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How Know Your Business Help Firms to Establish a Good B2B Relationship?

We are living in a modern world where everyone has internet access. As online frauds are increasing rapidly all around the world. Many individuals, as well as businesses, are targeted by fraudsters. According to a report by ACFE, businesses lose 5% of their annual income in frauds in the US in which small businesses suffer a lot. Before the Panama scandal, businesses did not confirm the identity of stakeholders of other businesses. But after that scandal, businesses perceive that legal entities also conceal the identity of bad actors and do illegal tasks on their side. So, the need to confirm the identity of the vendors, suppliers, traders, and other business entities arrived. Know your business solution fits the best to combat business fraud.

Likewise KYC compliance, businesses should perform KYB compliance to confirm the identity of other businesses before partnering with them. Knowing your business helps to find shell companies entailed in money laundering. By implementing KYB compliance, businesses can prevent online fraud. Let’s have a look at business verification services.

What is Know Your Business?

It is the prime responsibility of all businesses to perform KYB on their partner businesses. KYB confirms the identity of other businesses to determine whether the business is involved in any illegal activity or money laundering or not. 

It also facilitates firms to determine whether the company is legitimate or not with which they are dealing to prevent financial loss. Know your business checks authenticate the potential customers and information of those who manage the company. KYB also determines the ultimate beneficial ownership to know the real beneficiary. There are some regulations that businesses have to follow to know other businesses.

How do Businesses Comply with KYB Regulations?

Due Diligence

Businesses should perform appropriate due diligence to confirm UBO. And if there is a risk of money laundering, enhanced due diligence should be performed by the business.

Transaction Monitoring

If the business has doubts about the other organization’s transaction, unusual frequencies, or too many transactions, then the business should have to monitor the transactional record to comply with Know your business regulations.

Sanctions Screening

To avoid financial loss, firms not screen the businesses as well as their end-users against the global sanctions list to maintain a better B2B relationship.

PEPs Screening

Businesses that include politically exposed persons should screen out as they are more involved in money laundering. In this way, the PEPs list remained updated and businesses prevented corruption or other crimes.

Adverse Media Monitoring

The businesses that entail pessimistic news have more chances to involve in illegal activity. So, they have to be monitored to prevent online scams.

By following the above preventive measures, businesses are able to meet security regulations.

How does KYB Compliance help to Have Secure Business?

The business flourishes more if both parties have a good mutual understanding. They need a trustworthy relationship from both ends. Know your business helps both entities to build trust in one another as KYB ensures a risk-free business. Automated Kyb solutions help businesses onboard their customers without any fear of fraud. By complying with Know your business regulations, businesses also prevent penalties from regulatory authorities. It also helps both parties to have a risk-free business.


With the growing online frauds either from fraudsters or corporate businesses entities with one another, organizations lose billions every year. Know your business facilitates firms to have a good relationship with other business entities to build trust. AI-based system screened businesses against hundreds of datasets collected from FATF, Interpol, UN HMT, and different countries. The ongoing screening of businesses against global watchlists makes this service more credible as it updates the risk status and improves risk profiles. KYB also helps businesses to keep at bay from PEPs and meeting effortless regulatory compliance. Meeting KYB compliance also helps businesses to improve their brand reputation.

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