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Pan Mee Recipe

In this ‘Skillet Mee Recipes’ series, this Soup Pan Mee recipe is light and consoling to take you back to your experience growing up anyplace you might be!
Shop Kuali Recipes is a response to occupied experts out there searching for comfort while looking for quality fixings, matched with a basic yet scrumptious recipe. Packaged recipes picked are feast organizers intended for two people cooking three times each week. Cooking for more? Just bend over the recipe fixings!

Recipe Ingredient

1 parcel new dish mee
100g chicken meat (cut into flimsy cuts)
4nos dried shitake mushrooms (drenched and cut meagerly)
20g dried anchovies (stripped and washed)
3nos shallots (cut daintily)
1/2 bundle fishballs
1 tail sawi hijau or mustard greens (cut into 5cm length)
1 small bunch sweet leaves or pucuk manis
1/2 cup oil for broiling
1tsp corn flour
touch of salt and white pepper
sufficient water to heat up the noodles and fixings
Container Mee Soup:
1.5L water
1nos anchovy stock solid shape
1/4 tsp ground white pepper
1/4 tsp salt or to taste
1Tbsp broiled shallot oil


1. Marinate the chicken cuts with a spot of salt and white pepper, trailed by 1tsp corn starch.

2. Put away.
3. In a container, heat up 1/4 cup of oil and sear the anchovies till firm and brilliant brown.

4. Dispose of and channel overabundance oil prior to saving.
5. Heat up a similar dish with another 1/4 cup oil and sear the cut shallots till brilliant brown.

6.  Move both the oil and broiled shallots into a bowl and put away
7. Continuing on toward the soup, bubble 1.5 liters of water.

8. Include the anchovy stock 3D square, trailed by 1/4tsp of salt and white pepper.

9 . Allow it to bubble on low fire.
10. While the stock is bubbling, cook the container mee noodles, marinated chicken meat, cut shitake mushrooms, trailed by the fishballs, sawi, and pucuk manis.

11. Channel abundance water and move over to a bowl.
12.Empty the anchovy stock into the bowl of cooked noodles and sauces. Present with the broiled anchovies, shallots and a Tbsp of the seared shallot oil from before.

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