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Fun Games for Large Groups

While planning a large event such as birthday parties, family gatherings, and corporate events, the most difficult thing is choosing the best fun games. It becomes hard to agree on all for one among the thousands of games. 

Therefore, we have made your task easier and enlisted some of the best fun games to include in your party. Your guests will definitely love these games because they are very easy to learn and play. Moreover, they will have super fun and laugh playing these games. Here is the list of the fun games for large group parties.

  1. Tug of War

‘Tug of War’ is the simplest game to play for a large group. To play this game you have to divide the members into two groups. You have to make groups in a way that both the groups include some strong and some weak participants in it (otherwise the game would not be fair). After the groups are finalized, the game will start. Both the group’s participants will pull a rope at its opposite ends. The group that drags the other over a central line will win the game.

  1. React and Act

Another most interesting game to have at your parties of large groups is ’React and Act’. This game will make you laugh aloud and have more fun. You will need a pen, paper and a cap or bowl to hold the paper. On the paper the host will write some situations (such as you are proposing someone for marriage or you have won a lottery) and whoever gets the situation have to act it. The other participants will try to guess the acting of the player and whoever guesses early wins the game. The part actions and guessing are hilariously funny and interesting in this game. So, try out this game and make your celebrations more amazing. 

  1. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is also among the most wanted party games. To play this game you just need a DJ who can play music for you. When the music starts, everybody will start dancing and as the music, stops all have to freeze immediately. Whomever doesn’t stop immediately will get any type of punishments decided by the players before the start of game. The punishment can be to have 10 pushups or jumping jacks. Moreover, when the music start again everyone will rejoin the dance. 

  1. Two Truths and a Lie

If the guests of your party do not know each other, then the best game to play is ‘Two Truths and a Lie’. This easy and simple game will help you to know about each other. Moreover, you do not need any tool or instruments for playing the game. The person who gets the chance has to tell three statements about himself/herself. Other players will guess and figure out two truths and one lie among the statements. Follow the sequence of the statements as truth-lie-truth, lie-truth-truth, or truth-truth-lie. Remember to change the sequence every time it is your turn. 

  1. Truth or Dare

Every one of you might know the game ‘Truth or Dare’. This party game is suitable for every age group. The rules of the game are very simple that whoever get his/her turn has to decide from telling the truth for any question asked by other participants or doing the dare given by them. The hilarious questions and dares are something that will make you have fun and enjoy. The dare may include kissing or licking other players, to carry them around the room, to sing a song, to dance, to wear the underwear over the cloths, and many more. Moreover, the questions might be like; have you peed in a pool? Have you ever fart in public? What is the craziest you have done naked? Have you cheated someone?

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