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Customer Review Systems – Benefits of Employee Performance Management

Customer Review system and facial recognition software are becoming integral part of every organization. Earlier there were no such systems available. The companies had to rely on the tapes for surveillance and if any of the tapes were not tampered with, then the tapes were considered to be completely reliable and accurate. But now things have changed. Now days it is necessary to have a good customer feedback system in order to catch the fraudulent elements in the industry right away.

A good customer review system helps the companies to understand their customers better. The whole idea of using facial recognition software is to aid different stores, malls etc for a live, real time evaluation of the services offered by them by reading their faces while they are around and enter and exit the shop with CCTV cameras, which helps them to improve their services to the maximum extent possible and provide their customers with the best. This way the company can understand what their customers really think about them and in turn improve on their service by listening to their demands.

There are different types of Customer Review systems available and the main two types are the automated and real time types. These both help the business owners to understand the real, actual needs of their customers and thus increase their business success. Automated systems do this very fast and can be setup within minutes. They just need to be programmed by the business owners themselves in such a manner that the software can identify specific, physical features of the face of the customer as soon as he enters the shop, and the machine records all the information that is sent to it. This way, the business owners can take notes of the positive and negative aspects of each customer and use these data to improve on their service.

On the other hand, real time systems use Customer Review system to aggregate user rating for every customer that enters the shop. These ratings are then used to suggest the customer best suitable for particular service. This way, the business owner not only has the information regarding the positive and negative aspects of each customer but also has an idea of the factors which lead customers towards a particular store. On one hand, this helps increase the profit of a business but at the same time it helps reduce the loss due to customers switching over to a competitor. Therefore, this helps in increasing the bottom line of the company.

The social media as well as the online user ratings are of great help in identifying the areas that need improvement. For example, if there is a problem with products or services, it will help identify what the problem is and what needs to be done. Most customers will only give good reviews about a product when they are satisfied with it and are happy with the overall performance. Such positive reviews will be helpful in increasing the number of customers visiting the business and thereby increasing its volume and hence its profit.

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The Social Media platform provides an aggregated user rating and a detailed description about each customer. Such a platform allows the users to rate and comment about products as well as services. A business owner can use this platform to know what the average cost per impression is, the average time taken by the customer to make a purchase decision, the percentage of customers who have made a purchase decision and the percentage of customers who still haven’t purchased anything. This information will enable a business owner to analyze the level of satisfaction level with a particular product or service among his/her customers. If the level of satisfaction is low, it is advisable to launch a trial version of the product or services and know whether customer gets a positive or negative response. Once again, this information provided by the Customer Review system will help in determining the areas which require modification and improvement.

Social media will continue to assist retail shops with Customer Review system. As long as there are people like me and you who like shopping, the retailers will be able to make good use of the reviews. I for one am very much interested to know if people like the coffee I am drinking, I will do my best to find more coffee shops and order coffee from them. As people like to give their opinion about any product, even negative reviews; the review system will help in improving your service, increasing your revenue and in increasing the number of people like you visiting your store.

Another benefit of Customer Review systems is that you will get to see the rating of different employees before you promote or hire anyone. If someone has a very good rating; you will surely consider him as an employee with potential who can bring success to the company. Similarly, as you get to see the rating of different employees you will be able to hire those with exceptional employee performance capabilities and thus improve your overall product reviews and employee performance levels.

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