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How Long Can the Average Man Stay Erect?

An erection is the penis that stiffens when the soft tissues within it get filled with blood. It usually occurs when arousal occurs, but it can also occur randomly. The length of time an erection can last is different for each person, and a variety of factors can influence the length of time.

The length of an erection, as the quality of it, may be affected by physical and psychological factors such as stress, age or health issues, as well as medicines.

The article we’ll discuss the process of erections and what influences their effectiveness, and how long an erection ought to generally last.

How do erections function

Many factors influence how long someone can remain erect.

An erection is in the event that the blood flow towards the penis is increased, which causes it to alter its shape and size.

There are three steps that lead to an erection

Penis that is flaccid or soft Penis that is soft or flaccid is its “normal” state, and it happens when there isn’t any sexual stimulation or stimulation by touching, sight, or thinking about. In this state the blood flow to and out of the penis is equally.

A swollen and enlarged penis triggers the nerves and the brain to alter blood vessels and the other tissue of the penis to ensure that more blood flows through the penis than it flows out. The penis begins to grow in this stage.

Penis that is erect Penis is in a straight position when the visual, imagined or even touch stimulation persists. Nerves and brains keep on to pump additional blood vessels to the penis, and stop blood flow to it. The penis will become fully erect, and allows the manual stimulation, vaginal, anal or oral sexual contact to take place.

Many physical or mental issues can stop the erection of lasting for long enough to warrant sexual intimacy.

It is likely that your penis may get erect with no reason. The erection may occur at unnatural times of the daytime.

In these situations one can make certain steps to help, like changing the size of their shirt or pants, to cover the erection and attempt to take their thoughts off of their penis. If none of these methods work then they should go to the bathroom until they get rid of the erection.

How do sex and erections last?

There isn’t a universally accepted set time limit for sexual activity or the length of time an erection should last. In general, an sexual encounter can last anywhere from about a couple of minutes to 30 minutes. But, this could differ significantly because of the numerous factors that influence the length of erection.

It is also important to remember that one doesn’t require an erection in order to get orgasm.

Many people are concerned about being on the wrong extreme or the erection they get lasts too long or is not long enough.

In certain situations it is possible that a person will be unable to get an erection, achieving an erection that is firm or maintaining it sufficient to have a satisfactory sex. Psychological or physical factors may be a contributing factor to the erectile disorder (ED) and excessive Ejaculation (PE).

In other instances there is the possibility of having an extended erection that is not related to sexual activity or arousal that is referred to as prapism. The effects of drugs, medication, or injuries can trigger priapism which is a serious problem because of the possibility of permanently damaged tissue.

The factors that impact the erections

There are a variety of reasons that could temporarily trigger erection issues. They include:


the use of recreational or alcohol-based drugs




feeling uncomfortable around an individual

Alongside the temporary causes of erection issues medical problems can result in long-term or short-term ED.

For instance, following the treatment of prostate cancer certain patients may develop ED. But, it’s possible for them to fully regain sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction

ED is a problem that affects up to 30 million individuals who have penis. The condition occurs when a person is unable to achieve or maintain an erection for long enough to be sexually active.

As per the Urology Care Foundation, ED is when erection issues continue to be a problem. A variety of factors, including relationship or stress issues may cause ED. Common reasons for ED are:

older than 50

Blood sugar or high blood pressure


Heart problems



high levels of cholesterol

Alcohol or recreational drugs are used for recreational use.

Many treatments are available to treat ED that include medications or physical treatments, as well as possibly, surgery.

Premature ejaculation

PE is a type of sexual dysfunction which can hinder people from enjoying satisfactory sexual intimacy. Many factors can trigger PE. They can be caused by psychological factors like anxiety or lack of experience, as well as medical reasons, like the use of drugs or medical conditions.

PE can resolve on its own or may need treatment that depend on the underlying causes. It could be a combination of treatments, topical drugs or using different methods of sexual stimulation.


A prolonged sexual arousal that is not related to sexual which can be painful. Certain drugs, like ED drugs blood thinners, antidepressants as well as some blood pressure medications, may cause the occurrence of priapism.

It is essential for anyone who has experienced an erection lasting 4 days or longer to get urgent emergency treatment. The damage to tissues can start within 4-6 hours following the onset of erection. Damage to the delicate penile tissue could be permanent and irreparable.

Treatments that can help decrease the duration of an erection can include:

medicine to reduce blood flow

aspiration procedure to remove blood from the penis

procedure to restore normal flow of blood to the penis

When should you see an doctor

In some instances it is possible that a man does not need to visit their doctor regarding erection issues. Situations of temporary stress, such as relationships or stress, can cause issues with erections, but they do not require visiting the doctor.

However, one should speak with their doctor whenever they experience difficulties in achieving an erection. The doctor might be able to find the cause for instance, mental or physical problems. The doctor may also recommend treatments to aid the patient achieve an sexual erection.

If someone has an uncontrollable erection that is not sexually related and lasts longer than a couple of hours, they should seek medical attention.


Erections are typically required for a variety of sexual interactions who has penis. They usually start when you are arousing and usually disappear when the arousal ceases or after ejaculation.

Stress or alcohol consumption, as well as medication can alter a person’s ability to get and keep an erection. If someone is having constant difficulties in having an erection, they should speak to their physician as they could be suffering from ED.

It is also recommended to see their doctor if they are experiencing an erection that is greater than their sexual exercise.┬áThe effects of priapism could be permanent injury if the person doesn’t seek treatment.

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