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Top Antigen test kits to use at home

When the pandemic started, testing was one exhausting problem. First, it took hours or even a day to get the result. Second, the technical staff was needed to process the sample to know whether it has coronavirus.  Since then, we have come a long way. Covid19 kit factories are now coming to the commercial or retail market. Read about Top Antigen test kits below.

Now, due to increased competition, better and efficient tests are being introduced to get the results as soon as possible.  The best example would be antigen test kits which you can buy off the market and use at home. You can know the results instantly, without any help from medical staff or knowledge. Another most important tool is flowflex rapid antigen test that can help you a lot.

Before we list down the top OEM antigen test kits, let’s see what makes an Antigen kit successful. 


Whenever you buy any antigen kit, make sure that it has been approved by the FDA. If you are planning to go to any other country except America. You should research whether that kit is approved by the respective countries’ authorities. However, some kits were also approved for emergency use. Double-check to ensure if that test was disapproved or not, once there was no emergency. 

Result time

As mentioned above, antigen test kits are known for quick results. However, when there are different Covid19 kit factories that have different products, the timing becomes the deciding factor.  On the other hand, an  OEM antigen test kit should be less accurate instead of being just quick. 

Sample collection

Since ordinary people will be conducting tests on themselves, sample collection should be to the point.  There are different kits in the market which have different styles of collecting samples. Some use saliva while most use nasal swabs. Whichever it is, a good Antigen test kit should be able to work. Both, when the sample is taken in less quantity or in excess quantity. 

Despite all of these. The question still stands, what are the top antigen test kits to use at home?

Here they are:


Detectachem has all the ingredients that make it the topmost. It is a molecular test with high accuracy. The kit comes with a device that can analyze up to 96 samples and gives the result in thirty minutes. The best application of this kit would be in crowded places.


Many Covid19 kit factories are producing EverlyWell due to its demand. It is a nasal swab. However, the swab does not have to go really deep in the nose to produce results. It is really good for people who are paranoid about the swab. 

In addition, it is also good for people, who are allergic to them and sneeze wherever the swab is inserted in the nose. 

The sample goes back to the lab and test results are delivered in one to two days. 


This OEM antigen test is also very efficient. The unique thing about this test is that it takes saliva as a sample. According to us, nobody can get wrong with the sample when the sample is saliva. The company claims an accuracy of up to 98 percent which seems very promising. 


Everybody has their own preferences and requirements. You should go with the test that best suits you and you can afford it also.  The ultimate goal is to get tested, instead of getting tested from the best one only. 

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