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Ice Scramble Recipe

Ice scramble is a spending plan well disposed, simple to-make reviving summer cooler that will give you moment sweet help from the blistering climate! This banana-enhanced, pink-shaded frozen treat will return you to those past late spring days!

Banana-enhanced, pink shaded Ice Scramble is an invigorating treat for youngsters and grown-up the same.

This Filipino interpretation of slushy is one of the late spring top picks among children and grown-ups the same. Ice Scramble is considerably more reasonable than Halo-corona yet gives that fantastic cooling impact with every spoonful! It is likewise such a lot of enjoyable to make as you can choose the garnishes that you or your children love.

It might just be where I reside now, however I seldom see road merchants selling this frozen treat these days. In any case, this unassuming, cool treat has proactively advanced toward the shopping center slows down and leased stands during parties. Notwithstanding, they are substantially more costly! So I chose to make this yummy reviving treat with my confided in blender and with accessible fixings I have in my storage space.

Banana-seasoned and pink-toned Ice scramble in glasses with different garnishes.

Ice scramble or Iskrambol is a nearby frozen streetside treat made of banana-enhanced shaved ice blended in with milk. It is then finished off with skimmed milk and beautiful deals with like sprinkles and smaller than normal marshmallows. It is likewise showered with chocolate or strawberry syrup for additional yumminess.

Ice Scramble is described by its radiant pink tone accomplished by blending a couple of drops of red food variety in the ice combination. You need to blend or “scramble” every one of the garnishes with the ice combination to appreciate it, consequently the name. It is to some degree like how Halo-radiance got its name (corona means to blend). Notwithstanding, while Halo-corona has improved natural products, beans, and Leche flan, Iskrambol is an all around rendition as it is blended in with brilliant sweet treats.

Elements for Ice Scramble

Milk – You can likewise utilize dense milk, however remember to exclude the sugar assuming you utilize this.

Banana pith – You may likewise utilize vanilla or even ube separate. You can likewise utilize pineapple or mango remove for a tropical interpretation of this Filipino slushy.

Red food tone is utilized for this recipe to accomplish the exemplary pink tint of the ice scramble. However, you might utilize other food colors like violet for ube, yellow for mango and pineapple or any variety you need!

Washed Brown Sugar – if inaccessible, you might substitute this with white sugar.

Skimmed Powdered Milk is utilized for this recipe. When absolutely necessary, you might utilize any powdered milk.

Ice Scramble with chocolate syrup, finished off with powdered milk and different garnishes.

You can keep your Ice Scramble basic with simply the skimmed milk, sprinkles, marshmallows, and syrup. Or then again be like me and add different garnishes to make it more tomfoolery!

Banana-seasoned, pink toned Ice Scramble is a reviving treat for youngsters and grown-up the same.

Ice Scramble Recipe

Ice scramble or “Iskrambol” is a spending plan well disposed, basic and simple invigorating summer cooler that will give you moment sweet help from the warm climate! This banana-enhanced, pink-shaded frozen treat will return you to those old fashioned brilliant days!


4 cups ice solid shapes

4 tablespoon skimmed milk powder

½ cup milk

½ cup washed earthy colored sugar

3-5 drops banana embodiment

3-5 drops red food tone


  1. 4 cups ice 3D shapes, ½ cup milk
  2. Place the ice solid shapes/pieces in a blender. Pour around ¼ of the milk, then, at that point, put the on cover and heartbeat until the ice are squashed at the base. Add milk step by step then keep beating until all ice pieces are squashed finely. You might have to utilize a spoon to move the ice around for more straightforward smashing.
  3. 4 tablespoon skimmed milk powder, ½ cup washed earthy colored sugar, 3-5 drops banana embodiment, 3-5 drops red food tone
  4. Add the milk powder, washed earthy colored sugar, banana substance and red food tone. Utilizing a spoon, combine as one. Set the cover back on a heartbeat until all fixings are very much consolidated and sugar is broken down.
  5. Move on serving glasses and top with skimmed milk and different garnishes of your decision. Appreciate!
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