Friday, December 2, 2022

How to Get a Job in AI and Machine Learning?

When anyone says the word Artificial Intelligence we feel that automatically driven cars,  chatbots,  digital assistance, or robots all are simpler examples of one such scenario. As there are many fields, one of the most demanding technologies is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which will definitely be the prior and essential in near-future times. Many applications of AI are countless and rapidly growing with time. Different top brands such as IBM,  Microsoft, Accenture, Amazon, etc are using these concepts of AI. In fact, professionals are taking AI ML courses to step into this promising career field.

What is AI? 

The ability of a digital system that can be a computer-controlled robot or any machine that performs, to imitate human intelligence by different methods. One of the most common examples of AI is chess since digital computers came into existence. They possess the ability to deal with the intellectual process of human activities such as reasoning,  discovering meaning, generalizing, or learning from previous experiences. 

In general, the simplest human behavior is counted as intelligence as they have a tendency to think, apply, and correct, or they work on the principle of learning,  reason, problem-solving, and correction from previous experiences. In contemporary times AI uses different sets of algorithms to perform any task by creating very strong neural networks. Modern Artificial Intelligence includes the different machine learning processes and exceeds this.

What is Machine Learning? 

Machine Learning is the field of science that deals with how computer systems are learning without being much explicit on programs. Machine learning is one of the most exciting technologies that are ever found. As the name clarifies, learning is the ability to learn on a high response, making it much more similar to humans. It is being used at places more frequently and likely where we think. Machine learning is a subpart of AI; it is a hero when we talk about how AI works and learns and processes the data for the working framework as the capabilities of humans.

How to get a break in AI and Machine Learning Sectors

It is very essential to stabilize yourselves in any of the fields to boost your future. One such most demanding career line is AI and Machine Learning. There are some major requirements to get through these two fields which count on the job orientations. You must possess this criterion to break through this sector. Some skills are mentioned and discussed further in this article.

Basic Education Required

When you emphasize the field of AI and Machine learning, your basic education must be very strong regarding technical skills,  it is a deep foundation designed for proper understanding of the case. Employers every time choose a graduate student in computer science education or higher degree authorized. Traditional technical education helps a lot to build a strong ladder for your career in learning.

Whereas a strong portfolio and experience are superior to the postgraduates and various camps are organized by companies to enhance your programming skills and knowledge. Through bootcamps, you may acquire that. Some of the selected organizations also take AI camps and programs.

Basic Coursework Required 

The curriculum varies according to the streams of base education for enhancing your AI skills. A student with a basic degree has superficial knowledge, whereas a specialization stream has good in-depth conceptual knowledge. But some topics remain unchanged that can fade up their consequences. Some of the courses are mentioned below that will help you :

  • Principles and Techniques of AI 
  • Computer vision and image processing 
  • Algorithms and Implementation in Deep Learning Systems
  • Machine Learning Ethics and Society
  • Natural Language Processing in Deep Learning

Major skills required 

Some slight difference occurs for various job roles in AI as their field work varies accordingly. A sensor algorithmic engineer from Google requires some hardware skills whereas other streams of AI require the knowledge of software and systems. But some of the soft skills are in common and unchanged. Along with soft skills you require programming and language knowledge. They are listed below:

  • Knowledge of general-purpose languages: C/C++ and Python
  • Data Analysis and Statistics: R,  MATLAB, Pandas 
  • Data management skills: Apache,  Couchbase,  DynamoDB, Cassandra 
  • AI Familiar Platforms: Google cloud AI,  Microsoft Azure AI,  IBM Watson 
  • Data Acquisition System: wireless sensors (Wifi,  UWB, etc.), Physical Sensors (visual magnetometer,  acoustics,  gyroscopes, etc.).

For entry-level positions, some recruiters hire graduates having little knowledge of the on-hand working experience of one year with Software development and Machine learning. For alternate choices, they may choose communications skills and languages.

Landing job in AI and Machine Learning 

Major companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook use AI as its essential, so they typically need to fill their positions. According to Refermarket, a Senior Ai Engineer at Microsoft have an average base salary of 195K. Many other companies, such as H20.AI, Ascent, Grammarly, Ascent, etc., use AI specialists to create new models and the next generation of ROBOTS using AI and learning. Most of the companies have inbuilt AI into their sectors so that applicants can go through the other aspects of AI and learning than depending on computer science only.

Professional organizations for AI and Machine Learning 

Some of the aspirants are clear with the goals to carry out their careers in AI and Machine learning by studying and gathering information and knowledge from various sources. Many organizations guide candidates for this course which are taught by online program and tutorials. Let’s have a look at some good organizations that conduct such programs.

  • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence: An organization started in 1979, AAAI advances the intelligence and machine learning processes. This conducts many meetings,  webinars, conferences, etc, which candidates enjoy.
  • Project Voice: This unites many companies,  investors, and many researchers in a developed linguistic environment of AI.
  • Machine Intelligence Research Institute: This institute is also popularly known as MIRI. They are responsible for promoting their works among general public groups. This helps in risk-free and promotes safety in the development process of AI.
  • Artificial Intelligence Board of America: ArtiBA helps in the promotion of professional development and learning, making different studies on AI. It also hosts exams such as the Artificial Intelligence Engineers Exam, and Candidates who pass these exams get global recognition and credentials, which shows their experiences in these fields.

With all these options at hand, start your career in AI today!