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Best Makeup Sponges

Whether you’re a full-face-of-makeup-everyday type of individual or a person who uses a shape scheme just annually, a makeup sponge is a global tool to have in your cosmetics bag– that is, if you care whatsoever concerning a tidy and smooth application.

” Make-up sponges aid to assimilate your make-up seamlessly without leaving touches,” says Renee Loiz, celeb make-up musician and also founder of Shade Might Vary. “The structure, concealer, blush, or highlighter you use essentially becomes one with your skin.” Absolutely nothing against makeup brushes or our reliable– read: clean– fingers, but there’s no refuting that makeup sponges can help you accomplish complexion excellence relatively quickly.

Ideal General: Beautyblender The Original Make-up Sponge

This top-selling make-up sponge decreases product waste and also has a stellar track record for a streak-free application. “I am a substantial follower of BeautyBlender makeup sponges,” Renee Loiz states. “They have a ton of various forms to accommodate specific parts of your face as well as additionally a range of shades which is constantly fun. They likewise clean actually easily, and also most importantly, make your structure application appearance flawless.”

It’s constantly best to wet your sponge for the best outcomes. When your makeup sponge perspires, it absorbs much less item, developing much less product waste and also a much more even application.

Ideal Drugstore: e.l.f. Cosmetics Total Face Sponge

Marginal investment, major benefit with this drugstore face sponge. It includes angled sides for the ideal emphasize and rounded sides for simple and easy mixing. It also has a precision point that’s optimal for hiding tiny locations.

Best Budget plan: Wet n Wild Makeup Sponge

Make-up lovers are happily shocked by the efficiency of this budget-friendly make-up sponge. The large size is super user-friendly as well as the soft material delivers a smooth coating. Byrdie Editor Eden Stuart sings its applauds, mentioning, “I actually like this one over the initial BeautyBlender! It’s softer, however not too soft.”

Best Set: Appeal Bakerie Blending Egg Appeal Sponges

Obtain extra for your dollar with this set of 6 appeal blenders that fit perfectly in your hand for seamless blending. This sponge is a little bit on the stronger side, however customers rave that it provides a top quality mix when wetted.

Ideal Dual-Density: Uoma Elegance Hey Big Head! Dual-Density Make-up Sponge

You get the best of both worlds with this double-sided sponge. The high-density, tilted side is excellent for applying full-coverage structures and also contouring without taking in too much product, while the low-density, smooth side functions to mix blushes or light to medium-coverage structures.

Best for Powder: Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge

Most sponges are made with liquids in mind, but this sponge works well with powder and also cream formulas as well. Use it to layer powder structures or for an airbrushed finish with fluid foundations.

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Best for Under Eye Concealer: Fenty Appeal Precision Make-up Sponge

It ought to surprise approximately no people that Rihanna had the ability to develop a make-up sponge that matches the classics. This three-sided sponge is latex-free, and I specifically enjoyed the level top; it stippled my under-eye concealer right into creaseless perfection.

Make certain to keep your make-up sponge in a great, well-ventilated area where air can reach it evenly to stop germs development.

Best for Contouring: Real Methods Wonder Skin Sponge

This Byrdie-favorite sponge is just $6 however it executes just as well as several of its much more expensive counterparts. It’s great for contouring, mixing, and also precision application with fluid structures– plus, users state it does not soak up all of their structures.

Ideal Plush: Juno & Carbon Monoxide Microfiber Lemon Decline Sponge

This might just be the softest makeup sponge around. The initial layer is an ultra-soft, non-abrasive product made from little microfibers that hold onto your foundation without absorbing it. The 2nd layer is that of a traditional makeup sponge for expert application as well as smooth item laydown. Word on the street is, it’s even softer than the OG Velvet Sponge

Ideal with Take Care Of: EcoTools Appeal Make-up Mixer Sponge.

Sponges are excellent for blending your foundation yet they’re not exactly perfect for maintaining your hands clean. This addresses that issue with a bamboo manage that enables very easy control. The smaller size is suitable for use under eyes as well as other areas that demand precision.

This sponge obtains significant factors for technology. A lot of us use the back of our hands or various other surfaces to mix or spread structure, but this tool handles that for you. It has an inclined, non-absorbent silicone surface on one side that’s ideal for mixing while the spherical side provides an airbrushed finish.

Finest Non Reusable: Appeal 360 Jumbo Cosmetics Wedges

Long before we had our 2-in-1s or microfiber sponges, there were these straightforward wedges– and they still finish the job. Whether you’re doing makeup on others or don’t trust yourself to clean an appeal blender regularly enough, use this latex-free applicator to mix foundations as well as even for fast make-up fixes.

Ideal Multi-Purpose: Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

This prize-winning device integrates 4 must-have make-up applicators right into one simple device. It’s wonderful for taking care of whatever from your structure application (hey there, sponge side) to using powder and also eye shadow. It’s additionally convenient for traveling or for those that simply wish to lose weight their makeup bag.

Final Decision

First things first we have to recommend the BeautyBlender Original Makeup Sponge for its super-soft, latex-free make-up and skin-like surface application. The Uoma Elegance Hey Big Head! Dual-Density Make-up Sponge is also a wonderful option. It has dual-density sides to offer your control over your makeup protection. For those seeking something ultra-plush as well as lightweight, attempt Juno & Carbon monoxide Microfiber Lemon Drop Sponge

What to Look For in a Make-up Sponge.


The denser the make-up brush, the much less porous it is– which implies it’s much less likely to soak up all of your products. A high-density brush will be excellent for perfectly using a full coverage foundation. Reduced thickness sponges are much better for blending light to medium insurance coverage structures.



The ideal makeup sponge has a soft texture to make sure that it’s comfortable to utilize, and also it should likewise be adaptable to make sure that it can conveniently bounce and flex to evenly disperse the product.

Capability to Clean

This factor is incredibly vital. A fantastic make-up sponge will be simple to tidy and also rinse conveniently to avoid item accumulation and/or microorganisms.


When it involves makeup sponges, size issues. It typically comes down to a matter of choice, but big sponges can cover a larger surface area, making them wonderful for blending. Smaller sponges, on the other hand, can be great for accuracy applications and also hard-to-reach areas.


Just how commonly should you clean your make-up sponge?

Our make-up specialist Renee Loiz advises cleaning your personal makeup sponge each week to keep microorganisms at bay with soap as well as a cleaning pad.

How do you clean your make-up sponge?

“First damp sponge, then emphasize the solid soap (bar soap is OK too), carefully rub fingers through the sponge to blend soap around, and after that delicately scrub the makeup sponge on a cleansing pad to eliminate the product. Run under water to rinse and also duplicate the process if required,’ states Loiz.

When should you utilize a sponge versus a makeup brush?

Powders are much better applied with make-up brushes, yet liquid and also cream products blend best when used with a sponge. Often, liquids and cream items look streaked when you use a brush, but sponges provide you extra control to pat the item uniformly into the skin.

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