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Friends Trivia

Friends are an amazing part of life. Answers and trivia questions for friends are dedicated to the best friend. Below are 100 trivia questions (and their solutions) about the basic TV friends‘ trivia questions. This article will provide a list of 300 Friends trivia questions.

Have a group of friends and go together to answer our Buddies trivia questions. If you think you are the ultimate fan of this present, take a look at our Friends trivia questions and answers.

Trivia questions and answers are a top-of the-line way to obtain data and learn about different things. These trivia questions and answers from Friends will allow you to investigate your IQ level and other data.

This is not only a great way to learn infect, but it’s also a fun way to relax and enjoy trivia questions and answers with friends.

Trivia questions will be asked on a variety of topics, including motion pictures, music and video games.

Central Perk is open! Buddies received 62 Emmy Award nominations, and quite a number of awards. It is a great alternative to Friends trivia questions and answers.

The story centers around six friends aged 20 and over who live in Manhattan (New York). They are in an intimate relationship with each other.

It will be fascinating to see how their lives become intertwined in love and financial issues. However, they stay close together and remain with each other through thick and thin.

You are about to be astonished at the best Friends trivia questions and answers. Don’t forget to share your knowledge with other die-hard fans of the collection.

Here are the Friends trivia questions and their answers. Friendship is one of the most important relationships you will ever have in your life.

Are you sure that you know your best friend well? If so, then these Friends trivia questions will be a great way to have fun.

It will help you to build a strong relationship with your friends and to learn more about them.

Your Friends might be open to asking you questions about trivia and answers.

Janice is thrown out by Chandler on these holidays

Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve

Rachel’s father is kept a secret. They can only talk about the sweater he left behind in Rachel’s apartment. What was the famous sweater?


Who is Rachel’s father?


Janice’s ex husband owns a company selling …?


Which of these two characters placed a turkey on their heads?

Joey and Monica

Who will be pregnant at Monica and Chandler’s wedding?


How is Joey dressed when he arrives at Monica and Chandler’s wedding ceremony?

A uniform for the army

What is Phoebe’s alter-ego/false name?

Regina Phalange

What is Rachel’s favorite film?

Weekend at Bernies

Which friend does not touch the ball in the episode “The One with the Ball”?


Why did Phoebe dislike the PBS network and why?

Because she wrote a Sesame Street letter that was ignored

Monica and Rachel nearly lost their apartment to the building’s superintendent. What was his name?


Which character is Paul Rudd playing?

Mike and Phoebe are Mike’s boyfriend

What can Phoebe legally alter her name to?

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

Ross and Chandler were in college when they started a band. Was it called?

Way is not the only way

What character portrays Dr. Drake Ramorey on Days of Our Lives?


How many pages were Rachel’s letter?

18 pages front and back

What is the most popular game the friends play at the beach?

Strip Happy Days

What age was Monica when she learned to tell the time?


Ross is suspended from the museum’s permanent collection for a month.

A sandwich was eaten by someone who is angry

Which character said “could you be wearing any more clothes?”


Which cast member was the youngest at the start of the show?

Matthew Perry

What was the original number of Monica’s and Rachel’s apartments before it was changed?


What was the original number for Joey and Chandler’s apartment before it was changed?


Matt LeBlanc created a spin-off of Friends after Friends was over. It was called what?


What is Chandler’s fathers job?

Las Vegas’ drag queen

What was Chandler’s roommate in psychotherapy?


Bruce Willis stars as a guest star on the show. Who is he playing?

Paul is Rachel’s boyfriend

What is Ross’s wedding name?


What is Chandler’s job, according to Rachel?


What is Phoebe’s occupation?


Which language is Phoebe trying to teach Joey by using?


Monica has a relationship with a millionaire over a few episodes. What was his name?


Ross dresses up as …? to entertain his son Ben during one of the Christmas episodes.

The Holiday Armadillo

Phoebe said that Rachel and Ross are the ___ of each other when Phoebe was talking about their relationship.


Who were the names of those who were part of the “I Hate Rachel Green Club?”

Ross and Will

What’s the name of Dr. Drake Ramorey?

Striker Ramorey

Where was Monica and Chandler first reunited?

At Ross’ London wedding

What is Monica’s greatest pet peeve

Dressed as humans, animals

Which actor was mad at Marcel (Ross’ monkey)?

David Schwimmer

Which character tells his girlfriend that he is moving to Yemen?


Where was Chandler located in Yemen?

15 Yemen Road, Remen

Where can you see Monica and Ross dancing their 8th grade dance routine?

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Ross and Rachel buy identical tables from the same place, which Phoebe loathes. What is the name of this store?

Pottery Barn

Phoebe says that someone dies each time she goes to _____?

The dentist

What is Ross’ dream?

Princess Leia

What’s the matter with Chandler and Joey at Joey’s apartment door?

Magna Doodle

Who wants to be stuck in leather pants?


Monica lost a fingernail.

In a quiche

Who says they can drink a gallon worth of milk in 10 seconds?


Which movie is Rachel claiming to be her favourite?

Dangerous Laisons

Which of the friends got married to a gay ice-dancer?


Which game show was Joey on?


What’s the name of the white-haired, barista?


Phoebe Buffay is a twin. What is her name?


Where was Rachel’s first job as a nurse?

Central Perk

What was Joey’s character on Days of Our Lives?

He falls down an elevator shaft

Which character stole Science Boy from Ross’ comic book?


What is Rachel’s fear of?


Why does Phoebe throw the bowl of lottery tickets in the episode, where they all try to win the lottery?

She was scared by a bird

What is Joey’s false name?

Ken Adams

Which character has a pet monkey?


What was Emma’s first name?


What was the name of the game Chandler invented to give Joey money?


Which of Joey’s friends did he choose to live with, and who do you think he is falling in love?


Who marries Chandler and Monica


What’s the name of Rachel’s hairless cat?

Mrs. Whiskerson

Chandler gets stuck in the ATM vestibule for who?

Jill Goodacre, Victoria’s Secret model

Which character gives rise to triplets


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