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Milk Tofee Recipe

“Milk toffee is a well known Sri Lankan dessert, made via caramelizing improved consolidated milk. During the April Avurudu season, milk toffee is a well known sweet to be ready.


1200 g improved dense milk
750 gearthy colored sugar
2 tsp vanilla concentrate
50⅛ g unsalted margarine (room temperature)
2 tsp olive oil (for lubing)
Utensils cleaving load up, pot

Stage 1/12

1. 2 tsp olive oil (for lubing)
2. cleaving load up
3. Gently oil a glass or wooden hacking board and put it away.

Stage 2/12

1. 1200 g improved dense milk
2. pan
3. Void the dense milk into a medium-sized pot and spot over low intensity.

Stage 3/12

1. Wash the consolidated milk tins with water and add the water to the pot, and blend well joining the water in with the dense milk.

Stage 4/12

1. 750 g earthy colored sugar
2. Bit by bit add tablespoons of sugar and blend well to break up the sugar with the consolidated milk.

Stage 5/12

1. Keep blending the combination and guaranteeing that the sugar is broken down and the combination won’t get scorched.

Stage 6/12

1. 2 tsp vanilla concentrate
2. Add the vanilla embodiment and mix.

Stage 7/12

1. In adding the vanilla concentrate, guarantee that the sugar has been all additional and is very much joined with the dense milk.

Stage 8/12

1. 50⅛ g unsalted spread (room temperature)
2. With the milk-toffee blend thickening, add the unsalted spread and keep blending to join the margarine with the milk-toffee combination.

Stage 9/12

While blending the thickening milk-toffee combination it ought to be apparent of the combination falling off the pot.

Stage 10/12

 Eliminate the intensity and keep blending the milk-toffee combination for around 2 minutes and afterward cautiously empty or scoop the combination into the oil-arranged board.

Stage 11/12

Uniformly spread the milk-toffee blend on the board and let it cool for 5-10 minutes. *Remember to rapidly discharge the combination from the container, to keep the blend from solidifying.

Stage 12/12

When the combination has cooled, cut the milk-toffee into wanted measures and appreciate with a dark mug of espresso.

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