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Best Sleeping Bags

An excellent sleeping bag can make all the difference on an outdoor camping trip or pajama party. Yet with numerous options out there, it can be difficult to understand where to start. So to aid find the best choice for you– from big-and-tall sleeping bags to ones that seal you up like a mommy– we have actually rounded up the very best of the very best, according to Amazon.com customers. And also if you’re trying to find more outdoor camping equipment, we additionally have a beginner’s guide to camping and roundups on the best outdoor chairs as well as also tick repellent, too.

Best-rated resting bag

Sleepingo Dual Sleeping Bag For Backpacking, Camping, Or Walking

With over 12,00 luxury testimonials, this queen-size double sleeping bag is precious by couples and also individual campers seeking some added room. “There was definitely sufficient space for both my hubby and also I to sleep comfortably,” one reviewer creates. “The sleeping bag itself has zippers on either side so if you need to exit, you can do so without bothering your companion,” writes another considerate customer. It’s likewise remarkably versatile: “We own a queen-size blow-up mattress cot and got the sleeping bag to utilize on top of it. I like that the sleeping bag is multipurpose. It can be utilized as one two-person bag, 2 single-person bags, and separated as a base layer with a covering.” However a lot of customers like having the ability to copulate their companion. “The bag was so excellent, so much better than oversleeping 2 different bags,” one more writes. “A sleeping bag for 2 meant we can appreciate the advantage of cuddle temperature.”

Best-rated (cheaper) resting bag

Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Grownup Sleeping Bag

This less-expensive comfy bag also places high up on the heat factor. “When I got up, there was a layer of ice on the resting bag, but I was still cozy!” one pleased camper creates. In general, customers say it’s a great bag for the cost: “It is made with fantastic product,” creates another. “I have cleaned it three times and also the shades haven’t discolored nor has the inner loading come to be loosened or compressed. After hing on the dirt with it, the outer shell still feels soft.” And a third, that bought it for their hubby simply to make use of on the couch, states it’s so soft that they have actually “been lured to use this bag in my bed in your home.” Customers do caution, however, that this resting bag gets on the bulkier side, implying it may be more suitable for circumstances where packing area is not an issue. “The resting bag is just also large and also is truly tough to roll or fit it back in the cover,” stated one, that suggested the bag for circumstances like slumber parties or “if you have a great deal of over night visitors or just enjoy sleepovers and do not have to lug the sleeping bag for miles.”

Finest big-and-tall resting bag

Coleman Big and Tall Resting Bag

This kindly proportioned Coleman resting bag rations at 6 feet, eight inches long, and also lots of luxury customers likewise define it as “roomy.” One camper, who says it maintained them cozy on a 45-degree evening, creates, “This measures up to the name of ‘huge as well as high’ … I am 6′ 5,” 210 lbs, and also have very wide shoulders. This resting bag STILL felt roomy.” One more tall customer had comparable praise, adding that “the material within is soft and really feels great. I must have acquired among these years ago rather than toughing it out in a mummy-style bag.” And also a third over-six-foot-tall customer was “so pleased and also happy with the cost, high quality, as well as comfort” of the sleeping bag that they acquired three even more. “It is the biggest, most comfortable sleeping bag I have ever oversleeped,” they write. “Great deals of space to hand over, and nice to be able to draw it up over my head if I desire.”

Best resting bag for active sleepers

Teton Sports Celsius XXL Resting Bag


The Celsius XXL sleeping bag is defined by numerous reviewers as “really spacious.” It’s excellent for energetic sleepers, one reviewer stated: “I’m type of a wiggle worm during the night and also mummy bags feel too claustrophobic to me … This felt ideal.” A self-described side-sleeper created, “I do not obtain entangled when wiggling around inside it, and also it remains lofty.” An additional self-proclaimed “big individual” and “active sleeper” stated, “This resting bag gives me area to move around.” In addition to that, reviewers discovered that it’s very comfy. “The night I bought it, I made a decision to ‘try it out’ in my house by establishing it up on a resting pad in my living-room,” one comfortable reviewer composed. “I turned on the TV, as well as the following point I knew it was dawn as well as my better half was kicking me and also asking why I really did not involve bed.” Another spurted, “This is the very best sleeping bag I have ever possessed! I’ve been camping for over 50 years and have actually never been as cozy, tight, as well as comfy as I have given that buying this sleeping bag.”

