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Ensuring Compliance: Understanding the Penalties for Non-Payment of Alimony Awards

Divorce cases generally try to settle between the spouses with alimony. It is a maintenance cost that the spouse has to pay to another spouse after divorce. The primary purpose of alimony is to prevent inequalities, help both spouses to live at the same standard of living, and bring economic equality. Alimony becomes the legal order, and if the partner refuses to pay, then there can be legal actions. 

In this article, we will discuss the legal penalties for non-compliance with an alimony award. If you want to learn more about the legal penalties and actions, you can click here to learn all the legalities in divorce cases. 

What are Penalties for Non-Compliance of Alimony Award in Divorce Cases? 

  • Contempt of Court: Non-compliance with the alimony award is basically contempt of court. It is because when the spouse fails to pay you the alimony, they are violating the court’s orders, and therefore, there will be contempt of court. In such cases, the judge can order the spouse to pay the alimony as soon as possible or face penalties. The alimony will also add the fine for delaying, and if, even after the fines, the spouse refuses to pay, then the court can take severe action. 
  • Writ of Execution: The court may order a writ of execution in which the recipient spouse can seize the property of the defaulter spouse. This also includes bank accounts, which the court can order to take to fulfill the debts. In this case, the court may order them as per the requirements or as they feel appropriate. It is considered an important punishment for non-compliance with alimony. 
  • Income Withholding: If the spouse fails to pay the alimony, the court may order the person’s income to be seized. The court will go for diversion of income to the recipient’s spouse so that the income is withheld. There can be provisions of putting restrictions on partial income and it will be sent to the recipient directly. However, in such scenarios, it is not essential that you have to deal with your ex-spouse. You can consult with your attorney and under legal actions you can solve your alimony issues.  

Thus, these are some legal penalties to a person who violates the alimony laws. If there is more complexity in the case, the court can order a decree which will help you solve your problems with the help of your lawyer. So, it is essential to consult with your attorney to sail through this problem easily.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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