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Sins of a solar empire rebellion mods

Sins of a Solar Empire was an extraordinary passage technique game, for now, is the right time. Initially delivered in 2008, it joined the best of RTS games and 4X games to make a brilliantly heartless space-based technique experience where you had armadas of capital and sub-capital boats moving around from one framework to another as you battled for predominance over randomized maps.

It was a defective encounter, yet one the group at Ironclad Games endeavoured to repeat on through a few extensions, like Trinity, and afterwards the ‘conclusive’ release of the game with 2012’s Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. About the main genuine ‘sin’ of SOASE is that it never got a legitimate continuation, even after so much time. We don’t know what occurred with the engineers (who actually appeared to be fixing the game and delivering DLC), yet at one point they got sued by Rebellion thus, great they’re holding tight at any rate.

One justification behind the game’s proceeded prevalence is its committed and capable mods local area. There are a few incredible mods for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, large numbers of which have been ported to and from different games. We should investigate a portion of our number one picks.


The best Sins of a Solar Empire mods are:

Sins of the Prophet

Sins of a Galactic Empire

Star Wars: Thrawn’s Revenge II Ascendancy

Star Trek: Armada 3

Daybreak of the Reapers

Stargate Invasion

Improved 4X Mod

A UNSC armada releasing a flood off-screen


Who realizes that the best Halo game could really be a mod for a nine-year-old technique game? Alright, alright, fine – I’m being playful, however, the Halo establishment has forever been centred around a ground-based activity, unimaginably engaged stories set in the midst of the background of an interstellar conflict.

The Sins of the Prophet mod for the SOASE Rebellion will allow you to experience your space-based Halo dreams completely sorted through UNSC and Covenant groups. This is one of those mod undertakings that is near turning into an expert studio, given the right sponsorship, and the group have made some extremely excellent workmanship and sound resources for the mod, as well as presenting new highlights and vigorously changing the base game.

Curiously, this group, the group behind the Sins of a Galactic Empire mod referenced beneath, as well as Halo-themed mod groups from ArmA 3 and Tiberian Sun have united to make Chokepoint Games. This might be one outfit to watch out for.

A star destroyer makes a kill, blast somewhere far off


Discussing which, another ‘Chokepoint Games’ task Sins of a Galactic Empire is one of the main Star Wars Sins of a Solar Empire mods right now. A more established mod hasn’t been as expected refreshed starting around 2018, however, the assistance from Chokepoint ought to ideally get things going once more.

Another complete change highlights boats and material from the primary Galactic Civil War, the Clone Wars, as well as the Yuuzhan Vong war. We don’t know how far along these last two times have been finished up, yet the centre Rebel Alliance versus Cosmic Empire stuff is for the most part present. Expression of caution, at the hour of composing this mod, can’t utilize later authority DLCs like Minor Factions.

An armada of different star destroyers in space


Star Wars: Thrawn’s Revenge is one more well-known Star Wars mod that was made by a similar group who made the Empire at War mod of a similar name. This is another that gets groups and ships from a few times and even plunges into the heritage extended universe to rejuvenate minor groups like the Chiss Ascendancy and the Hapes Consortium.

It merits remembering that this is to a greater degree a port of their unique Empire at War mod, so it will not have similar highlights you’re all used to. While there are a few similitudes, Sins of a Solar Empire is in a general sense an alternate game to Empire at War, so the plan concerns are unique. However, it’s still very great.

A Voyager-class transport is being sought after


Very few games appear to loan themselves to Star Trek-themed content, yet Sins of a Solar Empire is a strikingly adaptable game that can be applied to numerous IPS. There are a couple of Star Trek mods for SOASE, however, we will check out at Armada 3.

This is a full-change mod that happens during the hour of the Dominion War (last option times of Deep Space Nine) and elements five playable groups the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Cardassian Union/Dominion Alliance, and the Borg Collective. While this mod was formally delivered a long time back, the group are making progress toward a more ‘conclusive’ rendition of Armada 3, ideally due out in the not-so-distant future.

