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Pudla Recipe

Instructions to cook gujrati tikha pudla Pudla is a wonderful name for Gujrati flapjacks made with sound fixings like chick pea flour alongside various flavors and occasional vegetables.

Elements of Gujrati Tikha Pudla

 Cup Chickpea flour

1/2 cup Grated veggiesto

taste Salt

3-4 Chopped green chillies

1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste

1/4 tbsp Turmeric powder

1/2 cup Red stew powder

2 tbsp Coriander leaves

1 tsp Mustard oilOil to cook

The most effective method to Make Gujrati Tikha Pudla

1. Take a bowl, add flour, flavors, veggies alongside mustard oil. Blend well and add water to frame a reliable paste.

2. Now, heat a non-stick dish, smear not many drops of oil and pour the combination onto it. Spread it in a type of circle.

3. Drizzle a few oil around the circle and hold on until one side of the pudla becomes brilliant brown.

4. Now flip by utilizing spatula and let the pudla cook from opposite side as well.5.Serve it with yogurt and appreciate!

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