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Dragon Chicken Recipe

Winged serpent chicken made eatery style in which chicken is broiled till fresh and threw in fiery sauce with dry red chillies and cashews. This dish is a family most loved very much like my schezwan chicken.

1. Mythical serpent Chicken Recipe

2. About Dragon Chicken

3. Indo-chinese cooking essentials

4. The most effective method to make winged serpent chicken at home

5. Café Style Dragon Chicken Recipe

6. Instructions to make Dragon Chicken with Pictures

Winged serpent CHICKEN RECIPE

I tasted this in a café called as lynns. It is amazing, tasted so sublime. As I was getting a charge out of it, I attempted to recognize a portion of the fixings which they have included it. Furthermore, the following day I attempted mythical beast chicken. What’s more, amazingly it turned out so yummy.

The bean stew glue which I utilized here is newly made in my best blender processor. That additional a decent hot kick to the entire dish. You can crush it coarse or fine as you like.

I made singapore veg seared rice that very day and served it with that. Will definitely share that recipe soon. The flavor of this comes from the fresh cashews, so add a lot of it.


Mythical beast chicken is a famous combination indo-chinese dish which was designed as of late. It is a dish where chicken in cut into slender strips which are covered in a player and seared till fresh texuture and covered in a sauce is made with chillies, soy sauce, ginger and garlic.

Option of entire red chillies and cashews add a decent surface to the chicken dish. This is a dry dish normally presented with soups like chicken clear soup and chicken hot and harsh soup.


Continuously stock up on sauces in the event that you love cooking chinese at home. A portion of the essential sauces incorporates soy sauce, red stew garlic sauce, vinegar, dull soy sauce and green bean stew sauce. Assuming you need you can stock on sometimes utilized sauces like shellfish sauce, rice vinegar, sweet bean stew sauce.

Continuously have great stockpile of the chinese triplet of vegetables ginger, garlic and spring onions which is called as Aromatics in chinese cooking.

The most effective method to MAKE DRAGON CHICKEN AT HOME

  • Mythical serpent chicken is a simple recipe to attempt at home. You really want not many indo chinese sauces and new fixings.
  • Take chicken in a bowl and add all the marination fixings. Blend well and allow it to marinate for 15 mins. Presently heat some oil for deepfrying. At the point when the oil is hot drop the chicken in oil and sear till brilliant. Channel and put away.
  • Presently heat oil in a skillet. Include dry red stew and cashews and broil till the cashew become brilliant brown.
  • Presently include onions and chime peppers and throw well in the oil.
  • Include ginger garlic glue and saute for a min.
  • Presently include red bean stew glue, soy sauce, ketchup, salt, ajinomoto, sugar and blend well.
  • Cook this for two or three mins till the water vanishes and sauce thickens.
  • Presently include the broiled chicken and throw well in the sauce. Include hacked coriander or spring onion and blend well.
  • Serve hot
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