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How to quickly level up and grind your way to the Shooting Badge in NBA 2K22: a step-by-step guide

In light of the fact that NBA 2K22 is a premier basketball game, if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to be an excellent shooter in order to be successful. Earning as many shooting badges as possible while maintaining a high level of proficiency while playing in MyCareer mode is the most efficient way to accomplish this when in this mode. It is almost always necessary to put in a significant amount of effort into grinding, even if you do not use glitches; however, some grinds are superior to others in terms of quality. A list of three of the most popular shooting badge grinds that are currently making their way around the 2K community that will not result in your account being suspended or banned is provided further down this page.

In order to begin discussing the specific badge methods, let us first establish some fundamental ground rules that will be extremely beneficial to you throughout your badge grind, regardless of the method you choose. In the first place, whereas previous NBA 2K entries included badge systems that worked exceptionally well in the Training Facility, this year’s game appears to be much more focused on earning points by participating in actual games. If you’re just getting started, high-difficulty drills will still allow you to make significant progress, but taking part in a real game will be far more beneficial in the long term.

Playing in college and the G League prior to entering the NBA provides an advantage in terms of earning more badges at the start of one’s career, which is advantageous. The only exception to this is that it applies only to new players who have not yet committed to a specific NBA team; however, it is still worth mentioning for the sake of completeness. When used correctly, they produce the best results on the Hall of Fame difficulty level, but they can also produce acceptable results on lower difficulty levels if the methods are used properly.

If buy NBA 2K22Xbox One MT want to get a badge in the air, the most effective method is to use the corner shot.

Our thanks to the experts at NBA2KLab on YouTube for developing this method and for sharing it with the rest of us. To begin the competition, go to the far corner of the field and call for a pick and roll to be called. The screen should be oriented so that the text runs from left to right, toward the center of the screen, as shown in the diagram. Continue to hold the ball in your right hand and press the turbo button until the screen appears, at which point you should flick the right stick to the right or downward. In order to avoid being tackled, your player must leap to his feet, prompting the defender to adjust his defensive positioning as a result. Hold down the turbo button while simultaneously depressing the left stick downward as soon as the ball appears on the screen to continue to play. Because of this, you will be able to escape and, if you’re lucky, score a goal from outside the box.

If buy myteam points 2k22 want to take a step backwards after entering a corner, you can do so while holding down the turbo button and pressing the right stick downward. When the defender is caught off guard, depress the left stick all the way down to exit the coverage and shoot a three-pointer from beyond the three-point line to seal the victory. As soon as the screen protector is about to be activated, it is critical to reverse the process and prepare for the screen protector’s arrival. In order to avoid being hit, move out of the way and lob alley-oops in as soon as the AI starts to adjust to the move, if necessary.

It has been over 40 years since this method was first introduced, and numerous modifications have been made to it since then. It is possible to make a minor adjustment just before you take that corner shot by moving your player diagonally in a zigzag pattern just prior to taking it. The fact that the AI is typically too slow to keep up means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the situation.

The second method of employing a shooting badge is to catch three targets and shoot them with a shooting badge.

Afterwards, Korzemba recommends simply hovering around the three-point line until one of your teammates passes the ball to you, which is the next method he suggests you try. Afterwards, just keep piling the threes on top of each other until they give way. Depending on where your player starts their journey, the effectiveness of this grind may be limited, but it is still effective regardless of where they begin their journey. Moreover, because your player receives the ball at such a rapid pace, the defense is unable to keep up with him, which results in a relatively straightforward shot. If you have the Catch & Shoot, Sniper, or Limitless Spot-Up badges equipped on your build, this task will be made even easier.

Shooting badges at BRICKLEY’S GYM is the third and final way to earn badges in this game.

Brickley’s Gym is the best place to grind badges from training, on the other hand, because it will be open on a limited basis throughout the campaign and will be the most convenient location for you to do so. Attending his drills will earn you triple or quadruple the number of badge points you would otherwise earn, whether you win or lose. In any category, and for as long as your game’s gym is open, it’s a great way to get a head start on your badge grind, but it’s especially beneficial in shooting. It makes no difference if you lose these games on purpose; you will be able to continue playing them without losing any of the XP you have already earned.


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