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Best Tacos In Arizona

While some may come to escape the weather, tacos are what keep them coming back. In all seriousness, Phoenix is only three hours away from the closest Mexican city because Arizona and Mexico share a border. Phoenix’s authentic Mexican food is a fantastic example of this convenience.

Phoenix, Arizona, has delicious tacos on a platter.

A tour of the city will reveal the enormous range of taquerias—all deserving of indulgence. But every restaurant is different. While some chefs favour tradition, others use inventiveness. No matter where you go, you won’t likely be disappointed.

What happens, though, if you want to sample the greatest tacos Phoenix has to offer? Simply use this manual! I’ve developed a list of my top taco restaurants that Phoenix locals adore. See my list of Phoenix’s top taco spots below!

Los Santos

A gourmet taco shop called La Santisima can be found at Indian School Road and 16th Street, just off the Piestewa Freeway. La Santisima strives to expand the confines many people have for Mexican food. This is done via the hip and fashionable restaurant’s numerous menu selections, which are made with only the finest, locally sourced products.

The taqueria’s extensive menu selection can make ordering difficult. Fortunately, there is a mix-and-match option that enables customers to select three distinct tacos. The restaurant also has gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives. La Santisima is well known for its inventive salsa bar in addition to its extensive selection of taco alternatives. I advise spreading the cilantro crema all over your tacos!

Tacos Crujiente

CRUjiente, which is located in Arcadia between North 40th Street and Camelback Road, offers creative street tacos every evening from Monday through Saturday. Numerous Phoenix magazines have praised CRUjiente as having the best tacos and even the best restaurant in the city! The amazing dinner was created by chef Richard Hinojos.

Hinojos, who is renowned for his culinary ingenuity, pulls inspiration from all over the world to create each dish. I sampled the pig belly taco that was highly recommended. The dinner is made of freshly roasted pineapple and jalapenos! Most days, the relaxed location is excellent, but their Monday and Tuesday specials are the finest! Mondays start with a $8 margarita, and Tuesdays include tacos at happy hour prices all day.

Carbon Ta

On the northeast corner of 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road, there is a small but crowded taqueria called Ta Carbon. The highly recommended restaurant is well known for its variety of real Mexican meats grilled over mesquite. Ta Carbon also serves tripas, lengua, and the traditional carne asada.

I went out to try the tacos with lengua and capiz. Both types of beef arrived in soft corn tortillas with the ideal amount of seasoning. I waited for my taco plate and then went to the packed salsa bar. Don’t worry; since you’ll probably go there several times, you’ll learn to brave the crowded salsa bar. Point someone here if they ask for a non-mainstream recommendation!

Taco Guild Taco Guild is housed in a converted Methodist Church that dates back to 1893 and is located on the northwest corner of 7th Street and Osborn. The enjoyable yet laid-back restaurant, praised by the Food Network and Travel Channel, employs regional ingredients to make some of the greatest tacos in Phoenix. The Central Phoenix gem takes pleasure in using an original strategy to elevate these classic flavours.

My favourites are the traditional carnitas and chicken tinga. I just need one of each because they are served in generous portions. Visit Taco Guild every day between 2 and 6 p.m. for “confession hour.” The eatery provides $2 off all alcoholic beverages in addition to some surprisingly affordable menu choices.

Joyride Taqueria

This trendy Mexican restaurant is located in Uptown Phoenix near Central Avenue and Colter Street. Enjoy remarkably fresh ingredients in a chic setting that you’ll be eager to recommend after your meal. The lively ambiance is what draws most visitors, but the hand-pressed tortillas are what keep them coming back.

The ideal time to visit is on Taco Tuesday. Starting at 2 p.m., a few tacos are only $2.50 each. Take a $5 margarita to go with each bite, and call it a day! Additionally, the eatery provides a $5 discount every day until 5 p.m. After a long day at work, reward yourself with $5 pitchers of beer and drinks.

The Authentic Mexican Cuisine of Carolina

Any local will probably recommend the Original Carolina’s on 12th Street and Mohave west of the airport if you ask them where to find tacos in Phoenix. Many locals hold a special place in their hearts for Carolina’s, which has been around since 1968. The Phoenix gem was founded and expanded by Carolina and Manuel Valenzuela. The eatery has gone through three generations since its modest beginnings.

The specialty of Carolina’s is its handmade tortillas. They use handcrafted corn tortillas, either soft or crispy, for their tacos. Shredded chicken tacos on a soft corn tortilla with a side of warm flour tortillas to go are what I usually order. Grab a big horchata for the road on the way out and think about your future visit!

Choco Taco

In the artistic Roosevelt Row neighbourhood off 5th Street is Taco Chelo. The taqueria’s Mexican-inspired design was created by renowned artist Genarro Garcia. Customers are welcomed into a warm setting run by Chef Suny Santana, whose passion for cooking dates back to her early years. Santana was up in Monterrey, Mexico, on a farm where he helped his mother, Consuelo, affectionately known as Chelo, prepare meals.

Each taco platter that Santana creates showcases his passion for using fresh ingredients. Both the vegetable tacos and the barbacoa I had made me hanker after more. If you’re anything like me, you want a refreshing cocktail to wash such desires away. If so, stop by between 3 and 6 p.m. for affordable happy hour specials.

