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Filipino Carbonara Recipe

Filipino Style Creamy Carbonara isn’t the conventional Italian recipe where they use eggs. This is most certainly pinoy style cooking. It has a rich sauce that can keep going long than the carbonara egg sauce style. Our tropical nation may not be reasonable for thrown eggs in pasta. So our Carbonara pasta is cooked uniquely in contrast to the Original Italian Carbonara. However, this carbonara recipe is practically the same. Furthermore, every individual who attempted it, is so much fulfilled.

This Filipino style smooth carbonara is for 1 kilogram pasta which can serve up to 10 people. You can concoct this for any local party you have. So delish!

Cheerful cooking and appreciate!



1 kilogram pasta

1 pack (250g) bacon or ham, seared and hacked (I favor bacon)

1 huge can (400g) cut mushroom, (wash and channel from additives)

2 packs (70g/pack) Knorr cream of mushroom soup (broke down in 500ml or 2 cups boiling water to stay away from irregularities)

1 little onion, minced

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 huge can vanished milk/water

2 packs Nestle universally handy cream, (250ml/pack)

1 tbsp sugar

spot of white pepper

finely slashed parsley or basil for fixings (discretionary enhancement)

1 cup ground cheddar, embellish

Garlic bread, side dish


1. Cook pasta as educated in the bundle. When your pasta is cooked. Channel and put away.

2. In a pot, saute garlic until marginally brown, add onion and cook until clear. (I utilized the bacon oil). Add cut mushrooms and cook for 2-3 minutes.

3. Add milk, cream of mushroom soup and universally handy cream. Bring to bubble while blending continually until combination thickens. Sauce will thicken more as it chills off.

4. Add seared ham or bacon.

5. Season with a touch of sugar and white pepper (salt isn’t exactly needed on the grounds that the cream of mushroom sauce is as of now salted)

6. Embellish with finely cleaved parsley or basil and ground cheddar. Serve and appreciate!

Cooking Notes:

* You may likewise utilize Campbell Cream of mushroom soup

* Different choices for All reason cream is weighty cream for a more smooth surface. Table cream or cooking cream is alright to utilize as well.

* I typically utilize 1 bar of ground handled cheddar like Quezo brand or Eden. I would add the first half in cooking and second half as an enhancement for serving. You can likewise utilize instant parmesan, however Filipinos will generally partake in the flavor of handled cheddar like Eden, Quezo, Quickmelt or Magnolia. Its the best cheddar ever on the planet.

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Cary Grant
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