Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Top 5 Flat Fee MLS Naples Companies

With the average home up 40 percent in Naples, Florida, you can make quite a significant profit when you decide to forego a traditional real estate agent and list with a flat fee MLS Naples homeowners have had success using.

Quick Guide on How to List on MLS

When you procure the service of a listing agent, their job is to get your home on the MLS and market it for you.

But most of the work that results in a quick, profitable sale comes from the buyer’s agent, making it unnecessary to spend 4% at closing on a listing. 

However, the only way to know how to list on MLS or show your home to a buyer’s agent is through a multi-listing service (MLS), which you can only access through a real estate agent agreement.

Thankfully, flat fee MLSs allow you to bypass paying 3 percent in commission for the convenience of getting on the MLS by giving you access to the MLS through an upfront fee.

The 5 Flat Fee MLS Naples Homeowners Swear By

Although Florida has dozens, if not hundreds flat fee MLSs, only a handful offer the kind of service worth writing about. 

This is a list of five flat fee MLSs that provide value and extensive services, making the process of listing and selling your home more affordable.


Houzeo has changed the way home buyers and sellers transact. They’ve made the process simpler while giving sellers more control of the process. 

From signing up to closing, you receive step-by-step instructions and real-time assistance.

You’ll first get assistance with choosing a fair market value price for your home as Houzeo retrieves comps to give you an estimate of what your home is worth.

Next, you’ll be able to schedule open homes, accept and deny viewing requests, and begin negotiations from the convenience of a world-class mobile app.

Houzeo also gives you control of the buyer’s agent commission and provides state-required documents like disclosures, addendums, and contracts.

Best of all, with Houzeo, you can even get assistance at closing by having a broker manage the process.

Flat Fee Group

If you want more control of how much you’ll pay upfront, Flat Fee Group could be the right choice for you.

This flat fee MLS Naples homeowners use has dozens of different features but has divided them among four tiers. However, if you want features like a lockbox and an agent-assisted negotiation, you’ll have to pay $895, but for simple syndication to the MLS, you can pay $277. Unfortunately, Flat Fee Group has one glaring downside that if you aren’t eagle-eyed you may not notice. On their industry-comparable tier ($277), you aren’t able to counteroffer, with the ability to do this locked behind a paywall. Therefore, unless you plan to accept the first offer a buyer gives, you’ll have to end up spending far more than the price quoted.


If price is the only deciding factor when determining which flat fee MLS to use, Homecoin will probably be one of your number 1 contenders. 

For simple syndication to an MLS, you’ll pay $95; however, this also means you’ll be responsible for every other aspect of getting your home on the market and managing closing unless you want to spend more on their other services.

Essentially, for sellers willing to manage every other aspect of the transaction with minimal assistance, Homecoin can be your go-to. Check out Homecoin reviews for more information.

List With Freedom

Another a la carte option, List With Freedom’s pricing starts at $89. 

But this low price only enables you to upload one image to the MLS and has very limited features. 

To plan and schedule open homes, manage your open home calendar, and get more pictures on your listing, you’ll have to pay extra.

This pay-as-you-go pricing can be appealing if you want greater control of the process but has its downsides as it can quickly add up, costing you well over $400 in fees before you know it and making other options cheaper in the long run.

Florida Flat Fee MLS

Possibly the cheapest option on this list, Florida Flat Fee MLS allows you to list your home on your local MLS for only $69.

This price includes an unlimited listing term, BAR contracts, addendums, and disclosures, in addition to open house scheduling and a buyer agent commission you can choose.

But even among these top flat fee MLS Naples homeowners use, you should always do your due diligence — check reviews and request testimonials — before you decide which one you’ll use; after all, you will be relying on the service to sell your most valuable asset.