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Connection Between Hair And Cannabis: Know Everything

The consumption of cannabis has surrounded a lot of stigmas in society. But with the legalization of medical marijuana and recreational weed in multiple countries, the focus has shifted to the numerous benefits of cannabis. Several findings have come up subsequently, and among the most debated benefits of cannabis is its role in hair growth. 

Hair loss is among the most stressful issues to deal with. When hair fall becomes severe with time, one might stand at the risk of premature baldness, which eventually affects the self-esteem of a person and affects their day-to-day life. There are a lot of medications, tonics, oils, serums, and even transplant options available nowadays, but not each one of them is effective and affordable at the same time. This is where the role of cannabis becomes essential. Evidence-based reports indicate that people have benefited from healthy hair with the consumption of cannabis.  

Are you wondering what precisely the connection between hair and cannabis is? Then dive in to get an in-depth detail about every aspect related to this claimed ‘hair benefit’ of cannabis. 

How does cannabis benefit your hair? 

Apart from the various advantages like stress management, pain relief, and relaxation that cannabis provides you, it is also effective in promoting healthy hair. Here are six benefits of cannabis for hair: 

The use of CBD promotes hair growth 

If you face hair thinning or balding spots, you should definitely consider using CBD or Cannabidiol oil. It is enriched with an ample amount of omega fatty acids that help retain moisture in your hair and nourish the hair cuticles. Studies suggest that regular massaging of this oil can prevent dryness on your scalp through the absorption of nutrients, ultimately promoting hair growth. 

It has also been found that CBD oil improves blood circulation. A good blood flow in the hair follicles would enhance growth as well as the health of your hair. CBD functions through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, which improves cerebral blood circulation resulting in the nutrition of hair.  

CBD present in cannabis also possesses detoxifying effects that can help you get rid of dust or chemical buildup from products in your scalp, ensuring optimum growth. However, in order to reap all benefits, it is crucial that you select premium quality CBD oil from reliable sources. If you want to get high-quality cannabis for yourself, keep a note to find the best places to get weed in Windsor. 

Tackles hair loss induced by hormonal imbalance: 

Hormonal imbalances can trigger hair loss. Women are specifically more susceptible to this. Pregnancy and menopause cause severe fluctuations in the levels of hormones which eventually leads to hair fall.  

Connection Between Hair And Cannabis

DHT is a hormone that can be held responsible for receding hairlines. An unregulated DHT level in the body can promote hair loss and may even cause baldness, mostly in men. People who face DHT imbalances stand at risk of androgenic alopecia, which leads to baldness. Ailments like this can disturb testosterone levels in the body, which is vital for proper functioning and even hair growth. 

Most medications aren’t full-proof when it comes to the treatment of hormone-induced hair loss. But it has been established that cannabis can bind with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, which can induce a balance of these hormones that can help tackle hair fall and encourage growth. 

Anti-inflammatory properties: 

Cannabidiol, an active ingredient of cannabis, is known to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. This property helps in curing inflammation on the scalp, which could be due to several disorders like psoriasis, folliculitis, and, most importantly, eczema. It causes flaky patches and irritation on the scalp affecting hair growth. In serious cases, one might face the onset of premature baldness too.  

If you use CBD oil, it will interact with the cannabinoid receptors that help in regulating your immune system. It results in reduced inflammation in the scalp and helps fight hair loss. CBD can also regulate the sebum levels in your scalp, which will help you control dandruff and manage dry scalp.  

Another added advantage is the antimicrobial properties of CBD that help in preventing infections of the scalp, eliminating the possibility of dandruff. It also helps in getting rid of irritating flaky patches and enhances scalp health. 

Effective against hair loss due to side effects of medications: 

Medications can have severe side effects that can trigger hair loss. It has been found that prescribed medicines for the treatment of acne, depression, anxiety, etc., can lead to hair loss. People fighting against disorders like cancer can face profound hair loss due to chemo treatment procedures that have adverse side effects and even stress.  

Cannabis-based products have been found helpful in stress management resulting in relaxation and peace. Reduction of stress levels, good sleep, and relief are crucial in promoting the healthy growth of hairs. 

Contains essential nutrients: 

Connection Between Hair And Cannabis

Being deficient in nutrients can also be a reason you might face hair loss. Cannabis has vital nutrients that can give you the healthy hair that you desire. As mentioned above, it contains omega fatty acids, 3s, 6, and even 9. It improves moisture content in the scalp and encourages good hair growth. 

With a good amount of protein content, it strengthens your hair. You can also benefit from collagen and elastin production in the scalp that reduces dryness and prevents hair breakage. Apart from these, there are antioxidant vitamins like E, A, and C that are also important to maintain optimum hair health. 

Can help to treat alopecia areata 

Alopecia areata is a severe autoimmune disorder that causes sudden and extreme hair loss. This happens due to the suppressed immunity of a person that leads to the loss of facial hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.  

It can be challenging to heal from alopecia, but it has been found that cannabis can be a remedy for this autoimmune condition as it enhances individual immunity. Cannabis promotes proper diet, enhanced body functions as well as a good body balance that helps to combat this disorder. 


Everybody wants gorgeous hair, but it can be a little difficult for people going through hair loss issues. Not all hair fall remedies and medications work. Hence, an alternative like cannabis can help you alleviate hair loss issues, and it has been found quite beneficial in promoting healthy hair as well. Now that you are aware of the connection of cannabis with hair and its extraordinary benefits, you can try it for yourself. 


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