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10 Things You Should Do Urgently After A Motorcycle Accident

No matter how many times you have been asked to tame that adventurous soul of yours, one look at the marvel you own, and you immediately want to ride it again. Motorcycles present this addictive kind of freedom that only fellow bikers can understand. This freedom, however, is accompanied by the risk of severe accidents. You, as a motorcycle enthusiast, might want to keep enjoying your ride without worrying too much about the uncertainties associated, but it’s time you give it a second thought!

In recent stats published by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists make up only 5 percent of the total on-road traffic. Still, they are 27 times more likely to get into accidents than normal car drivers tats why personal injury lawyer can help you a lot. 2020 was called the deadliest year for motorcyclists in Colorado, with the death rate increasing by 33 percent. These figures are not to discourage you from riding. Not at all. As a motorcyclist, the facts mentioned must at least prepare you mentally for the unforeseen so that you get your brain cells to think of the right action plan if you get into an accident. 

Putting your safety first and preparing for the worst does not make you any less of an adventurer. It will, however, make you more comfortable in your ride. By devising a strategy for the worst-case scenario, you allow yourself to reduce the impact of any unfortunate incident. We mention here ten things you must do urgently after a motorcycle accident.

1. Move to Safety 

It might sound a little obvious while reading this, but sometimes, you don’t want to leave your bike or belongings and move away from the traffic flow after an accident. It happens when you struggle to accept that you are involved in an accident. So get away from the coming traffic as soon as you get your bearings right. 

2. Keep the Safety Gear on

Adrenaline has a magical effect on your body. You will only realize the injuries you have sustained after you manage to calm your nerves down. Until that happens, removing the protective gear, e.g., your helmet, can cause a further loss of balance and support in case your neck or back has been injured. The same applies to other parts of your body as well. Do not waste the little energy you have in removing anything.

3. Talk to a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

It is one of the most crucial steps you can take. Contact a motorcycle injury attorney to help you get through the procedures with professional assistance. These people are dedicated professionals who will work tirelessly to ensure you get your voice heard in a biased system.

4. Call the Emergency Helpline 

Calling 911 or any other helpline that you feel is relevant must be your priority. Keep a note on who are the fastest responders in your locality. If you have lost or crashed your phone in the incident, signal any bystander or any other passenger to make a call. 

5. Check if you are Bleeding Profusely 

You can begin to faint before you even realize it. Look for any bleeding right away to ensure you are not losing any unnecessary blood before the assistance arrives. Many bystanders or people around can help you stop the blood flow if you check yourself timely.  

6. Collect Evidence without Contact

You might feel that taking pictures at this time might look absurd, but it’s the most intelligent thing you can do at the site. Your accident, unfortunately, qualifies as a possible crime scene. If not you, someone else was at fault, and he might try to flee. Let the police and investigators collect evidence, but you can still help them by taking pictures to gather evidence for legal proceedings. Your insurance company will ask for such details for settlement negotiations. If your phone is broken or you cannot take pictures, you can request a bystander to do the job for you. Tiny details such as skid marks can also prove to be essential in building up your case. 

7. No Statements Of The Causes Or Faults 

Try to avoid giving statements to anyone who asks other than police personnel. Anything you say might be turned against you if your accident follows any legal proceedings. Don’t say anything like “ I didn’t see the car coming!” or “I don’t remember seeing any signal!”.

8. Police report 

Police will flood the place before you know it, so you are bound to give your statements to them even if it is for record-keeping only. Make sure you don’t give out any comments that suggest that you might be at fault. You only know half the story so give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You only need to describe the events without focusing on the causes. Make sure you keep a copy of the police report or the statement you gave. It will be useful later on. 

9. Take Medical Assistance 

You might think that you don’t need medical assistance because you feel fine. Reconsider that thought because you can have some internal injuries that may surface later. No harm in being extra careful, right? Your biking spirit will stay intact anyway! Don’t forget to keep copies of medical bills and prescriptions. 

10. Insurance Company and Settlement

Make sure you contact your injury attorney for this purpose as well. Only an experienced professional can negotiate better for a higher settlement. Your collected evidence might be useful at this stage. However, you don’t need to worry too much about them if you let your attorney handle the case. 

Final thoughts:

Getting into an accident is one of the most traumatic experiences you can have in your lifetime. The physical injuries subside eventually, but the emotional trauma stays for many. It is highly recommended that you take the required legal assistance in these matters to avoid any further stressful proceedings. However, don’t let these experiences haunt you for life. Get back on the road with your fearless soul once you recover completely but take the due precautions to keep yourself and others safe. 

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