Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Best Seafood In Alabama

Being so close to the Gulf Coast, Alabama has easy access to fresh fish. You can find a lot of fresh shrimp, oysters, and seafood around the state and along the coast that tastes so excellent you’d think it just came from the fishing boats to the kitchen. The top 9 seafood restaurants in Alabama invite you to take a seat and indulge.

Birmingham is a popular destination for tourists in the surrounding Alabama region thanks to its outstanding architectural achievements, natural parks, and historical museums. But without energy, exploring these nearby sites can be difficult. Fortunately, this list of Birmingham, Alabama’s top 18 seafood eateries will do the trick.

Shellfish House Half Shell

It’s hardly surprising that Half Shell Oyster House is available in many States given its fresh and high-quality seafood. The seafood restaurant’s core cuisine includes oysters, as is clear from the name. But there is also access to seafood like crawfish, crabs, and shrimp.

You can eat a complete dinner, breakfast, and lunch at Half Shell using their gluten-free menu. The restaurant has a stellar reputation for providing speedy and friendly service, getting five-star reviews on numerous review websites. It is a favourite among individuals on a budget due to its affordable prices and wonderful atmosphere.

Automatic Oysters and Seafood

Together with chef Adam Evans, designer Suzanne Humphries Evan created Automatic Seafood and Oysters. The restaurant serves a variety of seafood from the southern and eastern shores, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. ASO is the place to go because of their delicious fish and the welcoming atmosphere.

The luxurious yet inviting interior is a tribute to the American coasts. It’s hip, sophisticated, and ideal for a casual dining setting. If you prefer a more intimate setting for date nights or business meetings, this restaurant is a great choice.

West Niki’s

Since it first opened in 1957, Niki’s West has been a destination for excellent and reasonably priced steak and seafood. A filling and fulfilling supper can be obtained from their cafeteria-style buffet. It’s not surprising that their company has been in operation for 60 years given the high quality and affordable prices of their food.

A nutritious and delectable supper can be made with their extensive selection of veggies, tilapia, and cod fish. If you want a rich seafood experience, their seafood plate is a fantastic value. Nick’s West is a tried-and-true restaurant in Birmingham if you’re looking for a relaxed and comfortable seafood eatery.

Infinite Birmingham

In 2002, Ocean’s proprietor George Reis opened its doors. The eatery continues to keep the top rank among Birmingham’s greatest seafood eateries twenty years after it first opened. Ocean is a must-visit if you’re seeking for a high-end restaurant. You will be drawn to the evening of a leisurely and enjoyable eating experience by the combination of elegant ambiance and wonderful food.

Not only does Ocean have outstanding food and ambiance, but its beverages are also well regarded. Wine Spectator has given The Seafood Rest’s outstanding wine selection its Award of Excellence.

The Fish Market Dining Room

The Fish Market Restaurant is a great choice if you want the complete seafood experience. You can choose from a variety of mouthwatering seafood dishes on their menu, which is extensive. From traditional dishes like calamari and fish tacos to more novel ones like Ahi tuna and Pecan Tilapia.

The seafood restaurant also provides a large selection of meals with various fish, shrimp, and other ingredients. If you enjoy crabs, shellfish, and oysters, The Fish Market has various dishes that feature this seafood. On the kid’s menu, children can get popcorn shrimps and fried flounder.

Gulf Shores, AL’s Lulu’s

It’s not just the mouthwatering fish that makes a trip to Lulu’s worthwhile. Along with an excellent assortment of fish tacos, po’boys, and fried seafood baskets, this restaurant also offers family entertainment to keep you occupied before and after your meal. Play games in the arcade, try the ropes course, or listen to live music while seeing the waterfront.

Daphne, Alabama’s Kravers Seafood Restaurant

Both residents and tourists have developed a devoted following for this establishment. Diners will savour a plethora of fish, shrimp, oysters, crab claws, and gumbo that is cooked from scratch, all of which are infused with the flavours of the bayou.

Birmingham, Alabama’s Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

You’d think you’d need to travel all the way to New Orleans for seafood this excellent. The greatest delicacies imaginable are being served up by this delectable restaurant, including salmon and Alaskan King Crab as well as baked crab mac & cheese. With a few other places scattered across the nation, it is the only location of its kind in Alabama.

River at the Top, multiple places

With each dish being freshly cooked, it is no surprise that Top O’ the River has become a favourite among seafood aficionados. This family-owned restaurant, which has grown to four locations since its beginning in 1982, takes pleasure in serving exquisite seafood and catfish that is raised in the USA on grain-fed feed.

Ala.’s Wolf Bay, Foley

This lodge-style eatery got its start fishing for fish in the waters of Wolf Bay. The restaurant is now well recognised for its array of delectable seafood items, including stuffed shrimp and entire flounder, gumbo, tuna dip, and lobster tails, after more than 40 years in business. In Orange Beach, they also maintain a second facility.

Montgomery Seafood Bistro, Alabama

There are so many delicious Cajun-inspired dishes at this tiny gas station-turned-restaurant that you won’t want to leave hungry. Fans gush about the marriage of high-quality cuisine and affordable costs. You’ll find it here if you’re hunting for a seafood hidden gem.

Fishery, Anderson, Alabama

There isn’t much you can’t find at Fish Creel, including catfish, shrimp, salad bar, frog legs, burgers, and chicken. In addition to having a large menu, Fish Creel is well known for its outstanding service and reasonable costs. From the moment you enter, you’ll feel perfectly at home.

Huntsville, Alabama’s Po Boy Factory

There is nothing comparable to the consistency of flavour and quality here. Along with exquisite shrimp, oysters, jambalaya, crawfish, and other Cajun specialties, this New Orleans-style eatery serves up some of the best po’boys in the nation.

Florence, Alabama’s River Bottom Grill

This restaurant offers the best dining experience by combining flavours of the South with delectable fresh seafood. Along with more unusual delicacies like alligator tail, this restaurant serves traditional dishes like snow crab legs and shrimp cocktail.