Finest light-weight resting bag

Coleman Sunridge 40-60 Level Sleeping Bag

” For the rate you pay, this is a fantastic bargain, and also has stood up far better than I believed it would,” one reviewer composes of this sleeping bag that’s developed for camping in warmer temperatures. Numerous others noted its longevity, too: The moms and dad of a tween with a social calendar piled with sleepovers claims, “Anything that can survive the devastating force of my kid as well as his good friends goes over.” While reviewers with dry skin claim the polyester lining periodically captures, on the whole, they claim the light-weight warm-weather bag works terrific. “I’ve used this sleeping bag with temperature levels differing from mid 30s as much as mid 70s and never woke up also chilly or too hot when,” another writes. “My children utilize the very same one, in the exact same problems as well as have actually never complained.”

Ideal mummy sleeping bag

TETON Sports LEEF Lightweight Mommy Sleeping Bag

Lots of customers that have treked as well as backpacked around the globe advise this mommy sleeping bag, even when contrasted to more costly choices. “We are doing the Kilimanjaro expedition next year as well as require a light-weight bag that packs small as well as will certainly maintain you comfy at 20 levels. This bag fulfills all those standards,” composed one reviewer, adding, “Although a little much heavier than the 800-fill bags available, this set is $100 less expensive.” And also regarding mummy resting bags are concerned, this is relatively roomy: “I truly like the size, especially around the breast and also shoulders; for me, this mommy bag is not as constricting as I expected. The boxy foot area is a bonus offer.” An additional customer, that had actually been utilizing this bag for a year, composed, “It’s been truly trustworthy, convenient, as well as most importantly it does not take up much area in my pack. The compression bag consisted of is fantastic as well as permits me to fit in a whole lot more stuff. The mommy design is nice as well as keeps your body tight and warm. There is likewise a little zipper pocket in the mommy outfit, which I use to save my phone.”

Ideal long mommy sleeping bag

Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Grownup Resting Bag

According to one 6′ 2″ buyer, this Coleman Big Basin resting bag “has plenty of space without skimping on top quality. The product is great, and it’s warm as all heck zipped up with the mummy hood as well as flannel foot lining.” Numerous other customers additionally explain it as “warm” and “comfy,” including a 325-pound, 6′ 5″ reviewer who brought it outdoor camping in Royal prince William Forest in Virginia. Fifteen mins after getting into their Coleman, they were “not only comfortable, yet I might feel my skin getting cozy to the touch. Thirty minutes after climbing up in, I seemed like I was at house oversleeping my very own bed. I was THAT cozy.” Some customers explain that the sleeping bag is bulky, especially when contrasted to those produced smaller sized bodies, yet that this isn’t a big deal. One such customer claims despite its bulkiness, it’s still “the very best resting bag I have actually ever owned” since it’s “really long lasting and also cozy also in below-freezing temperatures.”

Best resting bag with stash pocket

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Resting Bag

This sleeping bag flaunts internal pockets to maintain individual products like glasses and wristwatches close while you sleep. “awesome having an internal pocket to maintain your keys/wallet/cellphone inside with you. I’m just among those paranoid people,” one reviewer created. One more appreciated the little renovations in form: “It additionally has a hassle-free Velcro cover for the top of the zipper which keeps it from abrading versus you, and also gives some protection against zipper creep.” Another sang the bag’s praises for comfort: “This bag is basically a down-comforter-gone-sleeping-bag. I can sleep in this thing anywhere.”

Ideal sleeping bag for sleepovers

REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

This cost effective choice is a preferred choice for gifting to more youthful relative due to its “enjoyable shades,” composed one reviewer. One hectic moms and dad customer that bought 2 of these resting bags said, “They have actually been great for sleepovers as well as to take to soccer video games to maintain us comfortable as well as cozy. Several other parents have actually followed our example and also there are a whole lot less viewers shivering under sexy fleece blankets cheering on the group.” While others claim the compression storage space bag can be difficult, an additional promises that you can “just make your life very easy and stuff it in.”

Best three-season sleeping bag

MalloMe Outdoor Camping Resting Bag


This functional sleeping bag has a hood that, as one reviewer discussed, “helped to maintain our pillows from gliding out during the evening.” The zipper setup also enables foot airing vent or fast retrieval goals. As one hammock camper created, “It can be a pain to get in and also out of a normal sleeping bag. With this I can jab my feet out grab what I need and fall back in to my hammock effortlessly.” Another customer went crazy about this bag’s viability for a wide range of temperature levels: “I utilized this when it was hot. It was wonderful. The following evening it was cold. Still it was incredible!”


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