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Dombolo Recipe

Dombolo, and that implies dumpling in Spanish is a South African steamed bread. In any case, different foodies are certain that dombolo and dumplings are not something similar.

Assuming there’s one feast that will continuously be related with South Africa, it’ll be hand tailored bread. There are many obtained new baking abilities and kitchen delights connected with bread, including the development of additional unpredictable sourdoughs or straightforward baking powder bread.

This time, the subject of commitment is a conventional bread, ideal for breakfast and purposefully steamed as opposed to heated, giving it an encouraging delicateness. It is called Dombolo.

Where could Dombolo From be?

A typical staple cooking began from South African families. The bread is cooked in a pan of bubbling water in a compartment.

It is not quite the same as normal dumplings in that it is made with yeast as opposed to baking powder. The dish is ready in various strategies for getting around South Africa.

The bread is cooked in a pot of bubbling water in a compartment. It is unique in relation to normal dumplings in that it is made with yeast as opposed to baking powder. The dish is ready in various strategies for getting around South Africa.

Dombolo is cooked on top of a stew in Zulu custom, as opposed to independently. Among the Zulus, this sort of steaming bread is called as uJeqe. Dombolo is much of the time presented with different side dishes, including chicken stew, hamburger stew, oxtail stew, sheep stew, and garbage stew.

Is Dombolo Healthy?

Steamed bread is a pillar of Asian cooking, made by making a basic mixture and steaming it over water in a wok or liner. As per new examination, steaming bread brings down its glycemic file, making it a superior choice for individuals experiencing diabetes and different diseases.

Likewise, as per the metabolic discoveries, prepared bread might be gainful for body weight control for people who eat prevalently wheat flour-based things, though steamed bread might be better for individuals experiencing hunger or food deficiencies.

Step by step instructions to plan Dombolo

The raising part in dombolo is yeast, while baking powder or self-bringing flour is spent in dumplings. Cooking techniques differs too.


3 cups flour About 500ml

1 cup maize dinner you can supplant this with flour, assuming you like

1×10 g sachet dry yeast

2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

2 cups tepid water or water blended in with milk

1 egg beaten


  • Filter the flour and blend in the maize feast, yeast, sugar and salt.
  • Blend the egg in with the water and add sufficient tepid fluid to the dry fixings to shape a delicate yet malleable mixture.
  • Manipulate for 10 minutes.Cover the batter with plastic and pass on to ascend until twofold in size.
  • Thump down the mixture and spot in a lubed lacquer bowl.
  • Yet again permit to ascend until twofold in size prior to steaming.
  • In the mean time set up a pot for steaming: get water to the heat up a pot sufficiently huge to hold the bowl containing the dombolo.
  • Drench the bowl in the hot water (the water ought to come 33% of the way up the sides of the bowl).
  • Seal the pot firmly and stew tenderly for 60 minutes.
  • Abstain from opening the cover while steaming.
  • Renew the water if vital.
  • To serve, cut the dombolo into wedges.
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