Friday, December 2, 2022

Checklist Before Changing The Locks of Your Home

Are you concerned about the safety of your home? Changing the locks is one of the easiest things to do to upgrade your house’s security. Plus, it’s the first line of defense against possible intruders and thieves. 

Several reasons can require you to change the locks of your home, but you should always make a checklist of important things to assess before making a decision. Here are some helpful tips to remember when your house requires a change of locks.

  1. Do You Really Need To Change Your Locks?

First, you should determine whether you even need to change the locks. There are specific scenarios where a house requires a new set of locks, such as when you move into a new home or experience a burglary. 

You should also know the difference between rekeying and replacing. Rekeying changes the pins on the same lock, so the old key doesn’t work. Replacing the lock removes the entire lock and offers maximum security.

  1. Number of Locks to Change

Do you only need to change one lock or more? You might also want more than one lock for the same door. Choosing a multi-lock setup can be a little costly, but it doesn’t break the bank and offers several layers of security so you can keep your house safe.

  1. Types of Locks

Before you change the locks, consider the security needs of your house and read about the different types of locks offered in the market. You might need locks for your garage, back door, and even the windows. Depending on your needs and house requirements, you can choose from several options. Remember, installing the correct type of lock is imperative for optimal security. Here are some common types of locks people use:

  • Master key locks
  • Digital combination locks
  • Hi-tech locks
  • Smartphone controlled locks 
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Cylinder locks
  1. Consulting a Professional Locksmith

Most of us love the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach because it’s convenient, fun, and economical. However, changing the locks for your house is a risky business, so you should consult a professional. They’re experts in the craft and can offer technical guidance on how to approach the issue.

Better yet, consider hiring a professional locksmith. Locksmiths are more experienced in their job than you are and can help make the experience smoother. You also wouldn’t have to worry about the integrity of the locks or damaging the doors, windows, or garage. 

However, always ensure the locksmith’s reliability and get to know them first. Excellent professional locksmiths will assess your situation and budget and provide the best tailored solution for the client’s specific situation. A locksmith is also the perfect choice if you’re going for rekeying. Similarly, they can help connect your locks to the security system and help you install hi-tech security locks – things that can be a DIY nightmare for most of us.

  1. Determine Your Security Requirements

Knowing about the types of locks is not just related to house requirements but also your security needs. You need to assess your house’s security situation before deciding on a particular lock. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, you might be interested in setting up hi-tech locks which can link with your cell phone. 

Similarly, you might consider installing an alarm system to upgrade your home’s security. Some locks do not integrate or connect to alarm systems because they don’t match the requirements. In some cases, the locks might not be properly connected to the door and would require readjustment.

  1. Make a Budget Plan

Making a budget is extremely important for making important decisions. For instance, if you’re looking for a cheaper solution, you should know the costs of different types of locks and for hiring locksmiths. 

The general DIY approach usually costs less if you’re on a budget. However, a professional will be able to provide better advice regarding your situation. Therefore, you might end up spending less money on locks than if you did it yourself. Although it depends if you have the budget for hiring a locksmith, they can help you make economic and efficient decisions.

Similarly, hi-tech or smart locks will cost a substantial amount of money compared to standard keyhole or keypad locks. Your decisions will depend on your budget, so it’s always good to develop a working knowledge of all the costs that go into changing the door locks.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now understand the essential things to consider before changing the locks of your home. Checklists can help you make wise and cost-effective decisions, so we suggest closely following one that suits your needs!