Fleet 3 is at the hour of the composing the most famous of the Star Trek mods for Sins of a Solar Empire, however, there are two more too that inside ten spots, specifically Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 and Ages of the Federation. You ought to look at them too.

An armada of grouped Mass Effect universe ships


It’s rare we get a Mass Effect mod, yet without another game in BioWare’s conclusive RPG space drama, we’ll take anything that we can get. First light of the Reapers hasn’t had a significant update starting around 2019, yet the engineers are still a lot dynamic and dealing with things.

It gets groups and ships from across the Mass Effect universe, including the Systems Alliance, the Council, and, surprisingly, the actual Reapers. In the latest update, the designers have endeavoured to guarantee you can play this mod without requiring any of the DLC, which is pleasant of them.


It’s really wrongdoing we haven’t had a genuine Stargate game, in every one of the years the show has been near and the potential it can offer. By and by, I’ve generally thought it’d make incredible grub for an XCOM-style game, however, I’ll take a completely fleshed Sins of a Solar Empire mod too.

Stargate Invasion includes the Tau’ri, Asurans, Goa’uld, Wraith and Asgardians as playable races, each with their own custom boat models, AO and work of art. The Asgardians and Wraith are at present still WiP, yet the other three are completely playable and the Wraith are expected to be delivered sooner rather than later, ideally this year.

An armada of boats secured in the fight

Improved 4X MOD

To polish off this rundown, we will move back from cool permit connections and return to Sins of a Solar Empire as it was initially made. There’s not a lot to the legend and story past what you find in the initial trailers, however, the universe of Sins is really good and there is bounty who appreciate messing around in its hyper-forceful vision of the far future.

The Enhanced 4X mod is an endeavour to fully explore the other ‘Xs’ of the game’s plan. In principle, Sins is a crossover RTS/4X game, yet it centres around the ‘kill’ segment more than the others. E4X endeavours to rebalance things by including new mechanics, for example, Hero units, new sub groups, experiences, new boat redesigns, and even new undercover work mechanics to go with tact. It needs to upgrade the vital and non-battle bits of the game explicitly.

There are so many cool choices and changes you can do, the engineers have made their own mod supervisor for the game to permit you to tweak your proposal to suit what you’re searching for, which is really perfect.

In the event that you like what you see with regards to the E4X mod, there is really a Star Wars mod that has been propelled by its plan. Look at Star Wars: Interregnum on the off chance that you need the highlights and reasoning of E4X applied to a system a long way off.

Battlestars from the twelve settlements fight Cylon base boats

The most effective method to MOD SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE: REBELLION

In spite of being accessible on Steam (and at a seriously good cost during deals), Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion doesn’t have Steam Workshop coordination. You’ll have to do a touch of manual modding.

Sins of a Solar Empire utilizes its own inward mod director, which allows you to empower and impair mods at recreation. There’s not much subtlety to it, and it will not have the option to deal with clashes or specialized mistakes, however, it’s not great, but not terrible either nothing.

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Overall, you’ll simply have to get a compressed document and ensure you unfasten it into the perfect locations. For a mod that requires the most state-of-the-art rendition of Sins, it’ll look something like this for Windows clients: C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.85

When your mod is perfectly located, returning to the ‘mods’ segment of the menu will allow you to empower it for use in-game. At times, for the enormous complete change mods, you’ll have to restart prior to playing.

Things to remember:

You’ll have to ensure you’ve sent off the game no less than once, and from the principal menu go-to choices, then mods, and afterwards click ‘show mod way’. This will then, at that point, make the organizer.

A few mods accompany their mod documents settled into organizers – the vanilla supervisor can’t manage settled records, so ensure you adhere to guidelines to realize what chomped quite to be in the mod envelope.

This convenient aide on Steam has heaps of guidance for modding the game.

The brilliant rule with our mods guides is all that despite the fact that we’ve given some broad counsel, consistently read the establishment directions for the mod you need to introduce. They ought to incorporate the general, universally handy exhortation you accomplish for each mod as the need might arise.

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