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Pua Recipe

Every celebration in Bihar has a mark sweet connected with it: thekua for chhatth, pidukiya for teej, tilkut for Makar Sankranti – and pua for Holi. In any case, when the treats are this great, why trust that an event will cook? Assemble your own justification behind sweet festival.

This post lets you know how to make Bihar’s pua. Pua is once in a while mistaken for malpua, however the two are not something very similar. Malpua is absorbed sugar syrup post-searing, while pua isn’t – it has sugar blended into the actual hitter. A decent pua is slender, fresh when just-broiled, and somewhat sweet. Since puas are dry and can be mistaken for snacks as well as sweets, they are a famous “reclaim from-home” nourishment for those research/working away from home.


Refined wheat flour (maida) – 1 cup

Semolina (sooji/rava) – 1/4 cup

Water – for making the hitter

Sugar – 1 cup

Banana (ready) – 1

Dry natural products (pecans, cashew nuts, raisins) – 2 tablespoons, finely slashed

Dry coconut – 1 teaspoon, finely hacked/ground

Cardamoms – 10

Oil – for profound broiling

Make the hitter

Place maida (refined flour), sooji (semolina) and sugar in a container. Mix in water, a little at a time, till the hitter arrives at dropping consistency.

What’s this “dropping consistency”?

  1. The player has dropping consistency when it slides gradually off the spoon when lifted.
  2. To test, plunge a spoon into the hitter and turn it over.
  3. To utilize a similarity, pua hitter ought to resemble cake player or pakoda hitter. Or on the other hand like honey maybe.
  4. Assuming it resembles chapati batter or like lassi, you have more work to do to fix it.
  5. Put the pua hitter away for 5 hours.
  6. Strip and smash the cardamoms.
  7. Add powdered cardamom and hacked dry natural products to the player.
  8. Not long before you’re going to broil the puas, crush a ready banana and add it to the player.
  9. In a wok or kadhai, heat sufficient oil for profound broiling (each pua in turn).

To test that the oil is hot enough for broiling:

  1. Gently drop a minuscule mass of hitter into the oil. In the event that it sizzles and browns right away, the oil is sufficiently hot.
  2. On the off chance that it doesn’t, the oil should be warmed more.
  3. On the off chance that the player mass becomes dark, the oil is excessively hot – switch off the intensity for a couple of moments and afterward test once more.
  4. Utilizing a scoop, spoon out the player and empty it delicately into the hot oil.

Pua Batter in a Ladle

As it fries, the player will (all alone) straighten out into circle shape and the edges will begin to fresh up.

Pua Frying 1

At this stage, while the surface beneath tans, utilize a level spatula to gradually move the oil from the sides of the kadhai towards the middle over the pua. This helps the pua to uniformly cook.

Pua Frying 2

Following a moment or something like that, when the pua has seared from the base, turn it over and broil on the subsequent side.

Pua Frying 3

After one more moment, utilize the spatula to press the pua on the kadhai to deliver its overabundance oil.

Pua Frying 4

Remove the seared pua from the container and put it on permeable paper. Rehash for the following pua.

At the point when you drop the player in oil, you could see it adhere to the lower part of the kadhai. Try not to overreact and don’t get into furious scratching. Sooner or later, the pua will leave the lower part independently.

Pua tastes best when not mutiple/4 inch thick. If your puas are turning out thicker, blend some more water into the hitter.

The activity of clearing oil from the sides towards the middle likewise gives a slight twist and additional mash to the edges, as you can see from the pics.

Pua, Dessert from Bihar

Puas stay really great for 2-3 days at room temperature, and upto seven days whenever refrigerated. They taste best warm, a couple of moments after they have been seared, or warmed on the off chance that they have been refrigerated.

Fun reality:

Puas aren’t really eaten as pastry – they additionally fill in as feast backup. Test this dinner plate from a day after Holi: pua with chapatis, beetroot raita, lasooni dal, aloo capsicum dry sabzi around it!

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