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How to Start a Piece of Jewelry?

Buying new jewelry for every event can be very expensive. But starting a piece of jewelry yourself has many benefits. Not only is it fun, but it’s also saving you a lot of money.  You can also make jewelry tailored to your taste and the event. Not to mention that you could even sell. Imagine the profits your handmade jewelry could fetch!

A discovery is about starting a piece of jewelry to avoid the huge amount spent on diamond rings and the like. Of course, it isn’t easy to realize those beautiful earrings and adorable charm bracelets displayed in stores. But almost anyone can learn how to start a piece of jewelry. 

So, in this blog post, we shall discuss how to start a piece of jewelry. But first, let us look at some ideas for the jewelry you can make.

Some Simple Do It Yourself (DIY) Jewelry Ideas

What if, though, you don’t consider yourself to be a jewelry designer? What if you doubt your artistic abilities? What will you do to get motivated? In the world of creation, we are all unique. As a result, we may need to see some ideas to get inspired on the jewelry-making journey.

For this reason, before we move to the simple steps involved in making a piece of jewelry, let us get some great ideas below.

  1. Bead Jewelry

The most satisfying aspect of making jewelry may be the beading models. These items are your children. You give birth to what comes from your thoughts and mental ideas.

You can make bracelets and necklaces by threading beads on a single strand of material. You can even personalize some of these beads with letters or numbers and creative shapes to showcase your interests.

You may also decide to make a giant statement bead framed by smaller beads. Makers may produce larger and more intricate styles with much expertise and some incredibly tiny beads.

Your beading creations can define you being a good jewelry maker. There are endless forms and designs you can explore.

  1. Lab Grown Diamonds

Yes! You read that right. You can make lab-grown diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are diamonds made by man. Unlike natural diamonds, these types are way cheaper. So when faced with the question, are lab grown diamonds real? You should answer, yes! 

You can make a replica of your dream diamond rings with lab-created diamonds at a cheaper rate. For example, you can make lab-created diamond engagement rings and earring studs. But, keep in mind that the materials and skills needed to make these lab diamonds are not like those of bead making. So you may need to brace for the task ahead if you want to delve into it.

To make your task easier, you can go to laboratories that specialize in creating and customizing diamonds. Such labs also cut the diamonds depending on your taste. After getting the stone, You can make your own jewelry out of it.

  1. Enameled or Fuse Glass Jewelry

A fantastic option to give your metal jewelry pieces a splash of color is with enameled accessories. In essence, enameling is the process of permanently bonding glass powder to the surface of metals. 

You can add enamel into handcrafted jewelry in a variety of ways. For example, torch-firing is currently the most widely used method. Using your soldering torch to heat the enamel on your metal makes this an easier and cheaper enameling procedure.

However, the majority of enameling methods need a kiln. This is because the kiln heats the jewelry item more slowly than a soldering torch. 

Furthermore, popular enameling methods like cloisonne have a lengthy history. This method can create tiny “panels” with wire and enamel to form a design. 

Also, plique-a-jour is one of the most challenging techniques to learn. Since the enamel has no backing, this technique produces a stained crystal look.

Steps to Starting a Piece of Jewelry

Ready to begin creating your own jewelry? There are many methods to learn, whether you want to start a side job or do it for fun. You can search for tutorial videos online at no cost or enroll in a physical class. 

There are a few skills you’ll need to master for just about any piece you make. So whether you’re intending on working with beads, or another sort of jewelry, you must learn basic skills first.

For instance, most projects will involve how to make a simple wire loop properly. They may also need you to learn how to open and close a jump ring.

These abilities transfer to any project you’re making after you’ve mastered them. So in this section, we shall discuss some steps toward this learning process.

  1. Know What You Want to Make

Deciding on the project you want to make is the first step in starting a piece of jewelry. Jewelry has many options, from beading to lab-grown diamonds and fused glass. 

Now, you discover why we had to discuss some ideas before the steps, right?

Whether you want to start with wire wrapping or fuse glass jewelry, pick one medium to concentrate on first. You can learn and experiment with other ideas later. The knowledge gained from one approach will extend to and serve in other jewelry-making procedures.

  1. Invest in Quality Tools and Supplies

Many of us knitted friendship bracelets back in school, which was our debut in jewelry-making. They don’t need tools. They are also simple and cheap but limit elegance and finesse.

Opposable thumbs work well for basic projects but fall short when threading hundreds of pieces. Also, fingers have their limits. Jewelry-making ought to be enjoyable, not painful. So, get quality tools!

If this is your first time, it could be safe to “take” your family toolbox’s wire cutters and pliers. However, the truth is that your project will turn out better, and the procedure will be easier if you have better tools to work with.

It may initially seem like a bit of an investment in specialized tools like metal stamps, etc. But in the long run, they more than pay for themselves when you can produce your jewelry rather than buy it. In addition, making any specific piece is somewhat inexpensive once you have all the necessary tools.

Finally, getting quality jewelry-making supplies as you start is vital. Depending on the type of jewelry you want to make, you can find supplies at online stores like Etsy. Ensure to get the best to enjoy seamless jewelry making.

  1. Have a Dedicated and Serene Workspace

Nothing is more annoying for a jewelry maker than having supplies thrown around. As a result, you waste valuable time for creation if you can’t find what you need.

For this reason, select a space in your home, or at the very least a specific table, desk, drawer, etc. The selected space should serve you for your jewelry-making activity. Also, sort your supplies once you have them, then name everything.

There are many different options for storage, such as low-cost boxes and bins with built-in dividers. Having them simplifies organizing different beads, findings, and more. It will also help avoid missing an inspiration because you could not find the needed supplies.

Find a pattern that suits you and follow it religiously. That way, you know where to go whenever you want to display your creativity.

Start a Piece of Jewelry!

Now, you have a jewelry idea; you have gotten the tools for it and secured a space, so what next? It’s simple, start making new pieces of jewelry! 

You can start by making sketches on paper and then follow the design. You can also decide to experiment with practice supplies before moving to the real thing. The reason is that you don’t want to play with your expensive beads and wires. 

So getting practice supplies is necessary as a starter.

Final Thoughts

Starting a piece of jewelry can be fun if you know what you’re doing. Hopefully, this post has helped you to know how to go about it.

But don’t restrict yourself to a specific piece of jewelry’s style, color, or size. Instead, try different styles and play with your supplies to discover how you like them. Also, try out various materials to see what occurs.

Wishing you luck as you start this exciting new activity. You’ll realize right away that it’s utterly addictive once you get going. So go for the stars—the sky’s the starting point!

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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