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Kurkure Recipe


1 cup rice

1 tbsp red stew powder

1 tbsp salt or more according as you would prefer

½ cup vegetable oil

Hunger depends on nature and frequently not our will, and food cravings occur without an advance notice; they can happen whenever, anyplace. Hankering, then again, is tied in with savoring the flavor of a lip-smacking dish and not tied in with extinguishing hunger. Such indulgences go past taking care of our stomachs; they feed our spirits with magnificent joy. Cooking specialists have taken advantage of the desires of people for a really long time, and have invoked dishes that are a mélange of mystical preferences and flavors, that enchant our ranges, yet in addition our spirits!

One such tidbit is Kurkure; firm crunchy, and as umami as it can get. Kurkure likewise fills in as a magnificent decorating to supplement the inclinations of various dishes, from Kurkure corn kamal and Kurkure chaat to Kurkure kachori, and Kurkure paratha.

Individuals, everything being equal, going from children, grown-ups and the old, love this nibble more than some other. Also, when Kurkure can be made at home, the delight is multiplied. Natively constructed Kurkure is more grounded than its business partner, which is stacked with additives and fake seasoning.

Medical advantages

Custom made Kurkure is ideally suited for individuals with a touchy stomach. While additives and fake shading can make harm the stomach, liver, and kidneys, hand crafted Kurkure presents none of these dangers.

Instructions to make Kurkure Recipe

  • Heat up the rice in a prospect 15 minutes to make them delicate and dry.
  • Structure a delicate glue from the bubbled rice in a blender processor.


  1. Avoid making a glue that is excessively slim. The glue ought to seem to be mixture.
  2. Add salt and red bean stew capacity to the pre-arranged glue and blend well.
  3. Pour the blend in a plastic cone with a little opening at the tip. with a sufficient opening. Press the cone so that rice blend turns out as flimsy strips, very much like Kurkure crisps.
  4. Allow strips to dry out for around 2 days in daylight.
  5. When they get dried totally, you can get them broiled at whatever point required.
  6. Kurkure is one of the most well known snacks of constantly that characterizes the possibility of a happy palatable that fulfills your yearning as well as causes you to partake in the wonderful taste of fresh and crunch. The brand Kurkure is presented by Pepsico India and this bite is arranged totally in India.
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Cary Grant
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