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Top 5 benefits of using the multibit wallet 

Having a crypto wallet is one of those things that show how determined and serious you are with the crypto community. Most institutional and retail investors have a wallet to keep their assets for the long term because they understand the benefits of having their assets stored there rather than leaving them on the exchange platform. You must know about What is blockchain to understand the whole concept of crypto. The multibit wallet is one of those few wallets where you can have your assets stored without worrying about loss. 

What is a multibit wallet?

Like any other crypto wallet, the multibit wallet is a bitcoin wallet that has compatibility with a range of operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS. Its users can easily store their assets via easy setups, KeepKey supports, and a user-friendly UI. This wallet is lightweight, so you don’t have to download the entire bitcoin network before assessing it. The setup is about 30 to 35 MB on the official website. Keeping your assets safe should be your topmost priority even while using a crypto wallet, and that’s why there’s a multibit wallet recovery incentive for all multibit wallet users. So, if you happen to lose your password, you can easily recover it using multibit recovery services. 

Here are some of the benefits of using the multibit wallet:

It’s easy to set up

One of the core reasons why multibit has had numerous user-base is because it’s easy to set up. No one wants to go through the numerous verification processes as most crypto exchange platform does. You get to have a wallet with your anonymity preserved. The setup would only require you to memorize your seed phrase and confirm the inputs, and you are good to go. Within two to three minutes, you have your multibit setup ready for use. 

Compatibility with numerous operating systems

Irrespective of whether your OS is Windows, Linux, or Mac, you have the setup ready in all formats. Since usage is not restricted to a particular operating system, it means the multibit has the capacity of expanding its usage, irrespective of the user or the type of operating system they are using. So, with this, you need not worry about your PC’s operating system; visit the official website and download the setup according to your OS. 

Total control

It’s not the same with multibit crypto wallets, unlike keeping your assets on exchange platforms where you have shared control over your assets. You have total and absolute control over your funds, wallets, and even your private keys. So, you don’t have to worry about someone keeping tabs on your assets. You alone have that capacity, since you don’t share your private keys with anybody. You could, however, decide to have your private keys backed up in a different computer, or you have the multibit wallet recovery setup on your computer to be on a safer side. 

Support from Keepkey

This is one of the main benefits of storing your assets in the multibit crypto wallet. Keepkey, as you might have known, is a hardware wallet that’s mostly compared to a USB drive. With KeepKey support on multibit wallets, you must always approve your transactions using the KeepKey OLED confirmation button. So, Keepkey is more like an extra layer of security, a security pass for each of your transactions. This simple act makes it impossible for hackers or viruses to steal your assets. The support from Keepkey to the multibit wallet is one of the main reasons you should have your funds kept in a crypto wallet instead of leaving it on an exchange platform. 

Numerous support

The multibit wallet gives its users the opportunity of using an HD wallet. With this, you can create as many wallets as you want from just a single multibit setup. Not only this, multibit supports over 40 languages, making it easier to navigate in your native language. Multibit, a free crypto wallet, has more incentives than paid wallets. Being an open-source wallet, you get to verify the wallet to ensure no backdoors or any vulnerability. 

One of the main questions you need to answer when keeping your assets safe is the type of wallet to adopt. In this case, you should choose the multibit wallet. Based on the benefits mentioned earlier, it is important to note that the multibit wallet recovery service is one of the best recovery services for the loss of digital assets. You don’t need to worry about how to get your assets back. You need to supply the required information, and your wallet will be recovered in no time. 

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