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Palak Corn Recipe

Lasooni Corn Palak is a wonderful dish with a rich spinach curry base and pieces of sweet corn finished off with a zesty garlicky tadka. This café style dish is daintily flavored and truly velvety.

On the off chance that you are palak (spinach) fan, you really want to attempt this recipe. Spinach and corn are a perfect pair and this dish meets up so quick in the event that you really want something fast and simple to make for supper.

With regards to spinach based recipes like Palak Paneer or Palak Paneer Kofta Curry, the #1 grumbling is that it’s excessively severe or it doesn’t do what’s necessary to cover major areas of strength for the of spinach. Imagine a scenario where I let you know that you can in any case taste the spinach, veil the sharpness and have a new, green hued curry that is velvety, adjusted and softly flavored. Something no one can quit licking off the plate!

step by step instructions to make corn palak + fixings

The magnificence of this recipe is that it just necessities a couple of fixings and is prepared shortly however no one will figure since it’s loaded with flavor.


after all other options have been exhausted you can utilize oil however ghee adds flavor and makes this sauce very lavish


Garlic is really added at two stages in this recipe – first in the base sauce that is mixed till smooth and next in the tadka (treating) on top to add a second layer of garlic-ness

Green Chillies:

Chopped green chillies add a decent degree of intensity to this recipe. We won’t add any red stew powder later on the grounds that we would rather not compromise the dazzling green tone and make it sloppy so all the intensity comes from here. Use Serrano Peppers if living external India. Change the sum in view of how zesty your chillies are

Spinach or Palak:

Stems eliminated in light of the fact that stems make the sauce more sinewy. Leaves washed well in water 2-3 times since spinach can conceal a ton of coarseness and mud between leaves


Fresh coriander is my unmistakable advantage which helps balance out the harshness from the spinach and keeps this green sauce tasting delightful and new

Entire Spices:

I like to utilize entire bayleaf, cardamom and cloves to season the sauce all along

Kasuri Methi:

Basically dried fenugreek or methi. This highlights in so many of my Indian recipes. Its ideally suited for completing the dish and adding a somewhat smoky flavor

You can cook this puree early and store in the ice chest till at whatever point you are prepared to cook Corn Palak.

I some of the time make this daily ahead.


Saute the garlic and green chillies in ghee till sweet-smelling – around 30-40 seconds


Fry the onions till they are delicate and turn clear. Try not to brown them or the variety and kind of the sauce will change

Add Greens and Wilt:

Add spinach and coriander and cook till the greens are withered – around 3-4 minutes. You can cover with a top to steam them

Cool and Blend:

Cool totally and mix with a touch of water till the puree is smooth

When this puree is prepared, the following couple of steps go by realy quick. You’ll require this:

Saute: Sauteeing the flavors gently in ghee or oil helps discharge their smell in the sauce

Cook Tomatoes:

We’ve previously added onions before in the pureed spinach sauce, so presently we are cooking the tomatoes with entire flavors. Cook them till they are delicate and thick. They add newness and surface


The rundown of ground flavors is restricted in this recipe – just jeera powder, coriander powder, garam masala, kasuri methi and salt to prepare. Cook the flavors briefly to dispose of the crude flavor

Spinach Puree:

Add the puree, blend well and carry this to a delicate stew – 3 to 4 minutes is enough since everything was at that point cooked previously

Corn and Cream:

Add the corn, cook for an additional two minutes and shower cream on top


  1. Finally, make a tadka with ghee, bunches of garlic entire red chillies and bean stew powder and pour it on top of the hot curry. Let this rest for a couple of moments prior to aiding the kinds of the tadka saturate through the curry
  2. This is a legitimate, simple weeknight dish when you need to take care of the family something healthy, sound and delicious yet need it done FAST. I love serving this with rotis or parathas on the grounds that that palak sauce is so moppable!
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