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Best Printer For Cardstock

Assuming that you’re searching for a cardstock printer, it very well may be on the grounds that you need to print on that damn weighty cardstock paper that you got at Michaels. What’s more, let me surmise, your printer would take care of it through the machine!? Accordingly, you want the best printer for thick paper!

I can relate! I’m continuously imprinting on cardstock (like the weighty cardstock recorded underneath) for my business and for my Etsy shop, and it is disappointing tracking down the right printer for cardstock printing.

Indeed, I was there as well. What’s more, I scanned ALL over the web for a printer that would print on weighty cardstock paper. During my hunt, I advanced WAY a lot about paper weight. I realize things about paper that I shouldn’t, similar to how the United States bases it’s estimation of paper weight on the heaviness of 500 sheets of a paper size in its whole structure. Um, what?

I’ll make sense of. On the off chance that a piece of paper is 17 x 22 creeps before it’s sliced to letter size, you take 500 of those pieces of paper, and weigh it. Furthermore, that is where they get the pounds that you see on the facade of the paper you are purchasing. Ya, not befuddling by any means. 😉

Despite the fact that it in a real sense looks bad, as long as you probably are aware the heaviness of the paper that your printer will really print, you’re brilliant. Furthermore, that is a completely separate deep, dark hole. Why? Since to find this data about your printer takes a little digging.

So let me walk you through it. Like that, you can sort out whether or not your printer (or the printer you’re hoping to purchase) will be the cardstock printer for you.

Priorities straight. Make a point to check the heaviness of the paper you need to utilize. For the situation I utilized over, it’s 110 lbs. As you’ll see, that is an incredibly weighty paper weight, and there will be not many retail-grade ink stream printers that can finish the work.

Track down your printer (or the printer you are considering purchasing) on Amazon. Take the HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer for instance. You will likely sweep the page to see what it will print, however you’ll before long figure out its stowing away from you!

Do a quest for the “Determination sheet”, and snap to open the PDF (See Screenshot underneath). I have additionally thought that it is under “Item Documentation”. In any case, I have seen that a few printers don’t have both of these recorded. All things considered, you’ll probably need to do really digging on the HP site, or anything that organization your printer is from.

When you snap to open the PDF, you want to see as the “Media Weight Supported” or something almost identical. See on the screen capture beneath that this printer upholds up to 72 lbs of paper weight.

That implies that this HP Envy IS NOT the cardstock printer for you assuming you intend to print on that 110 lb paper since it won’t take care of the weighty cardstock paper through the feeder. Tune in, you can endeavor it, yet I come for a fact by saying, it will leave you baffled and wishing you had a superior weighty cardstock printer 😉

Subsequent to scouring the web, I have assembled just two printers that I viewed that appear to be as really great for imprinting on weighty cardstock. I am so sorry it’s so restricted. (Assuming you are aware of others, if it’s not too much trouble, connect with me!)

One is mine, and the other I am somewhat risky about. So accept my statement tentatively and save your receipt!


I accept the Canon Pixma Pro-100 is the best cardstock printer. I for one own this printer and use for all my printing for individual and business cardstock printing. My significant other tracked down it on Slick Deals and got a way preferable cost over this – as much as $75.00! (Indeed, he’s my legend).


The HP Office Jet 3830 Printer asserts that it prints up to 145 lbs – yet I can’t determine whether it’s normal measured paper, or just 4 x 6 cardstock paper. I suggest adding something extra to it a little. Sadly, I have no stars or cons, since I don’t possess this printer, however I’d very much want to hear from you in the event that you truly do buy this one so I can refresh this blog for everybody! (DM me on Instagram!)

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