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Best Sushi In Arizona

Tucson is the flavor of the Southwest and the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Tucson is all about enjoying life to the fullest, unplugging, venturing, and letting go.

Both more relaxing and enjoyable activities as well as exciting things to do abound in Tuscon. For those looking for high-adrenaline sports, there are everything from multi-day treks to peaceful strolls. The history, geography, art, and even technology and science of the region may all be explored, discovered, and learned about in a similar way.

Everyone wants to experience the local cuisine when travelling to a new location. Tucson is known as the “city of gastronomy,” thus its rich gastronomic legacy will more than satisfy you.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sushi. While some people favour plain, basic nigiri sushi, others adore inventive, tasty sushi. You can choose from a variety of restaurants in Tucson that will satisfy your individual interests.

Sushi Bar OBON In the heart of Tucson’s downtown, Ramen Obon serves both authentic Japanese cuisine and Asian fusion cuisine. It’s one of the most enjoyable locations to eat sushi because of the lively atmosphere and contemporary presentation.

There are several vegan alternatives on the menu, including the curry bowl and the fried cauliflower steamed bun, in addition to a large selection of shared meals, ramen, salads, and poke. On the illuminated board, sushi is presented alongside extraordinary delicacies like Miyazaki wagyu or Maine uni.

The restaurant is the ideal place to go on a night out on the town because of its prime location in the city’s entertainment district. Delicious Japanese food is available for outdoor dining as well as takeaway and delivery.

Cortaro Sushi

For devoted sushi fans, A little piece of bliss on earth is Sushi Cortaro. The “All You Can Eat” sushi option is available at this modern sushi bar. Along with an extensive selection of nigiri and sushi rolls, the all-day All You Can Eat Sushi menu also offers savoury appetisers like gyoza and calamari.

For those seeking a delectable meal at a reasonable price, Sushi Cortaro also offers fantastic bento and lunch specials. Both specials come with a house salad and a cup of miso soup.

With its reasonable costs and laid-back atmosphere, the restaurant is ideal for a fun weekend adventure with the family or a fast supper with employees. The crew provides top-notch services and is available to help at any time.

Sushi and Japanese dining establishment Kazoku

Kazoku is a quaint Japanese eatery ideal for having a light supper with loved ones. A wide variety of sushi and meals are available at this family-run restaurant.

All of their nigiri, sashimi, and maki rolls are crafted using premium, fresh ingredients. Along with your sushi meal, you can also order Japanese soda, sake, beer, and wine. Additionally, Kazoku offers mouthwatering desserts including ice cream and mochi. You won’t be dissatisfied, I guarantee it.

You will enjoy real Japanese culture in Kazoku. Excellent service, ambiance, and hospitality are provided. Because of this, both locals and visitors have used it frequently since it opened in 2006.

Japanese on Oracle

This is the place to go if you’re seeking for a restaurant serving traditional Japanese food. A classy, modern restaurant serving delectable classic and original dishes is called Sushi on Oracle.

When making sushi, skilled master chefs always use the freshest fish and ingredients. The Caterpillar Roll, Toro, and Smelt Roe are some of its best-selling products. Choose the Sushi Combination, which includes sushi and your choice of chicken, beef, or salmon teriyaki, if you want both sushi and an entree.

If you want to eat out for a special occasion, Sushi on Oracle is the perfect choice of eatery. After all, it provides a cosy, beautiful setting ideal for date nights, anniversary celebrations, or other special occasions when you want to enjoy an excellent dinner night with friends and family.

Izakaya And Sushi In Ginza

Ginza is renowned for its creative approach to sushi and Japanese food. They specialise on meals served as tapas. This kind of dining invites you to select and order a variety of foods to share with your friends. This results in a lively and energetic atmosphere at the restaurant.

There are a wide variety of nigiri, maki, sashimi, tataki, and specialty rolls on its sushi menu. One of the sushi boats may be an option if you are dining with a group. The Soft Shell Crab and Baby Octopus are two other delicious and traditional Japanese meals that are excellent for sharing.

They have monthly Facebook rolls, which is another amusing detail about Ginza. They have Hawaiian rolls, for instance, that are filled with grilled chicken, pineapple, serrano peppers, and cream cheese. All of them are deep-fried, and unagi sauce, sweet spicy sauce, and bacon chips are added on top.