Tacos Blanco & Tequila

At North 24th Street and Camelback Road in the Biltmore Fashion Park is Blanco Tacos & Tequila. The Mexican eatery serves up fresh tacos in a laid-back setting that evokes a beach in an effort to give guests a tranquil retreat. Who would have imagined you could discover paradise in a taco shop in Phoenix?

Their amazing portions are much better than paradise! There are three tacos, rice, and beans on each platter. The award-winning slow-cooked BBQ pork tacos with pickled onions and crème were too good for me to pass up. You might want more than three once you’ve tried them. Come back for happy hour specials 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Oh, but things improve. The restaurant boasts a sizable tequila menu as well. Flying is the ideal way to try the drinks out!

Coastal House

The Beach House can be found at the intersection of 7th Street and Camelback and is distinguished by the baby blue Volkswagen parked in front. Every visitor is greeted warmly and like family at the taco stand that is run by a family. Their kind hospitality is shown via the deftly prepared Baja California food. Tacos that are worth bingeing on are produced by the restaurant’s willingness to push conventional boundaries. Additionally, the ordering process is simple and practical.

To begin, choose between maize or flour tortillas. You then decide on your protein. Even though there are vegan options, I chose diced chicken. Finally, you cover it in a sauce that has an incredible flavour. The mango habanero is my personal favourite, but I’ve heard great things about all of the sauces! You won’t be dissatisfied, whether you come for the unique atmosphere or the fresh ingredients.

Infinite Ballroom

Since it first opened, Cocina 10 at Crescent Ballroom has received numerous positive reviews for its tacos. The bustling Tex-Mex restaurant is located on 2nd Avenue and Van Buren, close to the Downtown Campus of Arizona State University. Cocina 10 gets inspiration from each customer who enters via the I-10 Highway, as suggested by its name. The environment is energised by live music and cuisine is served till midnight, drawing a variety of visitors.

Better still? their wide selection of tacos. Eight distinct platters are offered to guests. Although I usually get the spicy chicken tinga, I’ve also heard wonderful things about the barbacoa tacos. Each tasty protein is served atop a warm corn tortilla. The adaptable setting of Cocina 10 is ideal for organised or impromptu hunger-driven adventures!

Chiwas tacos

What appears to be a tiny hole in the wall is actually much larger than that! The traditional taqueria is a popular eatery that is tucked away on Indian School Road between 7th and 12th Street. The cosy atmosphere at Tacos Chiwas is a result of the traditional Chihuahuan food that has been preserved over the years.

More traditional menu items are available than just chicken and carne asada. Langua, tripas, and calabacitas are also available at this taco stand. Whatever you purchase is delivered atop a warm hand-made corn tortilla. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve tried practically all of their taco options and have never been let down. The tacos on the Chiwas plate, however, have strong flavours that I never get tired of.

Huicho tacos

Tacos Huicho is conveniently located between Thomas Road and McDowell off the Piestewa Freeway. The majority of visitors praise the staff’s promptness and friendliness, which makes for the best experience. Their food is superior to their service, though. The taqueria wants to give Arizonans a taste of the distinctive flavour of Mexico.

Each plate that Taco Huicho prepares carries forth their purpose. Although there are seven different kinds of beef available, the pastor is a customer favourite. The majority of diners also laud the restaurant’s handmade sauces as they leave. Green, red, and guacamole are available at Tacos Huicho. Each sauce contains rich, distinctive flavours despite appearing to be straightforward.

The Jalisco taco

It’s simple to overlook Tacos Jalisco in Scottsdale off of North 68th Street, but you don’t want to! The classic taco joint is run by José Reyes, who checks the quality of each meal before it is served to customers. He and his wife Patricia make every dish on the menu from scratch to capture the true flavour of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

A la carte tacos are offered at an astonishingly low cost. I sampled the cabeza, pastor, and carne asada tacos. Each protein was flavorful and enhanced by the addition of green chile. After finishing a sizable horchata and each taco, you should be satisfied.

Sonora Taqueria

In the heart of Phoenix, near South 7th Street and East Buckeye Road, sits Sonora Taco Shop. On game days, stop here to avoid the congested streets of downtown. Sonora has far less foot traffic than you’d anticipate while being less than a mile from Chase Field and the Footprint Center. It serves some of Phoenix’s top tacos inside a humble brick building.

On a corn or flour tortilla, the eatery offers beef, chicken, and pastor tacos. One of each, in my opinion, is the best course of action. Finish with a traditional Mexican dessert and beverage, then work off the calories by walking to a Downtown Phoenix excursion.

The Taco Joint of Willie

On the southeast corner of 3rd Street and Jefferson, next to Chase Field and the Footprint Center, is this hip Downtown Phoenix taco eatery. Arizona sports fans frequently fill the relaxed atmosphere as they get ready for a game or celebrate a win. Willie’s is renowned for its design as well. The interior of the building is brightly decorated, fostering a positive atmosphere where locals and visitors may enjoy real Mexican food.

I sampled the acclaimed Green Butcher taco. A heated green chile tortilla is topped with green chile pork, queso fresco, onions, green cabbage, and cilantro. You’ll be happy if you also order a traditional Mi Casa Margarita! The downtown treasure also offers catering and hosts private events.