Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Review of Any Cubic Photon Mono X 3D Printer

AnyCubic just recently sent us their gorgeous Photon Mono X 3D printer and also Clean and also Treatment terminal to try. This was our initial, cough, exposure to 3D printing with material, although we * have plenty of experience with filament/FDM 3D printers. Rest assured, this review is independent as well as was not shown to AnyCubic in advance of magazine.

We spent a couple of weeks utilizing AnyCubic’s Photon Mono X, and, overall, we located it to be an outstanding product with a couple of remarkable downsides, mostly pertaining to the obstacles integral to publishing with resin and also not the printer itself.

Table of Contents

  1. The Result: This Printer Is Fantastic
  2. The Caveat: You have actually Got Some Learning (and also Cleansing) to Do
  3. Material vs. Filament: What’s the Difference?
  4. Build Volume & Printing Rate
  5. Item Quality & Safety
  6. Washing & Healing Your Publish
  7. AnyCubic’s PhotonWorkshop
  8. Keeping the Photon Mono X.
  9. Final Suggestion.

The Result: This Printer Is Fantastic.

It’s big. It’s stunning. It’s an MSLA printer. What does that imply? MSLA means masked stereolithography. As we kept in mind in our article about exactly how 3D printing works, “MSLA printers make use of lasers to heal a liquid resin right into a strong plastic product. Typically, the item is ‘drawn’ from a barrel of resin, developing layer by layer as it climbs from the product.”.

In other words, it’s magic.

The Caution: You have actually Got Some Knowing (as well as Cleaning Up) to Do.

It’s going to take a while to get to the point where you excel with the Photon Mono X or any material printer. As soon as you understand what you’re doing, using this printer is simple, however getting there can be frustrating.

We’ve been ensured by experts that this experience is global. It is an initiation rite, similar to obtaining the very first layer to come out precisely an FDM printer. The only distinction is that if your first layer stops working to stick to the develop plate on a material printer, there’s a great deal of untidy clean-up entailed.

That’s due to the fact that whenever a print falls short on a material printer, you have to clean up every little thing. Since the resin is a harmful material, that indicates you’ll experience a lot of handwear covers, masks, paper towels, Windex, and also alcohol. (Note: We used Everclear because it’s less costly than isopropyl, although we’re uncertain the cashier at the alcohol shop believed us.) Nevertheless, as you enhance, there’s less and less clean-up involved.

Material vs. Filament: What’s the Difference?

A material printer enables you to publish things with incredibly great details. If you’re originating from the filament globe, the resolution will certainly amaze you. Nevertheless good you think it will be, it’ll possibly be much better.

Build Volume & Printing Rate.

The Photon Mono X has a bigger develop quantity than basically any type of other consumer-level MSLA printer on the market today. Moreover, printing time is completely based on the exposure time and also the number of layers, not on just how much product is cured per layer.

You can stuff as much as you want onto the develop plate, and also it will not influence your print time.

Product Quality & Safety.

The Z-axis rails on the Photon Mono X are serious. They’re superior to the linear rails on any kind of printer we have actually seen. Linear rails maintain your print from shaking while printing, and also there’s no recognizable use the Photon Mono X The Z screw is sturdy with no noticeable wobble.

Additionally, the touchscreen is responsive as well as very easy to review, and the food selections are intuitive. The total appearance is clean as well as streamlined.

The optional safety and security attributes are more than adequate to secure your eyes from UV light and shield the material from sunshine. As a matter of fact, we left the resin in the printer for 3 days beside a window, and also none of the resin cured from the sunshine.

Washing & Treating Your Publish.

AnyCubic’s wash as well as remedy terminal completely match the resin printer. They look fantastic together. The laundry terminal has an integrated magnetic stirrer that flusters the cleaning service, allowing you to cleanse your print in less than 5 mins. It’s virtually simple and easy.

After printing, you can eliminate the print from the bed or you can place the bed itself right into the laundry station, relieving a few of the need for cleansing we stated above.

Note: You do need a great deal of cleaning fluid, whether that’s alcohol or the cleansing service of your selection. The cleaning service goes into a big plastic container with a snap-on top.

To wash, you established the clean timer, struck Go, and also you’re done. Beware dealing with the uncured print. It will be soft as well as not totally cured, so it’s simple to flaw the print if you’re not cautious.

To cure the print, you position it on a slide carousel that comes with the Wash & Remedy terminal. Optionally, you can readjust the angle of the topmost LEDs to direct light towards the print.

It’s equally as very easy to treat as it is to wash. Establish the timer, press the Begin switch, as well as a few minutes later on, your print is cured. Appreciate the weird, spooky glow of the print as it’s treating.

AnyCubic’s PhotonWorkshop.

AnyCubic’s slicing software program does not feel as refined as Cura or Slic3r, however it does have great deals of interesting capability that, undoubtedly, we have not totally checked out. You can include handbook or automated supports, boatings, and drain holes.

PhotonWorkshop is a little clumsy to navigate and discovering how to position supports properly takes some trial and error. If you do not appropriately support your print, it will certainly fall short and afterwards you’ll have to clean up the material barrel before your next effort, so it’s vital that you find out exactly how supports work.

Transferring files to the Mono X is a snap. Submit a documents to a USB drive, as well as stick it in the printer. Bam. As it publishes, you’ll see photos on the LCD display of each layer as it’s being exposed. It’s pretty fun to enjoy. And also, AnyCubic has a phone application you can make use of to check your prints and begin them remotely.

Keeping the Photon Mono X.

Regarding upkeep, we desire the resin vat’s put spout were far better created. Material does not pour out cleanly, making clean-up harder. Moreover, when printing, the resin covers the top of the construct plate, not simply all-time low, so when it’s time to clean up, you have to clean up the material off of both sides. That’s regrettable, however we’re uncertain exactly how it could be avoided.

One more problem: it’s hard to get rid of the construct plate without leaking material on the device. You need to do a dance when you eliminate the develop plate. It’s tough to maintain it over the vat so the material doesn’t drip everywhere. Once you’re consistently getting excellent prints, this will not be as much of a concern.

Eventually you’ll have to put the material back right into the container it was available in, and you’ll need to wipe the build plate. That process is not as convenient as maybe. Preferably, you ‘d only have to clean off the bottom as well as the sides of the develop plate. As it is, there are a lot of nooks as well as crannies that fill with material, and also they all need to be cleaned. It’s type of like drying tupperware off when it appears of the dishwashing machine.

We think this is a style tradeoff to take full advantage of the print area while permitting adequate material for a huge print. Additionally, the printer doesn’t include any funnels or filters, both of which you’ll want to have.

We likewise attempted transforming the FEP sheet. The FEP sheet is the film at the end of the resin vat. If it obtains filthy, damaged, or punctured, it requires to be changed. As total novices to resin printing, we found mounting a new FEP sheet to be quite simple. There are a lots of screws to tighten, yet complying with the directions was basic. It resembled changing and adjusting a snare drum head, as well as the audio was comparable, as well!

Final Recommendation

If you’re someone who desires things to just work out of the box with little initiative, after that perhaps resin printing isn’t for you. That’s not a criticism of the Photon Mono X.

If, on the various other hand, you’re someone that will certainly place in the called for time to actually find out the ins as well as outs of brand-new innovation, after that, yes, we absolutely advise AnyCubic’s Photon Mono X 3D printer. You’re mosting likely to love it (ultimately). It can print points that would certainly be impossible to publish on a filament printer. And also, it just looks fantastic.