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Free Vs Paid SSL Certificates: Top 5 Differences

Today SSL certificates are obligatory for websites in terms of security. They are the weapon for combating cyber attacks, hacking and also enhancing your ranking in search engines. There are many companies that give certificates to their customers in free or paid form. In paid form, SSL certificate prices depend upon the certificate authority and type of certificates.

Difference between free and paid SSL certificates

The security provision authority provides two types of certificate free and paid. If you are deciding to make your website secure and don’t know what you want to do? You are confused in choosing the free or paid ones, then read below to understand the difference between these two. It will help you in making your decision for selecting free or paid one.

Free certificates Vs Paid SSL Certificates

Free certificates don’t need payment as the name shows that they will be available without a price tag. In this way, the HTTPS will be made available to all websites and thus security will be enhanced. The free certificate is used where trust is important to consider but not critical or essential for example in case of a blog. Whereas, paid SSL certificates need payment for their provision and they are required by popular brands and big  businesses where trust is considered an important factor.

Categories of free and paid certificates

There are two types of free certificates self-signed which are duly signed by the owner not by certificate authority. The other type is signed by the certificate provider. The buyer can use these certificates unlimitedly as they are quickly and conveniently downloaded, so users can generate multiple SSL certificates. In the case of a paid certificate, it is signed by an authentic certificate providing company third party which are also known as resellers.

Provide basic level authentication

The Free SSL certificates give domain validation that is why they are considered valuable for small websites and blogs. Paid certificates provide security support to organization validation and extended validation which is required for business and brands. The paid certificates have different symbols associated with the URLs which develop trust and confidence in the customers.

Peak level Verification

The paid certificate provider undergoes checking of the website owner by searching its identity before issuance of certificate. The deep research is done on the customers business and their website by the certification authority. All these strict precautionary measures are not taken by free SSL certificate providers.

Authentication process duration

Free SSL certificate providers take 30-90 days for the authentication process and provision of certificates. Whereas paid certificate providers need 1-2 years for the validation process. Free certificate customers have to renew their certificate after 90 days.

Height of trust and support

You will feel less support from free certificate authority providers as compared to paid as they dont have much budget for this purpose. Similar level of trust with respect to validation varies in free and paid certificates. The paid certificates develop trust by having number of striking features that attract the customers such as tools for website security which can be CT log scanning, malware scanning etc.


The paid SSL certificate provides warranty to their customers in case of any security violation as compared to the free certificate provider who doesn’t provide this type of warranty. The insured amount varies with certificates which are owned by the users..


So, paid certificates are available with more perks as compared to free ones. The paid certificates are valuable in every aspect although the level of encryption is same for both paid or free. But you have seen above that in different aspects the paid certificated holds more worth as compared to free ones.


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