Tuesday, November 28, 2023

OTT Discusses Just How the Xbox One and also Xbox 360 Coexist

So you simply obtained a new glossy Xbox One for Christmas? That’s quite wonderful, however what happens if you have an older Xbox 360 still kicking back? Can you play Xbox 360 games on your brand-new Xbox One? Does your gamer profile carry over? Do you have to buy an additional Xbox Live Gold account or can you use the exact same one? Can you use an Xbox 360 controller with the Xbox One? Can you sign right into the same Xbox Live account on both consoles? Exists anyway to straight link an Xbox One to an Xbox 360?

I located myself asking all of these questions when I visited a close friend who had actually simply obtained an Xbox One, yet really did not know exactly how it would collaborate with his older Xbox 360. In this write-up, I’ll try to offer you as several information as feasible about just how the two consoles can function or can not collaborate with each other. It took me a while to figure it all out, so I make certain this will certainly serve for proprietors of both consoles.

Xbox Gamings

So what are you going to finish with all those old Xbox 360 games? Or what if you simply purchased a new game like Grand Burglary Automobile V for the Xbox 360? Can you play it on your Xbox One? Well the answer is indeed and also no.

The answer is no because Xbox One and also Xbox 360 video games are not compatible. That suggests you can not stand out a Xbox 360 video game into a Xbox One console as well as start playing it. There is no exception to this policy. No old game will use the brand-new console. So just how come I stated yes likewise?

Well, there’s a cool little port on the back of the Xbox One called HDMI Input. Over it, you’ll see it claims Sat/Cab since it’s meant for connecting your cable or satellite box to your Xbox One so you can see television through the Xbox. However, you can also connect various other gadgets to this port including one more Xbox 360. If reality, you can also connect a PS3, PS4 or a Wii U to the Xbox One too!

xbox one hdmi in

It’s in fact a really cool feature and all you have to do is claim “Xbox, Watch Television” and also it’ll pack up whatever device is connected to that specific port. So if an Xbox 360 is linked, you’ll be able to play the game via the Xbox One. It also saves that beneficial HDMI port on your TV or receiver for something else. To make sure that’s generally everything with games.

The response is additionally indeed because Microsoft has specified that they may support in reverse compatibility in the future via the cloud. Primarily, streaming the video games from cloud servers to your Xbox One console. Nevertheless, they have specified that the experience is not that wonderful on sluggish Net connections as well as therefore it’s not something that will be launched in 2014, if ever before.

Microsoft Account as well as Xbox Live

The following big subject of confusion is your Microsoft account and/or your Xbox Live membership. When you authorize right into your Xbox One with your Microsoft account, practically whatever carries over generally. This consist of the following:

xbox one control panel

So what doesn’t get carried over? 3 points generally: video games, game saves and also apps. Again, when it involves video games and also game conserves, you can also just attach your Xbox 360 to your Xbox One and play the games with the video games saves with no problem. You’ll have the ability to make use of the applications by doing this also, however it possibly makes even more feeling to install the applications once again on the Xbox One since it’s faster and also the apps are possibly upgraded particularly for the Xbox One.

An additional great thing Microsoft did was enable you to sign right into an Xbox One and Xbox 360 at the very same time. That’s nice because it implies you can utilize both consoles concurrently in different parts of your home with no trouble. The only restriction is that you can log into one Xbox One console and also one Xbox 360 console at the exact same time, but there’s really never a need to do that unless you have greater than 2 Xbox consoles.

Devices and also Peripherals

So what regarding those 5 Xbox 360 controllers you have kicking back? Any great with the Xbox One? Nope! Can’t utilize them unfortunately. What regarding the Kinect? Nope, the Xbox One includes a more recent Kinect as well as the old one is not compatible with the newer console.

xbox one controller

You additionally can not make use of the power block from your Xbox 360 on your Xbox One neither any type of other device like an auto racing wheel or perhaps the cordless headset. Additionally, although you can plug in a USB penetrate the Xbox 360, it’s not sustained on the Xbox One yet. This is a pretty big problem for some individuals because Microsoft attempts to market the Xbox one as an all-in-one media center, but not being able to play your own video clips as well as music from an external USB drive is a quite lame. Obviously, it’s coming quickly, however it has not been revealed since the writing of this post.

Certainly, the Xbox One is DLNA certified and also you can stream video clips as well as music in this way, yet not by means of USB. What I have not tried is attaching the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One utilizing HDMI and then attempting to play USB web content off the Xbox 360. In theory is must work just great, yet I haven’t in fact checked this out. Also, you require both consoles, which not everybody has.

Keep in mind that this is all official info. Like jailbreaking your iDevice or rooting your Android phone, the Xbox One can be modded. The people over at CronusMAX have actually produced a third-party USB device that allows you link a great deal of controllers to the Xbox One, including the Xbox 360 controller.


There isn’t much else you can do right now with the two consoles with each other. Some people are actually disturbed by a few of the functions that the Xbox 360 had actually that have been gotten rid of in the Xbox One like playing songs in the background or filling pics from your computer or attaching a USB gadget, and so on. The good news is with the HDMI input option, you can still utilize the excellent functions of an Xbox 360 and likewise take pleasure in all the new extremely cool-looking video games on the Xbox One.

If you have an Xbox One and an Xbox 360, allow us understand what you think about each console and inform us exactly how you utilize them with each other. Take pleasure in