Japanese restaurant Yoshimatsu

Yoshimatsu is a full-service restaurant that offers casual dining in a modern Japanese and antique setting. It serves authentic Japanese cuisine that are nutritious. Even though organic products are used in every preparation, the cuisine is nevertheless quite reasonably priced.

On their lunch menu, Yoshimatsu offers a selection of inventive poke bowls. Furthermore, their young sushi bar talent enjoys innovating with traditional sushi dishes. They offer a unique vegetarian menu as well as gluten-free menu alternatives, and they serve carefully chosen fresh food components.

Tucson Weekly has selected the restaurant as one of the Best of Tucson in the Best Japanese Restaurant category for 16 years running!

Since its debut in 1995, Takamatsu Takamatsu has been a family-run restaurant serving genuine Japanese and Korean food. The ideal sushi experience may be had at this beautiful 40-person sushi bar.

The Japanese menu offers a wide variety of classic entrees as well as regularly changing specials. Takamatsu’s Happy Hour also offers promotions on appetisers, drinks, and discounted sushi products.

If you don’t like sushi, the Korean menu offers a wide range of original foods, such as Korean BBQ, where you may prepare delectable meats right at your table while enjoying them with all the customary sauces and side dishes.

Sushi Sachiko

A large variety of sushi rolls and dishes are available at the unpretentious, relaxed restaurant Sachiko. If you want to eat in a more relaxed restaurant, it is ideal. You can take something to go or settle down for a full dinner here thanks to the quaint and private atmosphere. Whatever you decide, you will undoubtedly enjoy your lunch.

Along with serving traditional Asian cuisine, Sachiko also offers shrimp fried rice and chicken teriyaki. Share sushi rolls and get your own entree if you want the full Asian culinary experience.

You’ll quickly realise why this is one of Tucson’s best sushi restaurants in addition to the fact that it serves wonderful sushi as you go inside. The service is excellent! The guests are always welcomed, and frequently even the sushi chefs are included. You are then instantly seated and given water. You can feel comfortable and welcomed there.


You will have a wonderful time at Samurai with wonderful food and wonderful people. The dishes are created by skilled chefs using top-notch, fresh ingredients.

The Philadelphia Roll and Dynamite Scallop Roll are signature rolls that could take longer to prepare than the Kappamaki, Super Hiro Roll, and Avocado Roll. However, I guarantee it will be worth the wait.

If you enjoy poke bowls, you should try their Volcano Style Sushi Bowl, which is topped with masago and contains tempura fish, eel sauce, and spicy mayo. This restaurant serves wonderful food at reasonable costs, making for the ideal date night.

O Restaurant Sushi

O Sushi is a modest but well-liked restaurant in the neighbourhood. Its modest yet cosy setting will make you feel right at home, and it’s the perfect location for a laid-back adventure with delectable meals.

On the menu, you’ll find imaginative and entertaining meals like the Crazy Boy Roll and Lobster Roll. However, there are still plenty of easy rolls available if that’s what you prefer. You are also given free edamame and miso soup by the eatery.

We advise the Combination Dinner if you want something filling. You can choose between two dishes that include rice, fried dumplings, and a side salad, such as sushi or teriyaki. The dinner was prepared swiftly and presented hot, and the flavours were excellent.

Nara sushi

Sushi Nara, another well-liked sushi restaurant, is situated on Tucson’s east side. It will satiate your palate and leave you itching to return for more. It provides a compact, comfortable environment ideal for dining with intimate friends and family.

The vast sushi buffet at this lively, relaxed restaurant offers something for every taste and inclination. There are several sushi combinations available that let you sample a variety of rolls.

There are also hot options like Spicy Ramen and Chicken Teriyaki. The assistance is always excellent and prompt. The portion sizes are also ideal, and everything is fresh and savoury.

Yamato Japanese Restaurant Yamato is a well regarded sushi establishment with a condensed yet excellent menu. All the well-known sushi rolls you’ve heard of are available at this quirky, small restaurant.

The Chef’s Choice Sashimi is a favourite among the restaurant’s regular customers. Choose the Tonkotsu Ramen, though, if you are in the mood for something toasty. Sincerity be told, this place has stuff to suit every taste.

If you sit at the bar or close to it at Yamato, you can also watch the skilled chefs prepare your meal. Don’t be hesitant to talk to Chef Noboru while you’re there; he enjoys engaging in discussion with visitors.