Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Are you on the hunt for a new motorcycle helmet, but you don’t know which one to go for? 

This article will help you understand which options are out there and which one might be the right choice for you.

Why is choosing the fitting helmet so important?

There are plenty of different helmets on the market – some are more useful than others, some are not even recommendable for the motorcyclist, and some are great for off-road journeys. Especially as a beginner, it can be pretty overwhelming to find a fitting helmet and decide on a model. 

These are the different types of motorcycle helmets

Motor helmets come in different sizes, forms, and models – from full-face helmets to dual sport helmets. It can be overwhelming and confusing to understand which one is best for you, but we want to help you with this article. 

Keep on reading and find out what motorcycle helmets are out there on the market.


One of the most common options when it comes to helmets is the full-face helmet. As you can probably already imagine, this helmet covers your head and face. This gives your head and your neck good protection; that’s why this helmet is also one of the safest options to protect you in case of an accident


If you want to be able to flip up the visor and the chin bar, then you might want to go for the modular helmet. It offers excellent protection as well and is a popular choice for motorcyclists. This helmet also has an additional internal visor, that protects you from the sun.

Open face

Do you want to feel the wind on your face while riding the motorcycle? Then you might want to go for the open face motorcycle helmets. As the name suggests, this helmet is open in the front and, therefore, does not offer any protection for your face since there is no visor or chin bar.

If protection is your number one priority, you might want to consider a different option.

Half Helmets

The half helmet offers even less protection. It only covers the back and upper part of your head. Some models have a visor, and some don’t. Your face is exposed and it, therefore, offers excellent airflow, but in general, this helmet is not a good option for motorcyclists. In case of an accident, this helmet won’t provide much protection. Helmets like this are better for Vespas and scooters, not high-speed motorcycles.


Do you love to ride your motorcycle off-road? Then you should choose an off-road helmet. This helmet has a similar design to the full-face helmet but often comes without a visor. In this case, you might want to get separate goggles to protect your eyes from the sun and the dirt while driving off-road.

Dual sport

Do you envision yourself being a MotoGP motorcyclist? If so, you might want to go for the dual-sport helmet. This is the most common helmet for professional drivers and is considered a mix between the full-face helmet and the off-road helmet. This option is great when it comes to protection, but also airflow and soundproofing.