Imagine having to wait for weeks to get your design approved before your packaging production starts. No one wants that and it causes major monetary losses for a company. With the quick and easy design methods applied by this company, the design and delivery can all be completed within seven business days. 

FAQ about custom mailer boxes as per Legacy Printing

There are some commonly asked questions about mailer boxes that this company has reported hearing a lot. Since custom mailer boxes are a commonly used packaging there are a lot of companies that want to know more about it. And here are some frequently asked questions about these boxes as per Legacy Printing:

How can you start making a custom mailer box?

Custom mailer boxes are a trend that has been going on for quite some time. If you are looking to get a custom mailer box made for your company all you have to do is get in touch with Legacy Printing. Their friendly team is going to ask a few questions about the type of product you need packaging for and the dimension of the product. Next, you can share any ideas you have in mind about the type of packaging you need and that’s it. The company’s designers will have a free die sample made for you in no time.

Are there restrictions for the mailer box size?

While the standard sizes for mailer boxes range between 6” x 6” x 2”, 10” x 8” x 4”, and 14” x 12” x 3” that is length, width and depth you can always get mailer boxes made in custom sizes. You can go bigger or smaller compared to the standard sizes mentioned above however there are some restrictions for the mailer box size. The length and width cannot exceed 25” because then the mailer box would fall into a different packaging category.

How many mailer boxes can I buy at a time and can I buy a single box?

While there is no limit to how many boxes you can order from us at one time getting a single box made and sent is usually in cases where a company needs to test the packaging first. So if you are looking to get a sample made you can even get a single box made and delivered to your location.

How hard are mailer boxes offered by this company when it comes to assembling?

The ease of assembling any box is an important consideration for companies when getting packaging made. Since mailer boxes are mostly delivered in a flat form you need to make sure that they are easy to assemble. Boxes sold by this packaging manufacturer can be assembled in a few easy steps.

  • First, fold the flat box inward where the guidelines are located.
  • Unfold the front and back flaps of the box these flaps are meant to go upwards when assembling the box.
  • Now erect the sidewalls of the box and secure them in place and that is it. Your mailer box is ready to be used.

In fact, mailer boxes sold by this company are some of the easiest to assemble thanks to the ingenious folding pattern this company adopts when shipping the boxes.

How soon can I receive the mailer boxes once the order has been placed?

As mentioned earlier the quick turnaround time is the specialty of this company and while they have a standard delivery time of 10 to 12 business days you also have a quick delivery option. If you go with quick delivery you can expect to get your packaging delivered to your location in as little as a week. So even if you need packaging on an urgent basis this packaging partner is all you need to have at your back.

What type of printing options do they offer?

Anything from raised printing, embedded printing, multi-colour to metallic printing you can get anything done by this company. Not only do they offer tons of printing options but they also have a team that can help you with the layout of printing. There are situations where the idea about a printing design you have in mind might not look great when it’s finished. While the company helps you in getting the printing designs you have in mind out into reality they also offer support when needed. So as far as the printing materials are concerned you can go with simple ink to shinier fancier printing materials depending upon the type of product you plan on packing into the box.

Now obviously the fancier the printing you choose to have the more time it will take and it will also drive up the cost for printing. So it is best to work with the company’s representatives to know exactly how much time each add-on will add to delivery times and how it will affect the cost.

How flexible is the design process?

The design process that this company uses is second to none when it comes to flexibility. You can choose simple things such as custom handles, patterns, design, shape and even add ons such as inserts that make the productions process more interesting. Not to mention there are different material options available at Legacy Printing when you are getting mailer boxes made from them. They can help you come up with a box with the correct material thickness to protect your product. Not to mention foam inserts and even leather inserts can be placed into the box similar to a luxury Lash box. Not only do these add ons help make the packaging appear more attractive but they also add a touch of luxury to your product. So when it comes to the flexibility offered during the production process this company takes the cake. You can even choose to add handles and other accessories to the box that make it more user friendly by working with the designers. So, in short, the sky is the limit when it comes to options provided by this company.

How much does delivery cost with this company?

When you are getting your packaging made by a company, you have to account for the delivery charges. However, when getting your product’s packaging made by Legacy Printing you don’t have to worry about delivery charges. That is because they offer free delivery all over the US. Whether you have ordered mailer boxes, display box, cosmetics boxes, or any other form of packaging the delivery is free. The amount of money you save in terms of free delivery can be used in getting your product’s packaging customized. Since you don’t have to pay any delivery charges you can use that money to add more options and better materials to your packaging. Not to mention the design and the first die making is also free when you are working with this company. So all you are paying for is the actual packaging and other support services are absolutely free. 

What should be the right material thickness for mailer boxes?

Now keep in mind that material thickness should match the dimensions of your box. If the material is too thick it can ruin the overall style of the box. However, at the same time, the box material shouldn’t be too low because thin boxes can result in damage to your product. So optimal thickness should be somewhere between ⅛’’ to 1/16” in general.  Depending upon your product’s protection needs and the size of the box, the thickness will obviously need to be adjusted. Now keep in mind that there are materials that offer the same level of durability with a smaller thickness that other materials might offer with a higher thickness. So there is no hard and fast rule for how thick your product’s packaging should be. It all boils down to the needs of the product, the material being used, and the size of the box.

Legacy Printing is making packaging simpler for both small and big companies. And if you are finding it hard to find a reliable company you must give them a try.

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