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 Pro Tips to Increase your Pizzeria Profit Margin in 2022

It is a truth that pizza is everyone’s favorite fast food item. Whether you admit it or not, we don’t wait for any occasion to eat pizza, but we create it. In this modern world, everyone is in a hurry because of jobs, schools, etc. They have a weekend to relax and spend time with their families.

Thus, people don’t want to waste time preparing different items at home. Therefore, people love to have dinner with their family in the restaurant. However, during the covid time, the trend of dine-in got to change.

Today, people like to order food at home and enjoy freedom. You don’t have to go anywhere; pick up your phone and place an order of your favorite food. The pizza industry proves its strength even in the pandemic. The sales of pizza continue to grow gradually even in the current year.  

According to a survey, online food delivery revenue is about to reach $563.50 million in the year 2022. Furthermore, the sale of Domino’s Pizza is about RS.2 million per month. Surprisingly, Karachi is the highest-consuming city for pizza. Approximately 60% of pizza orders are catered by foodpanda daily in Karachi.

Thus, we can estimate the popularity of pizza in Pakistan by the statistics discussed above. People are in great love with pizza, and they used to order it frequently. Due to the increased pizza consumption, more restaurants and pizza outlets are opening in Pakistan. Luckily, these outlets provide their customers with amazing and tasty food.

Thus, you can order your favorite pizza online from various pizza outlets such as California Pizza, Stone Ove pizza valley, etc. Furthermore, multiple restaurants make it more convenient for customers by providing discounts and deals.

How to Increase Profit Margin in 2022?

  1. Developing Technologies:

Today, the profit margin is the game of technological advancements in the business. The technology has the potential to speed up the work. It nullifies the costs, such as robots replacing the workforce. Thus, you don’t have to pay a monthly wage to a robot. Furthermore, different machinery is available now in the market that accelerates production.

However, small businesses can’t afford such technologies. Therefore, they must keep their eyes open for new, price-cutting technologies such as food ordering apps. Different restaurants partner with various food ordering apps, such as Savyour, that provide customers deals and discounts on ordering food using apps from partnered restaurants.  

  1. Easy ordering:

One thing that attracts the customers the most is convenience. Therefore, make sure to provide a mobile-friendly online order facility. According to a survey, mobile-friendly online ordering boosts sales, improves service speed, and satisfies customers.

 If we see the statistics, the use of mobile apps will increase from 54% to 61% in 2021. Thus, you can analyze the importance of quick and easy access in attracting customers.

  1. Keep minimum specialty items on the menu:

Special items cost more in preparation. However, a few people opt for a specialty item, while most go for regular items such as pizza. Thus, keeping minimum specialty items on the menu is better for maintaining the budget. Instead, focus on the most selling everyday items such as pizza, burgers, etc.

In addition, if you keep the specialty items such as roasted chicken breast on the menu, you should charge the customer accordingly. Thus, you can manage your budget and profit margin.

  1. Dine-in Trend is Ruling Out:

Today, people want convenience in everything, even in the food segment. They prefer to order their food and have it at home. According to a survey, only 41% of people go for dine-in, while 63% of consumers take advantage of online food ordering.

Thus, to scale your business, it is essential to focus on customers’ requirements. In online businesses, customers are the fundamental factors that determine the company’s fate. Therefore, many restaurants extensively work on online food delivery, such as California Pizza, Stone Ove pizza valley, etc.

  1. Ghost Restaurants:

Hence, in the modern world, everything has become digital. As we have discussed before, people are heading toward online food ordering. Thus, going to a restaurant is changing gradually with time. Especially, lockdown in covid completely changed the lifestyle concepts.

According to changing trends, more people are focusing on ghost kitchens. In the concept of a ghost kitchen, you don’t need any specific restaurant or food point to attract customers. Instead, you market your products online and provide only delivery facilities.

  1. Do Effective Marketing:

Marketing is the key to successfully running your online business. Thus, it is essential to adopt an effective marketing strategy for scaling your business. Keenly observe the marketing strategies of leading restaurants and hotels.  

Today, there is a vast range of platforms where you can explore your product. Use different social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube to cover a wide range of consumers. Furthermore, provide exclusive offers to customers such as deals and discounts.


No doubt, the food business is revenue-generating but is also challenging at the same time. A restaurant owner has to be active to compete with others ones. Furthermore, you have to upgrade your marketing strategies according to the trends.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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