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Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

Christmas is the occasion happy season celebrated all through the world.

The entire world is enhanced with pixie lights, chimes, and Christmas trees. Youngsters are cheerful as they will get presents for being acceptable the entire year, which likewise assists them with having a magnificent existence ahead.

It is an ideal time for family social events and gatherings. Light up your family assembling with this pleasant Christmas trivia game with questions on Christmas music trivia, test on Christmas customs, and fun realities on Christmas trivia. The extraordinary reaction to our ‘A Christmas Hymn’ trivia and the Christmas film trivia incited us to think of these pleasant Christmas trivia questions and answers and an exceptionally unique test for Christmas.

Christmas Trivia For Youngsters

Take up this great children Christmas trivia game to find out about its set of experiences!

Question: When is Christmas celebrated?

Reply: 25 December.

Question: The customary Christmas tree started from which country?

Reply: Germany.

Question: Individuals purchase Counterfeit Christmas trees more than genuine ones. Valid or bogus?

Reply: Valid.

Question: Name the primary US president who improved the Christmas tree at the White House.

Reply: Franklin Penetrate.

Question: Where did the word Christmas start?

Reply: It starts from the words Cristes Maesse signifying ‘Mass Of Christ’.

Question: For what reason is Christmas celebrated?

Reply: Christmas is praised for the introduction of Jesus Christ.

Question: The abbreviated form of Christmas is otherwise called what?

Reply: Xmas.

Question: What does the red shade of Christmas represent?

Reply: Blood of Jesus.

Question: What does the green shade of Christmas mean?

Reply: Coherence of life.

Question: What does mistletoe represent?

Reply: Love, chuckling, and empathy.

Question: Christmas was once prohibited in Boston. Valid or bogus?

Reply: Valid.

Question: What is St Nick’s Canadian postal code.

Reply: HOH OHO.

Question: What is the utilization of a tree skirt?

Reply: Gifts are set there.

14. Question: What did the three shrewd men gift child Jesus?

Reply: Gaiety, gold, and frankincense.

Question: What is frankincense?

Reply: A plant sap with recuperating properties.

Question: What is Christmas initially known as?

Reply: Yule.

Question: What does ‘X’ in ‘X-Mas’ stand for?

Reply: Xristos, the Greek word for Christ.

Question: Where was Jesus conceived?

Reply: Bethlehem.

Question: Name the lords who visited child Jesus.

Reply: Casper, Melchior and Balthazar.

Question: Which trimming is available on the tip of mythical beings’ shoes?

Reply: Ringers.

Question: Which nation began the custom of adorning the Christmas trees?

Reply: Germany.

Question: What is the length among Christmas and Revelation?

Reply: 12 days.

Question: What is set at the highest point of the Christmas tree?

Reply: Holy messenger.

Question: Which nation sends an immense Christmas tree to London, consistently?

Reply: Norway.

Question: When is Christmas celebrated in Russia?

Reply: 7 January.

Question: Which well known researcher was brought into the world on 25 December?

Reply: Sir Isaac Newton.

Question: When is 12 PM mass celebrated?

Reply: At 12 PM on Christmas Eve.

Question: Which nation commends its Freedom day on Christmas Eve consistently?

Reply: Libya.

Question: Is it genuine that St Nick Claus needs to travel 822 homes each second, to convey presents on the prior night Christmas? Indeed or no?

Reply: Yes!

Question: For what reason is it important to water the Christmas tree?

Reply: In light of the fact that every year, many flames are caused because of dry Christmas trees making misfortune life and property.

Question: What number of bundles are transported each year?

Reply: 850 million.

Question: What is the most startling piece of Christmas?

Reply: Krampus searching for getting out of hand youngsters.

Christmas Films And Christmas Hymns Trivia

Christmas is the ideal opportunity for films and hymns! Test your insight into Christmas songs and motion pictures with this Great Christmas test on Christmas films and hymns trivia. Here are some Christmas trivia with answers!

Question: Which Christmas melody is the most noteworthy selling single ever?

Reply: ‘White Christmas’ by Bing Crosby.

Question: Who composed ‘A Christmas Ditty’?

Reply: Charles Dickens.

Question: Name the most elevated netting film about Christmas.

Reply: ‘How The Grinch Took Christmas.’

Question: ‘Signal chimes’, the most well known Christmas melody was initially a thanksgiving tune. Valid or bogus?

Reply: Valid.

Question: Which well known Christmas tune was played in space?

Reply: ‘Signal chimes’.

Question: Which renowned Christmas ditty discusses the presents got during the twelve days of Christmas?

Reply: ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’.

Question: What do the Twelve Days of Christmas connote?

Reply: The length between the introduction of Jesus and the day the three astute men visited child Jesus.

Question: Who composed the well known Christmas melody ‘Chilly The Snowman’?

Reply: Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson.

Question: Who sang the melody ‘Chilly The Snowman’?

Reply: Quality Autry and Cass Region Young men.

Question: Name the most elevated netting Christmas film ever.

Reply: ‘Home Alone’ (1990).

Question: Which well known sonnet promoted St Nick?

Reply: ‘Twas the Prior night Christmas’.

St Nick Claus Trivia

St Nick Claus works the hardest on Christmas. Look at these trivia questions about Christmas, St Nick Claus, and his reindeers to find out about this them. We have curated a rundown of best Christmas questions for youngsters!

Question: Which nation did St. Nicholas have a place with?

Reply: Greece.

Question: What is the shade of Santa Clause’s Belt?

Reply: St Nick wears a dark shaded belt.

Question: What else is St Nick Claus called?

Reply: Father Christmas, Grand Dad Ice, and Kris Kringle.

Question: Where does St Nick Claus live?

Reply: The North Pole.

Question: It is accepted that mischievous children will get coal from Santa Clause Claus on Christmas Eve. Valid or bogus?

Reply: Valid.

Question: What is diverse with regards to Rudolf contrasted with the other reindeer?

Reply: Rudolf has a shining red nose.

Question: What do the Dutch call St Nick Claus?

Reply: Sinterklaas.

Question: What number of reindeers pull Santa Clause’s Sled?

Reply: Nine.

Question: Rudolf is the _____ reindeer.

Reply: 10th.

Question: Name the wide range of various eight reindeer of Santa Clause Claus.

Reply: Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Prancer, Lady, Artist, and Donner.

Question: Who planned the Red outfit for Santa Clause Claus?

Reply: Coca-cola organization planned the red outfit for St Nick Claus.

Question: Who was St. Nicholas?

Reply: He was the Christian cleric who consistently helped poor people and penniless; he additionally adored giving gifts and introduced to the kids.

Question: The personality of Santa Clause Claus depends on St. Nicholas. Valid or bogus?

Reply: Valid.

Question: Who is Rudolf?

Reply: Rudolf is a red-nosed reindeer who pulls the St Nick’s sledge.

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