Thursday, December 1, 2022

Have You Completed All The FUT 22 Achievements?

FUT 22 players seeking a challenge should complete all the 37 game achievements. We are looking at around 80 hours for full completion.

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FUT 22 Achievements

  • Full Wardrobe

Acquire 50 distinct cosmetic items.

  • Club Iron

Choose a FUT 22 player item and take part in 200 club games with it.

  • Design and Conquer

Take part in a Division 4 game or higher in Division Rivals mode.

  • European Glory

Be the winner of the UEFA Champions League Final.

  • On the Way Up

Get to level 7 in Volta Season.

  • Point to Prove

Become eligible to enter the FUT 22 Champions Play-Offs by getting the necessary number of points.

  • Winning Mentality

Achieve Milestone 1 in a season in FUT 22 Division Rivals.

  • Best Seats in the House

Fill each slot in the Stands customization in your FUT 22 Stadium tier 3 with an item.

  • Tactical Mastermind

In Pro Clubs mode, get access to all the traits from a skill tree.

  • Maestro

In Pro Clubs mode, get access to a specialization.

  • Trust the Process

In Career mode, transform the position of a player item.

  • Maxed Out

Get to level 25 in Player Career.

  • Volta’s Best

In Volta mode, achieve 90 rating with your footballer.

  • Fresh Fit

In the Outfits menu, change an item.

  • Teamwork Works

Team up with three buddies and win a Volta Squads game.

  • Shop Till You Drop

Buy an item from the Volta store.

  • Dead-Ball Specialist

Make a goal with a free kick.

  • Training Addict

Finish all the main menu skill matches.

  • Clinical Finish

Make a goal from a cross with player lock.

  • Bring It On

Put the Competitive Master Switch on and take part in a single player game.

  • Squad Building Curriculum

Finish 10 SBCs.

  • Define the Meta

Come up with a personalized FUT 22 tactic.

  • My House, My Rules

Take part in a FUT Friendlies game with any house rules.

  • Bus Parking Simulator

In FUT 22 Squad Battles, keep 10 clean sheets.